Nicolle Wallace Asks: ‘Who Are The Adults On The Republican Side Of The Aisle?’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace Asks: ‘Who Are The Adults On The Republican Side Of The Aisle?’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


    1. Sure and lets also have Dems stand trial for late term abortions….planned parenthood killing so many minorities. Pathetic!

    2. Hey stupid Republican rightwing nut jobs hear the news THE SUPREME COURT HAS RULED AGAINST TRUMP DENIED voter fraud its the LAW GOT IT THE LAW GOT IT its the LAW got it

    3. Yes,so what are you nml people going to do about it? You have 74 million gullable nieve dangerous Drumpf supporters are rioting & dividing your Country further….

    4. Guilty of Genocide ? Trump More worried about his losing the election than the thousands that have died on his watch !!! Shame on those who are doing nothing when it could have been so much better just look around the world .

  1. What does Trump have on the Republicans this is sad trying to overturn an election for an incompetent imbecile.

    1. You’re right but it looks like joe bai Dunn will take office no matter the dementia… it’s hard to sift propaganda like hunter being the new drug czar because he is so intimate with drugs…

    2. @Mark Schwarman If that’s the only qualification for drug czar, then noted cokehead Donald Trump, Jr. seems like a much more experienced choice.

    3. @Amy Hinton noted? Noted by whom? Eric swallows well the manchurian candidate? Rachel maddow? As the chinese would say you are a “Ben tan”. Remember the difference between bia du dien and trump, when it comes to interaction with women bia du dien is a “doer” not a talker. Swallows well is typical of your ilk- all fluster and bluster to hide is “failings” (eating the fortune cookie of a chinese spy. I wonder if she twinkled on him, can’t wait for the vids. Be a nice little Ben tan and learn chinese, the language of your new masters.

  2. For the police to NOT immediately shut those terrorists down, makes me wonder if they’re apart of it.

    1. @Tony White unlike antifa and blm with their fake riots and politically motivated demonstrations, these people are just standing around.

    1. Yeah, the Christian’s aren’t exactly saints. Read the book ” The history of torture.”
      You’ll have a more educated view.

    2. @Jeff Albillar lol I was responding to your pleas to not generalize all Christians . That’s when I said that they did it to themselves by voting for Trump in majority.
      Also yes you brought up false prophets first 🤔


    4. @Jeff Albillar What percent of people who own guns do you think know right from wrong? Some that do don’t properly store their guns. I actually don’t have a problem with gun ownership, it is just that I have witnessed more people from the the right talking about guns than from the left, and I’m not a Christian, but I can identify one through their behavior.

    1. I think there some good ones like the republican governors and secretary of states in Georgia and Arizona. Chris Krebs, republican judges, the Supreme Court and a few in congress. I’m proud to see them stand up.

    2. @Don Nash Three videos of the cheaters in GA counting votes, running the same ones thru the machine multiple times, pulling out hidden suitcases of ballots, passing a computer device. Traitors to our American way. Rigging an election and to stupid to know there are security cameras.

    1. @Dahlia l agree. But Kevin McCarthy, a leading Republican in the House, joined with 2 other Republicans to refuse to even admit Joe Biden won the election! There is an unhealthy Republican party reluctance to acknowledge Trump lost the election legitimately. These brain dead sycophants need to be removed somehow before they destroy democracy in this country. They are
      supporting fascism, autocracy, and sedition in this country. Are they planning to support an armed uprising? It certainly sounds that way. If they do, they need to be removed as domestic threats to our country. Their traitorous speech is not protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

    1. That is not true at all. Most republicans i know are still conservative and very patriotic. They havent changed at all

    2. @Raptango_NA As long as you have the truth under your full control and in your pocket. They havent changed at all is THE PROBLEM. They MUST CHANGE. Get to work and force them to become humane.

    1. Check out Eric Swalwell…ya the dude pumping fake stories about Russia collusion …turns out he was sleeping with a Chinese spy…Dems are the best😂

  3. These acts of violence and harassment in his name he should be charged. He wants to go to court all of the time. Let him go as defendant. 💯⚖

    1. @Ja Cotter Trump is the president, he is suppose to be role model, but he falls short. Don’t forget your right wing extremists that killed blacks in church, Jews in a synagogue, and not to mention Hispanics at a Walmart in Houston. You are a party to a Fascist following, I’m sure you are oblivious to it.


    2. Nope! Trumps proves that there are more than 71 millions donkeys in the US and that ‘s a market worthwhile to chase for political gains at all costs

  4. If there were crowds of BLM protestors doing this, the trump cultists would be howling for the police to attack them.

    1. Don’t you know anything? BLM don’t “protest” – they’re a communist Marxist deep state Demorat AntiChrist child-slaving welfare-state mooching mob that burns down cities, silly! See? It has nothing to do with race!! Just work hard, persevere, and one day you too can host an impromptu block-party of community-minded MAGA Patriots on your front lawn! They’ll even bring their signature house-warming SARS-CoV-2 gift. It’s about family. ❤️

    2. @Ja Cotter actually it was the trumpies who screamed for the cops to attack blm so you obviously are not in touch with reality.. But they deny facts Biden won so its pretty obvious they live in a fantasy realm

  5. That’s the reason why Trump should be prosecuted for wrongdoing. He’s inciting violence with his lies.

    1. Trump is guilty now of Incitement and is working his way into Sedition. I hope the 🇺🇸 country makes it to January 20 2021.

    1. That’s right yeah Republicans we’re not indoctrinated to your b******* we carry Bibles and we shoot straight b****

    2. @Craig Houghton
      Hahahaha, Says they’re not indoctrinated, then cites religion as example they’re not indoctrinated. Hahahahahahaha. Oh the irony.

  6. No compassion for these “anti masker” Idiots and at this point neither for their “loved ones” any more

    1. At this point, with all the available pandemic information everywhere, ‘anti maskers’ are willfully endangering everyone’s health. No compassion for them from me, either.

    2. Even if their loved ones are conservative, but they’re not nut cases like these people are, I wouldn’t wish Covid on anyone else. Because these idiots are giving it to their family members to and killing them in the process.

  7. It’s greed. Pure and simple. They have sold their souls for the pursuit of money and power. The Republican Party sickens me.

    1. You’re assuming they had souls. These people are dishonest and rotten to the core. They have no problem with lying. They’re morally bankrupt.

    1. Rudy has spread corona to so many people knowingly, by refusing to wear mask and encouraging others to do follow his stupidity. How come he and others brought this disease on them by their actions get the best treatment, while other people are not offered the same treatment.They should pay for their services from their pockets.Rudy is a crazy super corona spreader.Shame on him and all those morons who refuse to follow guidelines set up the scientists

    1. These Republicans are acting so entitled like they are supposed to win every election. Or else. Normally, they wouldn’t have done that, but Trump acting like that makes it seem like it’s okay for them to act like that too.

    2. Trump has had 4 years of replacing everyone in the government .
      Now what ever he wants is legal .
      People who support him will be pardoned and the ones who don’t will be the victims .

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