Nicolle Wallace Calls John Bolton’s Book ‘The Most Devastating Indictment Yet’ On Trump | MSNBC


  1. Why they all write in books the truths , that should be told in real times,they deserved no respect!

    1. @terefe feyssa that there is no point saying things in ‘real time’. Not in this era. It’s simply fake news if someone doesn’t like it or all you have to do is deflect. Better to write a book and get 2 million dollars then go through a kangaroo court where senators did not want to even hear evidence and already had passed a not guilty verdict.

  2. It’s less and less a question of whether or not dump will be re-elected. Now it’s a question of how will trump react when he loses? There’s too much at this point to just brush it all off.

    1. @Darth Quantum yeah – we Dems have this odd habit of not paying other countries to steal our elections.

    2. @thom wessels …her approval is higher than trump’s… and I didn’t even support Hillary Clinton… too bad trump will NEVER match a REAL President’s numbers… President Obama…

    3. One thing I guarantee is that he won’t shut up…I bet he tries to get on any or all media as often as he can. Imagine that fool with no audience still screaming at Obama blaming him because he has “Gout” or some other old people’s maledy, I hope his foot drops off … lol

    4. @Jeff somersby …if he’s lucky it’ll be the one with the bonespurs… he couldn’t remember which one it was…

  3. Trump and and his cabinet, former and current, belong in a prison cell together…next to the one with Senate Republicans.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Sheriff Bull Conor was a Wallace Boy. Wallace ran in 68 to hurt Humphrey and elect Crooked Nixon.

    2. @texasiguana …did you know the Democrats are the ones that started
      the KKK? Yes Really. It is true. Yet Lazy Liberals are either too stupid
      or too lazy to google it

  4. Bolton decided to write a book instead of testifying to congress…. i guess the money was more important than his country….

    1. Yes he did … but the fact is the Repigs still held the majority of the vote in the Senate and he couldn’t of gone any further than what it did. BUT, the Dems put his name on a very short list of Bums who have broken the law and Constitution.
      Their (unofficial) policy now is…We don’t care about Government or running the country, we just care about staying in Government. So they can change America .
      Look at the Supreme Court, when the repigs wouldn’t even allow a vote for over a year, just so Obama couldn’t put a Supreme Court Judge in.
      I strongly believe that the people are the ones who have the power, NO ONE Else has as much Power as the population does, but you have to join and use it…More protests and EVERYONE has to go, Everyone has to make a huge noise so Chump and his creepy bunch or weirdo f*x cannot deny that the people have spoken and have the power to remove every single one of them, trump is relying on dividing the nation.
      Be careful America you are going down a very dangerous road.

  5. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

    None, Trump just says it’s fixed and the rest of them sit in the dark and applaud.

    1. @Gayle swenson …look everyone, it’s a “white woman without education”… trump’s only demographic of support with women…

  6. How is whats in this book any more devastating than what we already know about Trump? He had kids taken from their parents and put in cages.

    1. I’d agree with you there, but sadly it was Obama who started that program. I’m from San Diego, I would know.

    2. True, but it never hurts to repeat it over and over, people have short memories and you want them to see these things in their heads when they are voting. Children in cages should resonate to the entire country.

  7. very well said, ty mr williams and ms wallace. we have many traitors to America in that white house, and admin, and senate, etc. chief among them is trumputin, but we mustn’t forget his direct co-conspirators, like moscow mitch and his gop senators (except sen romney), bolton, barr, pompeo, several governors and a list too long to name here. we must be sure to vote the gop all out, to vote as though our lives depended on it. spoiler alert: they do. our lives and our democratic republic depend on it. #rememberinnovember

    1. @untseac Oh no. Not me. Those drugs are for your mother. It’s the only way I can keep her trickin’ on the street. She’s old but still a great earner.

    2. mary jones Hi Mary Jones, well said, do you know me? Went to school with Mary Jones! I owe u $50 for the state essay contest! You won legitimately, and I just copied out of book in a panic! What is name of your state?

  8. Traitor Trump (R – Impeached Bunker Boy) : *I didn’t ask China’s President Xi to help me get reelected. And I’ll do it again!*

    1. @Tech ti ..You know dreaming is a dream and it seems you’re still sleep..When you wake up,your breakfast is not gonna be there..Too many times y’all spew your lil dumb @$$ 2020 and in reality,,all of you trumpstitutes are as stupid as that COWARD in Washington.

    2. @Jesus Says them suckas are always defending him like he don’t know how. He’s a grown @$$ man and here they go explaining what he meant;How dumb is that??..It goes to show what a non-leading COWARD he is.

    3. @Tech ti We all know the dumb ones in 2020. STUPID2020.. Dummy2020..GooFy2020..
      Non-Leader2020.. There’s no way2020..There,,I fixed it for your GooFy @$$

  9. Try to understand this, Trump followers:

    Trump PUBLICLY asked Russia to help him win in 2016.

    Then we found out that 1)- His son, son in law, and campaign chairman met with surrogates of the Russian government to trade illegally obtained dirt on Clinton for sanction relief. 2)- 16 Trump associates lied about 140 Russian contacts. 3)- He lied about pursuing a real estate deal in Moscow that required Kremlin approval while he knew Russia was interfering in our election to help him win.

    Those involved ADMIT to all of the above. This is NOT in dispute.

    Then, Trump inexplicably started giving Putin everything he wants.

    Then, Trump was impeached for extorting Ukraine for help with his re-election.

    Then, he PUBLICLY asked China for re-election help.

    Then, he said it was okay to take foreign government help to win an election. I repeat, HE SAID IT WAS OKAY!

    But you think Bolton is lying? You STILL think that the Russia probe was a hoax? What happened to your brains??

    1. @Terry Williams Clinton flew dozens of times on his beloved Pedo Express. Trump flew 4 times.
      See how stupid you really look, Big Bad Nam Hero? No? Sigh.

    2. The “people” on these sites commenting and pretending Trump is not awful are bots. The real people still supporting him are racists, incels, xenophobic bigots, religious zealots, idiots, or rich people.

    3. I wish that Hunter and Joe Biden had not accepted all that money from the Ukraine. It almost makes them look very corrupt. 🙁

    4. Can any of that be proven? Or do we believe a globalist warmonger who got us into Iraq and Afghan, and Syria and Libya?

  10. It doesn’t seem to matter how devastating the truth reveals about Donald Trump. The Republican party continues to support this guy no matter how bad it gets. They are in it for the long haul and will go down with the ship.

    1. We all know what happened to the Titanic, that supposedly unsinkable ship. For the sake of our nation, let’s hope there’s massive submerged iceberg in the path of the USS Donald J. Trump!

  11. So the GOP led Senate, didn’t want Bolton to testify…why? All this could have come out then. Did the GOP KNOW? Of course! The GOP are traitors to our country!

    1. @untseac … trumpers couldn’t spell “straw man” if not for spell-check, much less know what it means…

    2. hankakah vote all of them out. Trump must have some bit of nasty on all of them to get them to cover all this up.

    3. @Pat Moore yes that’s what important, spelling, not the content. Mate, you’re just wasting my time with pointless replies. Don’t expect me to reply again.

  12. Cooperate America has taught for years to “go with the flow” and ” don’t rock the boat”. It’s time all of America start rocking the boat before it’s too late!!##!#!!

    1. In case you didn’t notice democrats are already rocking the boat and it’s making everyone lose.

    2. Absolutely 100% … if you don’t make as much noise until voting time then don’t be surprised if trump and the Russians win the election. You are going to have to fight. Do whatever you can to help, at least the people who can see the person Chump is can do that much.

  13. The legal definition of “ traitor” needs to be updated.
    Penalties for shirking your oath of office must be severe enough to be a deterrent to greed.

    1. I’m sure once dems get the senate and presidency back laws will be changed. They were after nixon resigned, but over the years more power was given to the presidency by repugnants. What has to be done is the impeachment clause must be updated and more direct of crimes and not be so vague.

  14. True patriots don’t wait to write a book to tell the American people on how dangerous a president is. John is an opportunist and a warmonger.

    1. @untseac …hmmm… sounds more like an aspect of your alternative fact, fox and friends fantasy land…

    2. @Jimmy Jazz So you’re saying that’s where you live and you’ll put in a good
      word for me? No, I don’t believe in your fairy tales, KingFish. Carry on and stay there.

    3. @thom wessels I don’t think he’s desperate. I think he’s greedy. Eitherway, hes like a poker player who shows his ”winning” hand after everyones already left the game and gone home.

    4. @Amadeo komnenus Well, we know he needs the money, being an unemployed loser for quite a while.

  15. Sadly Republicans sacrificed this country keep their party and future jobs in control of the presidency. Shame on you.

    1. Or your brain and eyes are suffering from extreme bias. So much bias that you don’t even know what democrats even want for the country. After all they didn’t even mention much.

    1. Facebook amd google are removing Trump or any conservative ads. For only 1 sided views. To benefit the dems. Isn’t this another way of rigging the election? Lmao. The propaganda is real. TRUMP 2020

    2. Sure, because democrats are now communists. That’s what communists do. They imprison people they don’t like for any reason.

      EDIT: if it wasn’t obvious I’m calling you a n authoritarian communist. I forget democrats are stupid and I have to explain.

    1. How can you people of the once Great country of the USA, have changed soooo much since that Disgusting form of so call President trumf, it is simply unbelievable!!!! How can you allow a low life like trumpf to destroy your country every day!!!! The entire world is laughing at you! If he gets in again… Start learning Russian and fast….. Good luck from overseas.

    2. I agree S EE as a retired Marine to see trump come out with putin with his head down. Looking like a kid that was just scolded by his parent was disgusting.

    3. This Current Accidental Surreality Plutocratic Circus Show 🎪 📺
      has created yet…another,

  16. Why is traitor trump even allowed to be a presidential candidate?? Everyone knows he is a traitor

  17. “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men” – Abraham Lincoln
    They know who they are.

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