NIH Director: Booster Shots Could Come ‘Later This Fall Or Early Next Year’ 1

NIH Director: Booster Shots Could Come ‘Later This Fall Or Early Next Year’

NIH director Dr. Francis Collins on the timeline for people getting a booster shot of the Covid vaccine: “As we look week to week—we’re going to figure out what that timing is. Not yet, but it could well be sometime later this fall or early next year.”
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    1. I really wish you’d try to say ‘Freedom fighters’. It sounds more sarcastic and less like you couldn’t figure out how to mock someone without turning into a third-grader trying to make someone’s last name into a toilet-training exercise.

    2. How is the delta variant, which came from India, and the fact your precious vaccine loses effectiveness the unvaccinated fault? Please tell me.

    3. @philosophyofthestars You’re claiming Delta came about in India _despite_ a 100% vaccinated population?

    4. @Insignificant360 you are blaming ‘freedumb fighters’ and I am assuming that means unvaccinated Americans who you are grouping all together despite many differences. However, if the whole US was vaccinated including the children and babies, the delta variant would have still been here and due to the losing effectiveness, you would still be in this situation since delta is the concern with the vaccines. It has nothing to do with the ‘freedumb fighters’.

    1. @philosophyofthestars Okay….Just a reminder. You asked.
      The first thing is to understand mutations. Simply put mutation happens when the virus replicates inside a human host. It is actually genetic coding error during replication and in general, it occurs randomly. Take it like this…mutation occurrence is likened to rolling a pair of dice. Basically, the virus is rolling a pair of dice every time it replicates. Occasionally, the virus gets lucky when it replicates and rolls a double 6 to get a significant mutation.
      We know now that the vast majority of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. That means a larger proportion of unvaccinated people get more seriously sick and stay sick longer than vaccinated people. Generally, the sicker you are and the longer time you’re sick, the more virus is in you. The more virus there are and the longer they can stay in you, the more likely one of those viruses rolls a double 6 mutation when it replicates.
      Now for some real-world facts. All the significant mutations of the virus, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and the recent Lambda, have either happened before the availability of vaccines or in places where the vaccine availability is extremely limited and there is an uncontrolled spread of the virus. You don’t hear of significant mutant variants arising from places where the vaccination rates are high, do you? Simply put, the more there are unvaccinated people in a place, the more likely significant variants will appear.

    2. @Rahim Majid okay understood. Now Pfizer indicated the vaccinated, once infected have the SAME viral load as unvaccinated and their vaccine is about 42% in preventing infection-so it still works but is decreasing and this is coming directly from Pfizer (so hopefully they’re not fluffing their numbers). Furthermore, the UK and Israel have quite a few vaccinated people ending up in hospital (for the UK it is about 40%). So I don’t think the question is really if the vaccines are ineffective, they seem to be efficacious but HOW effective are they and are they they the answer if they need boosters every few months because that is not feasible for the whole world.

  1. We got about 2 months before holidays. If things keep going south, maybe is strongly recommended to look into a booster before Christmas or Thanksgiving. The booster could also make sense to do after festivities if they keep the claim that the dose stays active trough festivities. On your hands doctors.

    1. Booster…what…how about slowing down the spread beside masks forever?Any developments on a cure or cure to the symptoms that are life threatening?

  2. I mean..bidens open border invasion pretty much kept covid here…or…proved.covid is a joke. You choose

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