Nicholas Kristof: After Ethiopia’s Ceasefire, Future Of The Tigray Region Uncertain 1

Nicholas Kristof: After Ethiopia’s Ceasefire, Future Of The Tigray Region Uncertain


New York Times opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the recent ceasefire announced by the Ethiopian government with rebel forces in the northern region of Tigray. Kristof says the future of the Tigray region is uncertain, including whether the rebels seek secession, but right now the most pressing issue is whether food aid is allowed in to alleviate the threat of famine that currently threatens millions of people.
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    1. @Rish Ganjeet My original statement was one of utter sarcasm. Give it a second…..
      There. Get it?

    2. @Painkiller Jones lazy arguments don’t impress me, nor do flippant comments. Good luck on your literacy endeavors good sir.

    3. @Mecca Morgan
      … obviously know nothing about America, or Ethiopia.

      What is commonly known is also commonly being avoided as a talking point. But the CCP has been funding ethnic and religious conflicts in Africa since Boko Haram. Just look at what they did in Mali.

  1. Warriors make poor farmers death to all tyrants.WAKE UP PEOPLE PROTECT YOUR FAMILY PROTECT YOUR FREEDOM GOD BLESS

  2. MSNBC, please, before you invite a guest like Nicholas Kristof, check what personal interest and connection he has with the rebels or Junta. Lawrence O’Donnell is my favorite TV host, but today he brought us a completely one-sided story; I am very much disappointed.

    1. If you think Nick Kristoff is connected to the TPLF or TDF, then you obviously don’t know much about him. He had been advocating for people affected by conflict for decades. All over the world

  3. The west does not care for Tigray
    Ask Libya

    By the way Tigray has promised the USA , Egypt the EU , NATO to play the butler in regard of the dam


    Cheers from west Africa

  4. Lawrence I like your show but not if you bring people like this guy who only reports one side of the story and lies. Or at least you should’ve invited someone from the government side but again all the western media and governments are on the side of the rebels because our prime minister loves his country and Africa

  5. Somebody is looking for the second Nobel Peace price[ sic] by declaring unilateral cease Fire while blocking electricity and communication to the whole Tigray on the top of food aid distribution to those in need. The whole thing make sense now!

  6. Tigray pplisdrama”” I am glad my prime minister make this decision ” he is enough smart however we don’t lose nothing

  7. How come this channel never report the past 27 years killed innocent Ethiopia??? bulisht ” our government never lost however you can do nothing about it ‘

  8. TPLF has led the region for 27 years, but they couldn’t take it out of persistent aid dependent. I know you don’t ask any one why the now rebel force couldn’t lead this small region out of aid dependence.

  9. That is how the PM can keep, the majority peace lover from going to a situation like Iraq, Syria, Libya due to Intervention of foreign interest, to be halted to a very small region.

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