Nicolle Wallace: GOP Rebuttal Was From A World Where 'Facts Don't Matter' | MSNBC 1

Nicolle Wallace: GOP Rebuttal Was From A World Where ‘Facts Don’t Matter’ | MSNBC


Host of Deadline: White House, Nicolle Wallace, analyses South Carolina Republican Senator, Tim Scott's, rebuttal of President Joe Biden's first address to Congress.
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    1. @Mark Gorenshtein im a light skinned Latino christian with Yaqui blood (cant be positive of the last one) whose ancestors were living in California before the pronunciation changed ,whats your point…the facts are the facts..neither you nor i , have the right to say what offends others….simple..and thanks for bringing in the whole “i can say it it because im a minority card”,classy..but you see you cant pumpkin ,the ignorant white supremacist hates you too…its just that (maybe) your not threatening to them because you don’t act “ethnic” or you stay in your community and don’t venture out of its cultural safety unlike so many do nowadays (thats awesome btw)……..remember where your from….and the pain and possible humiliation your family faced when they came to America and tell me there’s no organized racism……because i remember it being “patriotic” to call all eastern Europeans “commie” and saying such patriotic slogans like “better dead than red”..that was systematic…

    2. Ray Bar It was in no way systemic. It was a product of the time and yes most of Eastern Europe was communist at that time. Your a clown dude

    3. @Kman8962 the fact is, is that this boy is very ignorant and not realizing that the GOP is using him. His speech was disgusting and his parents should’ve raised him better

  1. Alternative facts and conspiracy theories are the very foundation of the Republican Party! Facts and truths don’t matter to them!

    1. David Goldman If so, only because Biden’s people actually have a plan so gen perineal can work it.

    2. @Sophie Robinson Not really. Both sides report the truth as they see it which means they leave out things that don’t fit their agenda. If you believe only one side is the problem then you yourself are part of the problem.

  2. No it was scripted by his butt buddies over at either Fux News or Oh Another Non News Network……..The place where facts don’t matter and one place where they don’t even KNOW the meaning of the word REALITY.

    1. That, or it was scripted by the Heritage Foundation, or whoever writes their policies for them. Can you really see any grown man who can whine about Dr. Zeus all day composing a coherent Future Energy Policy? Or any other Policy?

    1. @Tech ti funny, guess when trump gassed peaceful protesters using military force for a photo op with an inverted bible was tyranny

    2. @Gerald Berdynski Trump was a tyrant also. And Joe is also. “No amendment is absolute” – says the tyrant. “There will no 4th of July” -says the tyrant who is still funded by the crown.
      I know how much you red coaters will love to re-write the Constitution and change it, and reword it. But its The Constitution of the Republic. Whether you like it or not. Maybe if people actually exercised the Constitution, people wouldn’t be stressing every 4 years about left vs right non sense.
      “On every occasion [of Constitutional interpretation] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying [to force] what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, [instead let us] conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

      — Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 12 June 1823

  3. If I make a bad cut on the saw at work I think about it even after I get home. I wonder how much alcohol it takes for these people to sleep at night.

    1. You have a good heart. Your comment made me genuinely smile which is difficult in these days.

  4. Timmy is going to get stopped one of these days by the cops and find out about racism and it being true.

    1. @Josef Jerbils I would’ve appreciated your comment if Tim Scott had told the truth. It is sad that one has to compromise their principles and truth to fit in.

    2. @Josef Jerbils Nazi or Troll? He’s NOT thinking for himself, he is reading the right-winged playbook word for word.

    3. Trust me – he has been already. He’s from SC. Trust me – it’s happened. But as an SC native, I recognize Tim Scott because I’ve seen black men like him before there. They really believe that white is always right stuff because they want the things white ppl have: money and power, and have zero conscience about how they get it. There aren’t nearly as many of them as there used to be, but they still exist. And they get rewarded handsomely by those white puppet masters for saying things to support the actions of those masters that oppress all black ppl, sans the puppet him or herself.
      Nevertheless, he *will* learn one day. It’ll probably come in the form of a scandal that and they’ll decline to support him – as soon as a new, younger Token shows up.

    1. @Ramon Gonzalez Josef realizes that racism can go in any directions. Critical thinker unlike many lefties.

    2. AT 1984 They have no idea what it is actually like here. They only know by movies that it looks great. It isn’t.

    3. @Vince Bourgeois racism from the left gets a pass….just like it did as they threw Japanese Americans into internment camps.

    4. Vince Bourgeois Not bloody likely, mate. Haven’t seen a *rump supporter yet who could think itself out of a box with no top on it.

  5. I’ve never explored the Dark Web. But when I hear the Republicans speak, it gives me a good idea what it must be like.

    1. Tammy Van Winkle, I see where you’re trying to go, but again it’s a false equivalency. Republicans have blocked legislation without providing alternatives. They o longer represent their constituents instead they cater to corporate interests to retain power, and use racism, bigotry, and Evangelicals by feeding fear and hate. Evangelicals have even abandoned their “Christian morality” in order to support Trump and their hate. Those are the facts, every principle of Jesus has been abandoned in order to further hate and bigotry. Under normal circumstances Trump would be considered the anti Christ, rather than a savior. The same political atmosphere that contributed to the rise of the Nazis currently exist here. A minority party appealing to bigotry and racism using “nationalism” as an excuse to justify hatred. They’re following a “leader” rather than principles, and dominated by lies. You’re trying to defend an incompetent narcissist who has threatened our democracy with lies and hate. The Democrats have no such demigod. BTW, I’m an independent, and a former political science major, I really don’t care about you trying to rationalize your support for bigotry.

    2. @Gerald Berdynski I was about to say WTF to you but then I noticed that my whole comment did not get published, so I edited and put in what I originally typed

    3. We who knows, keep telling the LIE over and over till they believe it, or Trumpies just don’t care anymore.
      Brainwash from the truth
      The GOP don’t care if there dishonest & LIE to the people.

    1. @Vicki Bertrand The GOP should not be known as the Grand Old Party but as the Gaslighters Of the Populus.

  6. Scott was scary to listen to!! The lies coming out of another GOP !!! I turned him off! The saddest part…he’s a man of color! All the hate and racist things the last 4 years had! And…still in these GOP members!!!
    What a disgrace!

    1. You may not like the party that he represents but he made some good points, jut as the president’s speech did, I would have liked the president to address the court packing and the immigration dilemma at the border.

    2. I see plenty of racism against him here in these comments but it seems as if people are just A-OK with it.

    3. @End the Insanity I’m not a victim are you. Ppl please let’s not choose the sh*t media feeds. I choose characters of those I meet with wisdom love and experience. Besides did you or the Creator choose your color of your skin status and situation..N. so, LIVE every part of you as if today is your last…

    1. Same here woke up early to get in line to vote just to find out that
      “I had already voted” and had no clue and still don’t know….

    2. @Daniel Palma why? what the current republican leadership is offering makes them seem far from the establishment republicans of before them, They don’t sound like the GOP we all once knew AT ALL

    3. @David Goldman She is. She worked as George Bush`s press secretary from 2005-06 and his communications director from 2006-09. If you look at her wikipedia page, her party affiliate says Republican.

  7. I really had no idea what America he was talking about because I kept looking around to find out and still have no clue cuz it’s not the one I live in..

    1. MSNBC shows once again it is a disinformation site and left wing racist news organization. Lester Holt said “fairness is overrated’.

    2. @W.E. Rob What is it they said that was wrong? They were talking about exactly what Scott said that WE ALL listened too. So what did they get wrong then? What part of his speech did they misinform about?

    1. @JSBR
      Trump administration announced that it was transporting to China nearly 17.8 tons (more than 35,000 pounds) of “masks, gowns, gauze, respirators, and other vital materials.” As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted in the press release announcing this shipment, “These donations are a testament to the generosity of the American people.”
      Feb. 7, with the coronavirus working its way around the United States, the White House administration sent some 17.8 tons of medical supplies, which included masks, respirators and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to China.
      Hmm, see reality
      Cnn has a list of 37 times Trump praised China’s response to corona and its transparency
      An adult could easily check
      Same with trademarks for his daughter, or China pulling out of trump tower after paying millions

    2. @JSBR funny, our doctors were in garbage bags and reusing masks
      How disconnected from reality are you

  8. Thank you. The true evil of the Georgia “Cancel Democracy” law is that the legislature gave itself the authority to take over any and/or every part of any Georgia election and declare whatever win they want by simply throwing out votes until they get the result the legislature wants. Georgia has truly cancelled democracy in their state.

    1. @Gerald Berdynski I hear you. I don’t know how fraud can be measured. There are mistakes, complex systems , negligence etc…Some states do it easier and safer than others, so it should be secured in the future or many will be reluctant on voting.

    2. @ilanoush um, we have actual numbers of fraud,funny how the only few cases of fraud was for trump

    3. ilanoush It’s not about the ID, it’s about the state legislature deciding who wins–not the voters.

    4. @Gerald Berdynski I live in Oregon as well and this state’s mail-in voting procedures are fair and non-fraudulent. Every state should model this state. Republicans can’t cheat, though, which is why they don’t want that.

    5. @S Squared exactly, in Ohio and Michigan I was a polling official during and after college
      So it threw me at first

  9. Cruz was falling a sleep while President Biden was giving his come on America let’s work as one talk. Graham was in la la land when the camera was on him. Republican people were watching their so called leader s

  10. Yeah, it was like a hostage video. If you look close you can just make out the Mar-a-Lago sign outside next to the MAGA poster.

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