Nicolle Wallace: Mitch McConnell ‘Playing With Lit Matches’ During Impeachment Process | MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace: Mitch McConnell 'Playing With Lit Matches' During Impeachment Process | MSNBC 1


    1. Kevin NYC Millions want Trump removed from office. Not just Democrats. He has been Impeached. Watch real television news.

    2. laughable. but coming from a democRAT supporter, is expected. Not going your way which we already knew it wasn’t going to, now you clowns are crying wolf blaming everyone else but yourself. If you didn’t follow the trial, money exchange leaves a trail. McConnell is without a doubt way smarter then you.

  1. People forget Nicole Wallace is a Republican who worked for GW Bush’s White House!!!
    Too bad more Republicans won’t be like her and speak truth to power and hold Trump accountable for his crimes!!!

    1. R J bodey – while you sit there eating up all of Trump’s lies, your not paying attention to what is actually going on. Trumps DOJ is actively trying to overturn the ACA, INCLUDING PROTECTIONS FOR PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS and allowing your sons to stay on your insurance till they are 26. Despite Trumps commercial stating he’ll protect pre-existing condition, Trump and the Republicans DO NOT have any legislation ready to go which means if the DOJ is successful, your insurance company will immediately stop cover any condition you had before beginning coverage and your kid will get kicked off. Also, taxpayers like you and me, have bailed out the farmers to the tune of $18-20 billion EACH year of Trumps tariff war with China. The new trade deal Trumps touting will only bring us back to about the same buying level as before the tariffs, which were paid by American citizens and companies – NOT CHINA. you should get your information from multiple sources and investigate for yourself instead of just buying everything Trump and Fox News feeds you.

    2. @R J bodey And me too! i support trump!! Ivanka Trump! i paid money for Ivanka Trump shoes! I support manufacturing in China.

    3. Nicole Wallace is now a liberal hack! Zero objectivity comes from her mouth. Anyone who watches and listens to her knows that.

    1. Kevin NYC Right…and it just so happens that “executive privilege” covers every single flippin’ witness who could aid in the impeachment process. Ironic, huh? No, it isn’t necessarily a House issue, but the House DOES have oversight (so where does the line get drawn…when it’s convenient for either side?) and to address/avoid 45’s stall tactics they had to press on. He didn’t even want witnesses (more irony), all he cared about was who “told it”. I’m not one of those who engage in name calling like some, but there are a lot of “so and so’s on BOTH sides who need help. Smh

    2. @Calvin Green you are right – the House has powers here – the Executive claimed privileges that may be valid or may be shady – this is a perfect example of a case that should go to the Courts to decide.

    3. Kevin NYC Hence the reason he’s doing it…to draaaaaaggg it out in the courts and run out the clock. He could file motion after motion after motion, until (even if re-elected) his presidency is over. Its a freaking game and should be dealt with accordingly…especially if there are other remedies available, and there are many. It doesn’t suit everybody to pursue it as opposed to stalling (then it becomes a hoax and a sham), he even hired an attorney who flip flopped on the appropriate criteria/procedures more than pancakes on Sunday morning. Honestly, I’ll be glad when he’s out of office, regardless of the timeframe or means. Nice talking to another civilized intelligent human being…you are truly an anomalous vessel indeed.

    4. @Calvin Green i understand your frustration but everyone deserves their day in court ESPECIALLY the president. we talk a big game about democracy all the time we cant just take away peoples elected leader because we didnt want to wait – even if we dont like him. impeachment a serious process which should take 1-2 years, not 1-2 months and have mountains of evidence if we want people to believe it is legit. anyway thanks i enjoyed the conversation as well. im going to go look up “anomolous” now lol


    1. You’re all caps are stuck. And by the way, Michael avenatti is currently in jail and Stormy Daniels has been ordered to pay the president’s legal fees because she lost in court

    1. @Bud Fudlacker Keep your swampy President cause he is helping the Democrats win more than ever. Thank you Don the Con for your help in getting Democrats to rule all over the place

    2. @Mustang Mark Commie Trump is more like it. The Russian President who sides with Commies instead of Americans

    3. Newsflash. Theres a difference between fact and opinion. Your party never proved collusion with Russia. Not with Trump atleast. Did you see how much Russian money the Clinton foundation took in though? 😉

    4. @Erica Espinosa
      Are you high? Where do you live? “Democrats win more than ever”? Is that why so many runners are dropping like flies? Where are the democrats winning? Talk about delusional… wow…

  3. McConnell & the Republicans will only allow this trial to go according to
    their plan, so there is no way Emperor tRump will be found guilty.

    1. DDKaraokeOutlaw let’s see, you immediately resort to name calling? Your progressive/socialist education is showing up, your trainers would be proud! In the real world however you’re a total lightweight

    1. @damien neimad actually, the whistleblower offered to testify to Republican questions and the president’s as well. They declined because it was a written response and didnt reveal the identity of the whistleblower which is the only reason they want him to testify so that they know who they have to discredit and label a never trumper

    2. @Don Williams That is right. Umm..
      Well if that’s how it happend then would you mind showing is links to such evidence that trump withheld aid with other countires.

    3. @deamonomic yeah, an anonymously written testimony… I wonder why testimony written by nobody wouldn’t be accepted……….

    4. Raven Rodriguez well for 1 he said he would stop or cut aid to central American countries. That was in Oct 2018 Then in March of 2018 he froze 200 Million to Syria.

  4. I wonder if Moscow Mitch and republicans in the Senate realize that we can actually see them. We’re looking right at them.

    1. Democracy Now …………….   I would include, VOTE BLUE against Moscow Mitch, KY; Cornyn, TX; Miss Lindsay, SC; 2 seats in GA …. and everywhere else . Let’s make this a HISTORIC rejection of the Fascist politics of Republicans and restore democracy !

    2. Thomas Armsworthy Jr trumps approval rating has NEVER been above 43%. Youre reading the polls wrong. 51% want him impeached AND Removed. 58% believe he committed the crimes for which he has been impeached. He’s a lowlife crook that’s being kept in office by lowlife crooked sycophants.

    1. This time next year Trump will still be the president
      This time next year Looney Tune Democrats heads will still be exploding😁

  5. I can’t believe the senate would ever remove him. That makes the worst-case scenario that he’s somehow re-elected. My hopes are on the
    democrats taking the Senate. If he loses the election that’s even better.

    1. Mitch was making a speech in his home state just the other day and was drowned out by the crowd chanting “Moscow Mitch”. it was great!

    1. Let’s start with The Murdering Clinton’s then on to the Completely useless Obummer’s, and then Quid quo pro Joe and his crackhead son

  6. Shame on you republicans, it time for all of you to go. For your corruption is now taken over your entire Party.

    1. Paul Belardo He lost the popular vote in round one. What landslide? The people left behind in the rust belt who tilted to him have more experience now.

    2. @sharon olsen Dumbshit,, we’ve been saying he is not guilty for the past 3 years. What makes you think and have the courage to say that everyone knows he is guilty? Only imbeciles and uninformed buffoons would say he is. All is a fabrication by the DemocRATs party.

    3. @George Santana You pathetic moron ! The EVIDENCE , vast quantities of documented, corroborated , irrefutable evidence.. INCLUDING tRump’s own confession in front of rolling cameras say he is guilty ! NOT ONE piece of evidence to indicate he is innocent. Pull your head out and get some oxygen to your one brain cell.

  7. Please be reminded that Mueller, in spite of what is still being claimed, did NOT exonerate Donald Trump.

    1. When his report says there was no evidence that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia will you still say that you know he did?

    2. @Mark O’Connell I watched Mueller testify – “I believe Trump is eligible for prison for the ten acts of obstruction.” He repeated those words again, during the first hour of seven hours of testimony. The report itself was not supposed to include his opinions, just facts. In front of Congress under oath, he gave his opinion. After two years and thirty million dollars, that was not a rushed judgment …

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