Nicolle Wallace Reacts To Biden's Bipartisanship In His Address | MSNBC 1

Nicolle Wallace Reacts To Biden’s Bipartisanship In His Address | MSNBC


Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace contrasts Biden's optimistic tone and desire to work across the aisle in his first SOTU to Trump's first address, where the former POTUS spoke of "American carnage" and emphasized partisanship.
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    1. Remember when Biden referred to black children as roaches? I do it’s right here on YouTube look it up

    2. @Your Mom I remember when my mom wasn’t a russian troll. Do you remember when you still had a speck of decency and dreamed of getting an honest job?

    1. You are totally correct what a contrast. Couldn’t have said it better. You know the last guy that ran that outfit over there at that big white house, he put america first and this guy now puts America and Americans last.

  1. Breaking our backs to stay afloat while the rich are in blowup toys with Martini in hand. Stick a pin in their toy

  2. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the 45th
    The subject had substance something that’s been missing for
    4 years…we are get back to normal.

    1. @Mike Mason The Republicans through mismanagement of the US Economy and the pandemic have:
      > added over $ 8 trillion to the National Debt
      > are responsible for he death of over half a million Americans, in only 4 short years. – – – Who would have thought that such total incompetence was possible?
      BTW – You don’t still believe the Republican LIES about Tax Cuts, do you?
      If all these Republican tax cuts have been so good for the USA why have they so decimated the bottom half of the economy?
      Here is some information for you from a report published in May 2019:
      > the richest 20% of households own 90% of all wealth in the USA
      > the richest 10% of households own 70% of all wealth in the USA
      > the richest 1% of households own 50% of all wealth in the USA
      > the lower 50% of households own 1.3% of all wealth in the USA

      And this was before COVID-19 !

      Note: If you are saying to yourself “so what”, here is some more information for you – – – > in the 1950’s and 1960’s the bottom 20% owned 4.5% of the wealth!

      The Republican tax cuts have benefitted the very rich very much.
      BTW – Another myth you may believe in that is another LIE is,
      > Tax Cuts pay for themselves.
      Also, as far as the tax cuts creating jobs you may have noticed that after both of the last two Republican administrations, Bush and Trump, we were in a recession and millions of jobs had been lost.
      WAKE UP and start paying attention to REALITY!
      Thank God we now have a president and a party that realizes that you must PAY for what you want. Yes, we need to raise taxes on those who have not been paying their fair share for years now.

    2. @Borvo what about the liberal prime Minister in Canada? Is he responsible for all the covid deaths in Canada?

    3. @Brian Fergus lol. Your guessing I’m desperate but your wrong..I’m just laughing at you msnbc viewers and how you fall for this factless nonsense..if it weren’t for a few select opinion pieces writer’s from the new York times msnbc would have no sources at all..

    4. yes, because now, rioting in the cities, foreign invasion on our border, and out of control inflation is now the “new normal”.

  3. President Biden’s address was a breath of new air considering the past four chaotic nonproductive years of the former guy.

  4. It was inspiring, it was matter-of-fact, it was short on drama, but it was long on policies, empathy and a vision of the future for the American people.

    1. Joe has been a career polition for 47 years and in that time he has done nothing to improve the country. Now as president he has created a crisis at the southern border,raised taxes and is wasting taxpayers hard earned money.. so tell me what has he done other then a whole bunch of empty virtue signaling??

  5. Wow,
    I musta got lost.
    For the past 4 years all I heard was, the Democrats were a bunch of people who were dining on babies.
    And then outta nowhere there was this ‘shaman dude, wearing a funky hat thing with buffalo horns comin out of it. {I haven’t smoked that stuff in years, no}
    And as if that wasn’t enough! There was a day back in January, when this same goofy looking freak, and a bunch of ‘others, went stormin into the capitol building…yeah, the one in DC!
    What was that anyway…? Somebody musta really twisted them people’s heads…
    I’m Qlueless
    ; )

  6. Nice to hear from a Pres. that could string more than two thoughts together and was not “Incredible” and full of effen platitudes…..

  7. When many Republicans didn’t even show up for Biden’s speech should tell you the state of bipartisanship while Joe Manchin was in the corner scribbling his notes to take back and discuss it with his corporate overlords.

    1. Because real Americans don’t want anything to do with a senile puppet being led by the radical left

    2. @Jardent57 That’s not true. They weren’t selected by their own party. The republican leadership only selected the members who would sit and sulk in their seats and act like grade-school kids who didn’t get their way.

    3. @Your Mom Uhh…. there is no “radical left’… that’s part of the ‘big lie’. And you… and anyone who hides behind those childish and angry terms… aren’t ‘real Americans’. If you won’t protect Americans and their families and their basic rights.. then you’re not a real American. Nor do you fit the definition of a ‘true patriot’. You’re a childish, hate-filled sociopath and that’s all you’ll ever be.

  8. I like it when Nicole calls DJT “the previous guy” or “former guy”…
    And what we recognize about Biden’s speech is that, when he uses “we” he really meant “we” in “we they people.” Remember that when DJT used “we,” it always meant “I” or “Trump” or “Trumpians”….not meaning “we the people” at all.

  9. Joe Biden shined like a beautiful diamond in a hundred days; whereas his predecessor was clouded in graft and controversy throughout the life of his entire administration.

    1. ​@Mike Mason(Politifact) In two of the years studied, 1 percenters — in 2018, those with income of more than $733,000 per year — got an estimated 20.5 percent of the tax law’s benefits in 2018 and will get 25.3 percent of the benefits in 2025, according to the analysis.

      In 2027 an estimated 82.8 percent of the tax cuts go to the top 1 percent of tax filers.

    2. @1badtubeman In two of the years studied, 1 percenters — in 2018, those with income of more than $733,000 per year — got an estimated 20.5 percent of the tax law’s benefits in 2018 and will get 25.3 percent of the benefits in 2025, according to the analysis.

      Only in 2027 would an estimated 82.8 percent of the tax cuts go to the top 1 percent of tax filers.

    3. @MeanGeneSanDiego So, because it does not affect you directly, you’re not worried about it? That has to be the most un-American statement I’ve ever heard. This border crisis is affecting hundreds of thousands of residents in Arizona and Texas every single day, and it will most likely have a ripple affect that WILL catch up with all of us in the coming years. And I’m the one that should get a grip?

    4. @Robert Alker there’s no doubt that every administration has their issues. I guess my question is…why did this administration create this problem for themselves when it could have easily been avoided, and why are they now acting like it’s not even happening? Certainly that’s not considered responsible behavior

    5. @Eric Hajjar We have thousands of them housed here in San Diego, doesn’t affect me at all, I’m sure the hotel owners are making money on full houses every day. So what is the big problem with you whining little Republikkkans in Texas and Arizona?

  10. Finally back to a president who doesn’t constantly brag on himself and trash other people in his speeches.

    1. @Tangela Carter – I totally agree, but when you do the work and get positive results, you don’t have to brag about it.

  11. When is the FBI going to start charging them republicans that are trying to over through OUR government????

  12. Rachael Maddox, thank you so much for your support for the Arizona Audit. There is a spot available for you as an observer. You are a true Patriot

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