Nicolle Wallace: The GOP Is ‘Essentially Running On The Insurrection’ 1

Nicolle Wallace: The GOP Is ‘Essentially Running On The Insurrection’

Deadline: White House’s Nicolle Wallace sits down with former McCain advisor Mark McKinnon, Axios reporter Alexi McCammond and New York Times’ White House correspondent Michael Shear to discuss the current state of the GOP and what it means for the future of our democracy.

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  1. Republicans doing everything they can to make Biden look bad. How easily they forget that the people of America just voted the worst American president in history out of office for good.

    1. @Michael Shigetani Lol.. No, they’ll really believe that.. I mean they believe JFK Jr. Is alive and well,and will be trumps,next VP. I know it’s stupid,but MAGAts,believe it.

    2. Republicans don’t need to do anything to make Dementia Joe look bad. He does that all by himself. Good thing the MSM is covering for him. Just look at our Southern border debacle and the skyrocketing inflation. That’s enough right there. He’s lucky the MSM isn’t digging into his past indiscretions like they are Andy Cuomo. Those two are like 2 peas in a pod.

    3. I am pretty sure that Republicans have not forgotten that Trump has been voted out of office. According to their delusions…Donnie is still president but most Americans, and the entire world, haven’t figured that out yet! Trump is sitting behind his card table, the Good Ship Lollipop. Each day Donald is tasked with reading tons of blank paper which he signs with his special marker! After which he savors his Mar-a-Largo Burger and sets out to greet his adoring citizenry as he burst into their Wedding festivities or funeral memorial to address his worthy golf club members.

    1. @David Eby did you forget many republicans sided with the peaceful protest of last summer. No nooses though

    1. @Kenneth Nation Well said. I’ve never used Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok, never played video games, don’t have a TV since the early 2000s, and never owned a gun. When the pandemic started it interrupted 36 years going to the gym non-stop.

    2. Federal law needs to prohibit partisan gerrymandering.
      Those of us not republican need to VOTE in numbers too big to ignore .

    3. It’s just to bad Jessie watters doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He loves to blame others for what his god created like letting the virus get out of control, Wich caused the deaths of over 600,000 people who didn’t have to die. And the border problem was getting worse not better under trump and inflation is the direct cause of what trump did to the economy Wich was trump destroyed it. But I guess when you have your head so far up an overgrown oompah loompah’s orange a” ” you really can’t see the truth. No watters still wouldn’t tell the truth he will just keep his head and lips planted on trump’s fat a$$.

  2. Almost the Entire Trumplican party Must Be Arrested they All Participated in The Insurrection I Bet my life on it

    1. @#j G Thanks for the reply, it’s a pity that you could not provide what I asked?
      Sadly you are mistaken as to what facts are, and what is opinion, so I will try to assist you.
      Opinion is EVERYTHING that you posted, while opinions can and often are true, they still require verifiable facts to have validity from an unbiased viewpoint.
      FACTS are verified data.
      You provided zero data, so ….
      It seems that your convictions are more faith based, which is fine, it is your choice to believe what you want to. You can believe that pigs can fly, but that does not make it so, irrespective of your faith that they can. Do you understand the difference now?.
      Sadly though, your anti vac posts with pseudo facts, (or you would have provided them), has consequences to those like yourself who are easily led.
      Stay safe

    2. @alan chapman anything i post related to covid does not post especially any links this is the work of the l. B. T. A. r. DS. Its going to change when your trash is out of office

    3. @Joboygbp Edwards How many insurrectionists have been arrested? A: hundreds. You Trumpifascists are oblivious.

  3. And they will do so successfully if you don’t hold Trump, Brooks and the rest of that vile crew accountable.

    1. “This is a guy that ran for president saying he would shut down the virus. He was not going to shut down America or the economy. He would shut down the virus. Yet what is he doing? He is bringing in people from over 100 different countries across the southern border,” Ron Desantis said –

      He continues –
      “Every variant on this planet – some we don’t even know about — are absolutely coming into our country that way.”

      “He is lecturing people about imposing COVID restrictions and lockdowns and not only doing nothing to stop the border surge but actually facilitating it on the on the other hand, he just loses all credibility when it comes to COVID.”

      MIC DROP


      he’s destroying Joe Bidens libturdism

    2. But be careful, by holding them accountable, the GOP may end up making them ‘Martyrs to the cause’, as a way to double down on the lie.

    3. Ain’t going to happen. The Dems take money from the same pot it’s all hype and the American people are screwed.

    4. @Marisa Dalla Valle exactly, they on Manchin’s house boat with republicans while Americans are about to be evicted in mass numbers.

    5. @Dustin Benford It’s the Dems who held off evictions due to Covid to begin with. This is the 1st time in my memory any move like that had been made in this country and it can’t last forever.

  4. The GQP sees Orban as a role model to follow when crowning Baby Cheesus as President For Life. Good chance they’d be all aboard for a North Korean style dynasty.

    1. Would that be where they steal an election then jail the people who protested it and finally have a military inauguration? That sounds awfully familiar…

    2. Tucker literally goes to an authoritarian home base and praises the country for being run so great.
      Can you imagine going to North Korea and praising their leader??? oh wait nvm….Kim sent love letters to T*** LMFAO

    3. The funniest thing is that they think the libs will be the ones sent to work the salt mines, when in reality these skill-less rubes will be tasked with even more backbreaking labor than many of them already are. Under a totalitarian regime, you don’t waste what little brain power your state possesses by making them break rocks.

    4. @David Tran They watched videos about the Khmer Rouge and thought sending the Ivory Tower Intellectuals (read: libs) out farming in The Killing Fields is a great idea.

    1. @Al K how does that stack up to the 600,000 due to trumps negligence on covid? He had 2 months to prepare. You are a fascist garbage person.

    2. @Mary Ann M Thete’s nothing about that character you’re going to change. Just consider the source & ignore the ignorance OR the attempt to upset someone enough to even get a reply.

    1. @Cindi Smith If I had to chose between Swanson food and an untested Covid vaccine I’d take the vaccine in a heartbeat.

    2. @Gerald Carrington Why leave it if you love it? No place is perfect. Stay & help correct the things that need to be improved.

    1. @Reclusive Hermit With A Long, Bushy White Beard for the record, I don’t think Trump is going anywhere. He’s too valuable. It’s all a big reality show called “divide and comquer”, and it’s ratings are off the charts.

    2. Btw, How long is the beard? I’m trying to grow my goatee out, but it’s only about a couple inches below my chin. Seems to be taking for ever…

  5. Wallace & Melber are the most consistently on point newscasters in television right now, they have on excellent guests, they make really sharp cutting analytical points of view and they do it with a really uncanny charm.

  6. I didn’t hear complaints from the GOP with Trump and his administration charging us for Trump’s golfing trips and his kid’s travels over seas.

    1. It was one or two months of one of his resorts since he left office charged us tax payers over 10k for secret service costs. That’s just for his NJ club. We are still going to spend hundreds of millions on his secret service till the end of his life. If they could impeach trump he would get NO secret service staffing. Those millions go into Trumps pocket

    2. @Al K Quick question: Why do you think three million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than the reality TV candidate? Why do think seven million more Americans voted for President Biden than his twice-impeached predecessor? Hunter Biden’s laptop notwithstanding…

    1. @Joseph Wheeler Al Franken? Didn’t he resign? Was he charged with anything? No. He was barely a blip on the radar screen.

    2. Maybe he is a democrat. He’s been for abortion all his life.
      And he lost the republicans the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. He’s an undercover democrat whose secret mission was to destroy the GOP from within. Mission Accomplished Agent Trump!

    3. @Joboygbp Edwards I love Hank Aaron. He is one of the greatest baseball players ever. I wasn’t aware he was a Scientist or a Medical Doctor.. Man the only thing that has saved us IS the vaccine. What is keeping this pandemic from getting better are the unvaccinated. And I guess you think you’re smarter than Dr. Fauci and he was the one who created the virus in a lab in China! Moron!

    4. @Debra S Barkle all i read was, “i used to think for myself and care about people, then my brain turned on me.”

  7. I thought the comedy would finish when Trump was gone but the US is the comedy that keeps giving…The movie Idiocracy is now a documentary..

    1. I’ve said that since Twump was elected! Never proven wrong. Have you EVER gotten a direct answer from ANY R when you ask, “What EXACTLY did T**** do for the BENEFIT of ALL citizens?” Their first comment is ALWAYS, “WELL WHAT ABOUT . . .”

    1. @Elaine Burnett The less force the society excersise against its citizen, the less violent the citizen become. – people who has been outsted, perhaps marked for life or deprived from a future will become less sensitive to the surroundings.
      The only one we punish by using extreme force against people who breaks the law is ourself.
      Revenge as motivation for punishment is as destructive as the actions the revenge was intended to prevent. Society gain nothing from punishing anyone, the damage is alrdy done.
      The selfish revenge will only harden the perpetrators and its very costly to keep people jailed for any extended amount of time.
      And theres nothing that indicate long/hard punishment is a deciding factor when people intentionally break the law.
      And its common to not consider if the actions was intended or not when a case is brought to court. It may influence the severity of the verdict, but its a verdict none the less. Even the shortest jailtime will be an eyeopener for anyone.

      – This is obviously not something that can be used in the current environment. its something that has to be implemented gradually, over generations of time.
      Cant just stop jailing the most dangerous “elements” from society. but the goal should be to remove them, not to jail them.
      And they can be “removed” in other ways than jail.
      They could be motivated to not become dangerous at all.

      And the first step in that direction is to give people a feeling of belonging, of being a part of something bigger that are there for them, give them a feeling of being in control over their own life, give them a feeling that society will protect them and not derstroy them.

      Lifetime in jail should be reserved for the most coldblooded killers, for people where proffesional/medical help doesnt have any notable effect.

      Is an insurection ok?? nope, its not. but theres more to it than meets the eye.
      One thing the rioter was right about is; the congressional building was theirs.
      And yours. And your neighbours. The building belongs to the people, all people(who live and pay taxes in the US)

      A building is bricks, and no human life is worth less than a stack of bricks..

      – hope this makes sense.
      and for the record; its not my thoughts or ideas. Its based on Voltaire and the philosophy behind
      a lot of european jails, the scandinavian in particular-
      The judiciary system doesnt punish, it rehabilitate.

      Revenge is disgusting and selfish. its illegal in most parts of the world, voted out because it makes sense. The sentences has gradually been lowered over centuries, and is only in rare occasion dialed back up a bit
      And its proven to work by the amount of repeat offenders in the respective countries.

      – Believers of the old testament should know its a cardinal sin. And it is that for a reason. – Revenge will destroy society. Its that simple.

    2. @martin winther I’m not reading that garbage. The rights way of less force is hurt the other half with a different opinion.
      Other countries have separated hate speech from freedoms of speech and it can be done here as well.

    3. Except we don’t have a democracy in this country, it’s run by corporations, when will Americans realize this, both parties are corrupt.

    4. Martin Winther A bit more then talking has been going on ever since Trump occupied the WH. It got even worse shortly before he was kicked out of it.

  8. Trump said he ‘fell in love’ with Kim Jon Un for Crise sakes and not even a burp from the right. If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.

    1. Say what you want. North Korea stopped missile testing until Joe took office. Then they started back up again. The Trump administration started zero wars. Good luck with Dementia Joe in charge.

    2. @Larry Rowe watching the supposedly POTUS, twitching and giddy at the thought of being close to Putin made me so ashamed. Helsinki is one of the most disgusting interviews I’ve ever witnessed. Smh

    1. Their ideology is a failure. They know that their days are numbered but they are not going to fade away quietly.

    2. @Reclusive Hermit With A Long, Bushy White Beard Dates back to Ronald Reagan calling the Mujaheddin “Patriots”. – Man, did that fk things up or what? Taliban returns from fleeing the USSR = Afghan Civil War. And STILL no centralized government with a spine. Can’t buy it, cant bribe it. Afghanistan is a trap and everyone knew it. Let’s see, WW1, Briton, USSR, and the USA, it’s definitely China’s turn next.

    1. Also, for all local elections – Proud Boys etc are apparently putting candidates forward. I’m not alarmist but this is how Hitler did it. Once the tentacles are spread, it’s hard to get rid of them.

    2. @Sheila Boston And if that ever happens in the USA the Republicans can always blame the Democrats and Pelosi. No evidence needed!

  9. But they all take corporate money, our gov’t is a corporation that only looks out for the board members not the people.

  10. Bush, “a man of strong religious faith”. Yep, got up every morning and worried his heart out about the plight of the poor.

    1. Well said, plus Bush and Obama are part of the reason we had the rise of populist f****kery and trump’s election. We need term limits and stronger accountability for establishment politicians while they’re in office.

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