Nick Kristof: Infrastructure Is ‘Not An Expense, But An Investment’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Nick Kristof: Infrastructure Is ‘Not An Expense, But An Investment’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


The New York Times’ Nick Kristof joins Ali Velshi to discuss President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which includes $100 billion to expand broadband internet. Kristof says it’s important for everyone to have access because “these days, broadband is the equivalent of electricity.” Aired on 04/03/2021.
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Nick Kristof: Infrastructure Is ‘Not An Expense, But An Investment’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. The GOP has fervently stated thru their glorious leader Mitchie, that NOT 1 Repub will vote for this infra bill, good then make it $5-6T and do it right! After driving big rigs for 15yrs over the road, I can tell you there are a whole lot more than a few bridges out there that scare the crap out of Drivers, try hundreds and more! Go big or stay home, if not now, then when???

    1. @S Garrett oh ok…..I’m telling my representative to vote “no” regardless. Democrats have lied too many times and cant even fix a humane border crisis because of political one-upmanship. They will do it for this.

    2. The Democrats just have to put a few earmarks in the bill for Mitch McConnell’s campaign donors
      Mitch McConnell will be in tears as he is forced to vote for it

    1. Absolutely, midterms are right around the corner, if he loses the House and/or the Senate, nothing will happen. I do worry about Manchin and Sinema.

    2. Obama went big too, including with Solyndra. It sure was good…oh wait. Bush Jr. went big on the WMDs in Iraq. It was good…oh wait. Trump went big on the election fraud. It was good…oh wait.

  2. We need to jump on this now. If the GOP votes against it, then the “Do Nothing” Party will get full credit for that. They only care about the rich!

    1. awesome, then the 2, 0 0 0, 0 0 0 , 0 0 0, 0 0 0 can hit my bottom line paycheck in taxes…..yay!! they said it be fine, they said it would be fun! then came the border crisis, then they wanted $2 TRILLION, then came the ……………………

    2. @Mr Rey Joe’s going to fund this by raising the Corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% which is the same rate that Reagan implemented during his Presidency. Do you ever take the time to check out anything? “The plan Biden outlined Wednesday includes roughly $2 trillion in spending over eight years and would raise the corporate tax rate to 28% to fund it.”

    3. @Michael Ulbricht which raise the cost of goods while the FED funds rate increases causing hyperinflation due to an overheated economy while we are all trying to pay for additional services and benefits that were all created by this silly plan. You just dont know how to think at all, wholy cow!! your a cheescake sheep with a expertise in karen screaming.

    4. @Michael Ulbricht and how do those corporations make up for the higher tax??????? WITH LOWER WAGES AND HIGHER PRODUCT PRICES

  3. Do your research to find out what group of imagrents built are freeway system and railroads and find out what we did with these imagrents when we didn’t need them any longer.

    1. @Noneya Bizz Yes! Bring the people together. Together we win. We get our freedom and our country. Hope is all we need

  4. Neglecting infrastructure is like neglecting car maintenance until you blow the engine – a catastrophic waste of money.

  5. Don the Con’s tax cut that he promised would “pay for itself” with his fantasy 4-6% GDP is actually being paid for by adding $1T/year to the national debt. Unlike the tax cut that permanently reduces revenue, the ARP and infrastructure bills are one time investments that will produce revenue. ARP is expected to create 6-8% GDP growth and infrastructure returns $4 for every $1 invested. It doesn’t take a business genius to see they’re great investments.

    1. @Cantbe silenced Republicans have opposed spending for anything that whole time. There goal is to make it look like government doesn’t work, by making sure it doesn’t work. The didn’t just become evil SOBs.

    2. @Suomy Nona then maybe you can explain why every single democrat ran city has a homelessness crisis? Or maybe you can explain exactly how allowing in illegals during a pandemic is working? Or maybe you can explain bidens bribes from China as working?

    3. ​@Cantbe silenced I’ve found you can’t explain things to any of Don the Con’s tinfoil hat Klan. They exist in a psychotic delusional fantasy world which shares nothing with the real world that I live in.

    4. @Suomy Nona I’ve found you cant explain things to democrats they exist in a fantasy world in which they are saviors of the whole world even though they can’t even stop homelessness in their own cities.

    5. @Cantbe silenced You once again prove my point.
      You edited your comment and still left punctuation and spelling errors. They don’t really matter when the content is delusional BS.
      More illiterate babblings from Don the Con’s Tinfoil Hat Klan.

  6. Depending on one stream of income has never made anyone a Millionaire and paychecks definitely can’t put you on Forbes.

    1. It’s not all about watching videos and wasting your time on strategies. I was ignorant doing these . Mr Franklin gave me a much better choice and ever since, he’s made about €14,000 for ever €5,000 I invested in just 2 weeks.

    2. @Favour mara He’s an expert who helps me manage my account on Crypto investment for a good ROI. I’ve known him for quite some time now.

    1. Because no one nowadays wants to give an inch in compromise. Look at trump’s term, remember how democrats opposed everything he did? Well unsuprisingly, it is the same when a democrat is president, at least in recent times.

    2. We are investing. Every time a motorist buys a gallon of gas a large portion of that amount we spend those 2 State Highway funds. More money goes into the federal highway trust fund. The idea of both the state and federal fund is a user fee to repair and build roads and bridges.
      The idea for this use your fee is that the more you drive, the more fuel you consume and the more tax you pay.
      The corrupt and entrenched political class has wasted this money and violated the trust of the taxpayer. Money is now wasted on Law Enforcement overtime pay for ticket writing campaigns. The money is wasted on hiking trails, biking trails; money was wasted on hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails. Money is wasted on bus benches and bus shelters. The corrupt political class can find all sorts of money to spend this highway trust fund money except for roads and bridges.
      We must insist that the money be spent on roads bridges, the purpose for which the highway trust fund was intended.

    3. @T. R. Campbell This. They’ve had the money(our money) the whole time. Maybe we could have spent 100 million for infrastructure instead of sending it to Pakistan for gender studies….

    4. @Cantbe silenced Every time you buy a gallon of water fuel you pay state tax and you pay federal tax. Google the amount of tax you pay in your state. The corrupt and entrenched political class takes is money and spends it on everything except roads.

  7. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    1. Unpopular opinion: the best way to earn from the bitcoin is by bitcoin trading, while some people choose to simply hold, trading earns much more and it’s safer.

  8. Contractors across the country who provide jobs are cheering this bill. Republicans in Congress arent. Oh my who knew that would happen? Figures.

  9. That explains why Republicans are against infrastructure spending
    they refuse to invest in a country they don’t believe has a future

  10. Physical infrastructure and infrastructure including college education, is an investment in the future.

  11. He’s absolutely right! It’s an investment in the future! And the right thing to do for our children and children’s children!

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