1. Yes!! Floyd Green party like a rock star during curfew and nothing becomes of it. Only poor people they pressure!!.

  1. But what’s the urgency? Why take out a loan for this system? Don’t we already owe so much money as a country? Keeping us in modern day slavery smh

  2. Just a few queries, if England and other super power countries “dash weh dis system and call it unconstitutional, “Why is our likkle Jamaica ah run inna dis, wen so much poor people caa even find money tu buy food tu eat or sen dem pickney tu schools? Let us direct the money to address the real issues that affect our people. Please and tanks. I did not even touch on the crime issue yet. One more query Minister without portfolio, “Why are we taking out loans for this?” Food disparity and housing for the poor, along with fighting crime should be the top priorities! May God help us! God’s blessings, peace and love!

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