Nicolle Wallace Describes The ‘Surreal State’ Of The 2020 Race | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Who knew that trump was hiding his real ugly face behind an even uglier orange one. Who does that?

    2. An investigation has to be made of Trump’s financial ties to Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia.

  1. Biden would be an utter fool if he’s not 100% ready for Trump and his Russian boys to cheat like they did last time. Don’t just talk about it Joe, prepare for it.

    1. He is fully aware of Trump wanting to steal this election. Joe will be prepared for him. Just vote blue across-the-board

    1. @Mark Bullock
      Not mad. Even Trump knows he has no chance.
      All Trump cares about is convincing Rubes to give just a bit more money so he can buy exile in North Korea or former Soviet Georgia or one of the Russian Stans. 😁

    2. @Ralph Boyd where do you get your facts?? According to the NY times February 1 2020!! Trump spent $9 million in the 4th quarter of 2019 raising $154 million in that time span and ending the year with $195 million in cash!!
      By the way Obama spent $730 million on his campaign against McCains $333 million!! So even if you were correct in which you are not it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary!!

    3. @Mark Bullock
      By the way that’s from numbers submitted by the groups themselves to the Federal Election Commission so they are properly skookum.

      No Bumblefuckery unless it’s on their end.

  2. *Trump: making America Hate Again!*


    1. @John Mothershead that also is 100% false!! trump had the highest employment and the lowest unemployment for African Americans of any president!! Trump signed a bill restoring funding for HBCUs! Signed a $50 billion bill allowing inner city kids to attend any school they chose including private schools!! I could go on but it would be an op-ed!!

    2. @Mark Bullock Yep and didn’t really care if the slaves were free or not and certainly didn’t believe in giving them equal rights. You should take more than a eighth grade history class. A bill isn’t law love.

    3. @Mark Bullock it’s too bad those numerous but crummy less than livable wage jobs that boosted the employment numbers didn’t help people get through two weeks of a crisis. That doesn’t sound like a very good economy to me.

    4. @Carol Byers actually if you research it 1/2 of the jobs created by Obama was in the fast food and retail industry!! Most of the jobs created by trump were in manufacturing and decent paying jobs!!

  3. ‘Trump is the most unAmerican and undemocratic President in the history of America’. Madam Secretary Madeleine Albright

    1. Albright is a piece of liberal trash.
      Read the book How Trump Is Making Black America Great Again by Horace Cooper.
      A Black man.
      Fact is the Demoncratic Party is finally losing their grip on Black Americans and many are now voting Republican. Only a matter of time until African American Christians take down the Democrats for good.

  4. He will stop at nothing. If he tries to start another war, I hope the Generals will just say NO.👃

    1. I agree with your sentiments just lets not insult 7 year old’s. I am sure there are many 7 year old’s that are smarter and more responsible than Donald Jerk Dump.

  5. People forget, Trump lost the popular vote. He only won because of the antiquated electoral college system.

    1. @hdrking 2003 Trump was elected with the help of the communists. And the morons who believed everything’ they saw posted on Facebook.

    2. @hdrking 2003 good let them testify. That’s more then the Senate did during the impeachment. I haven’t seen any Dems. Have tweets referred to a fact checking site. Then pitch a fit about it like trump did.

    3. janet clough , Why are you claiming our President is dangerous while you accuse him of manipulating a system of government you don’t participate in nor understand.? Americans are nice until you look down your nose and wag your finger about things you don’t understand.

    4. @Mike Morgan The electoral college is not a “system of government” It is deliberately removed from all 3 branches of the US Governmental systems.

    1. @Cornelius Gal I hope you have not become a cult follower. Trump’s very flawed character is not new….might be to you due to ignorance. We all heard him on TV inviting Russia & China into US politics, & on his “grabbing women by their pu***s”. You have eyes & ears, USE THEM!!!!!

    2. @A. Murphy Please do not be ridiculous. I am a 23-year-old adult, not a child. I have not been brainwashed. We know it is you who has been brainwashed by the lies spread by the Dems and fake news. We will vote for Donald Trump, our best President ever, who has done so much for Americans and will do so much more in the next 4 years. Please do not waste your vote on Sleepy Joe, a doddering old fool who will destroy America for everyone including you, your family and your friends. Thank you.

  6. The President Trump is sabotaging America. This has to be a crime or several crimes from being in office.

    1. @Life Force Foward it’s not corporate news says he’s bad (other corporate news says he’s good). It’s what he writes himself on Twitter, or what he says in the mic at press conferences, or what he does eg goes to a church with a bible for a photo op. And economic numbers are just that – numbers! They don’t show if people are happy, and if you dig a tiny bit they show the rich getting richer and the rest of us helping that to happen.

    2. @Life Force Foward Without Congrassional ratification all you got is poop in your hands dummy.

    3. @Scarlet Compton Bellew
      I have no problem with that at all, right after the do the same with Hillary and the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund.

    4. @Life Force Foward I have seen the GDP number under trump at half of what it should be. Americans end up paying for the tariffs. Corporations should not be allowed to outsource labor. After all corporations get plenty of benefits from the US economy, infrastructure and government subsistence in the way of tax payer support.

  7. It would be best for the Republican Party if Trump were no longer President. He is poison for the GOP.

    1. Actually that’s the only good thing that he has done, maybe secretly he’s a democrat out to destroy the republicans

  8. 😆 Wow Country singer’s and NASCAR’s supporters are slipping out of Trumps grasp. Goowwlee he’s in trouble nah booys. 😆

    1. It’s not just the blow to his fragile ego, it’s the fact he is going to prison. They been running wild and now the bill is coming .

    2. He is so used to it though having been a loser his entire life. He thinks he can solve problems by throwing money at it.

    3. He didn’t win he stole that all he good for every no that
      What can he do
      Listen people when take american you racist going down to

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