NIH Director: ‘If You’re Unvaccinated, This Virus Is Looking For You’ 1

NIH Director: ‘If You’re Unvaccinated, This Virus Is Looking For You’


“If you’re unvaccinated this virus is looking for you. This is the moment it seems for everyone to hit the reset button if they’ve been hesitant about getting immunized,” says NIH director Dr. Francis Collins. 

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    1. @Power and love and of a sound mind does it work against delta?

      And why PAY for something we can get for FREE in America?

    2. @Power and love and of a sound mind That’s a HORSE WORMER. If you got worms, great, otherwise, it does NOTHING if you have COVID. Stupidity kills, but that means fewer GQP out there.

    1. @Ramon Guzman It was in the covid relief bills. More relief was sent to hospitals with higher rates of covid infection and death

    2. @cbob I know that you haven’t been vaccinated, but, wouldn’t you be helping those hospitals by refusing the vaccine?
      If you, or any fool listening to your drivel, doesn’t get vaccinated, contracts the virus, and become a real case, you are making it happen for them, so that they get more covid relief funds?

    3. @cbob Try to think about what I said, because really, there is no vaccine against your problem.

    1. @Chris Bammer no one knows for sure how long it will take for global warming to impact us, although it is a proven fact that it exists. We have also been seeing more extreme weather patterns.

    2. @Mr. Tom Today is the first day in eighteen months I got to hug my sister and niece, no problem with either vaccine. Those hugs felt so good. 😊😊😊

    3. I wish they could hear people’s thoughts as they are put on a ventilator heading to their deaths. I wish the dead Republicans could talk after they die of COVID. # the only way to convince the cult.

    4. @Sue Howie
      Who has made what???
      This guy is responsible for the death of around 200.000 Americans till jan20!
      (compared death quotes USA to Germany)
      Crazynes of millions ignorants in your country is unbelievable!

    1. Dear Blue Sky, this info is from far more qualified doctors than your family doctor. Please research for your self. ​ On YT , please search drbeen or Dr. John Campbell or Dr Pierre Kory or peak prosperity or Bret Weinstein with the term Ivermectin/ VitD/ VitC/ Fauci etc. Good Health to you.

    2. @Nowon Ami our family Doctor stated that the vaccine is safe and told us why it is safe .
      thank goodness my friends and family are fully vaccinated .

    1. @Denise Higgins appears you have a problem with American flag t shirts. If the American flag offends you, then leave, this country is for Americans, not you.

    2. @Darrmad our flag isn’t the problem, however the insurrectionists who wrap themselves in it are.

    Please no more hate and division…..🇺🇸 We are all red , white and blue🇺🇸

    1. Thank you Nick for a respectable question. On YT , please search drbeen or Dr. John Campbell or Dr Pierre Kory or peak prosperity or Bret Weinstein with the term Ivermectin/ VitD/ VitC/ Fauci etc. Good Health to you.

    2. Treat people the way that you would want to be treated. That is something in which I meditate on each and everyday.🙏😑😑

    1. Though VICP covers vaccines for diseases including human papillomavirus (HPV), measles, mumps, polio and seasonal influenza, it does not cover any COVID-19 vaccines.

      In 2005, the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP) was created to protect from liability pharmaceutical companies that make or distribute vaccines unless there is “willful misconduct” by the company.

    2. @Kitty Wallace Because he caught Fauci lying to Congress. Indictments are coming, rest assured. Did you not hear Paul refer Fraudci for prosecution before the Senate???

    1. @Amanda W lol, can’t be much of a “daddy” if these people did not follow suit. The left is much more in lock step than these people. They do what THEIR daddies tell them to do.

    2. @Koko I prefer a non-invisible mask “barrier” on my face to keep others healthy, to a border wall that divides us from our brothers and sisters and makes the USA isolated and weak.

  2. I started wearing my mask again after only a week off. Folks at Walmart gave me some funny looks, but who cares.

    1. @Andrew

      When did we have a better economy? Doesn’t matter who had to do with it. I didn’t spread misinfo my point is that trump didn’t crash economy covid did.

    2. @LG Roots He was in charge at the time. I guess ” I alone can fix it” doesn’t count? Cause Trump dropped the ball.

    3. @LG Roots The economy was humming along, agreed, but so was every other economy in the world and let’s not forget, he inherited a booming rise in economic recovery from the previous administration. If you really want to dig deeper, his rate of growth for his first 3 years was less than Obama’s in his last 3. While Covid represented a challenge, his handling of it was appalling, in fact an unmitigated disaster. How is it every other of the 19 G20 countries returned their economies much quicker than the US during Covid? How was it Australia, for example, reached pre Covid economic numbers by the end of 2020? Because they responded to Covid and got the economy back on track! Trump did nothing in response & hence let the economy blow out to record debt levels. You don’t win sports games by leading at half time and clam victory. It’s the score at the end that counts in this case, Trump had a MASSIVE failure. Not my opinion, they are the cold hard facts, look them up if you want. And the big lie is only causing massive divisions to the US.

    4. @Abraham Vieyra Good for you, I agree. Next time they ask you why? Ask them why it is, those countries with mask wearing cultures have such low case & death counts?
      Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea for starters.

  3. 21-28 days (brands differ) between injections then 4-6 weeks to peak immunity–7-10 weeks. Not really the type of decision you get to save for the last minute. Best of luck to all.

  4. Yes, having the vaccine is a gift. We Americans don’t seem to remember polio vaccinations. It was our civic and patriotic duty to get vaccinated because the vaccine prevented poliomyelitis. Again we face a pandemic. Let’s put politics and cynicism aside so that we can save our lives and the lives of those we love.

    1. We are being test dummies and it is unfair and unconstitutional. There has not been enough time to know if this vaccine is safe for us in the long run 🏃‍♂️

    2. We remember other jabs because some people won’t shut up about it. We did our homework on this one.

    3. @obamasgirl If you do not get vaccinated you are still a part of “the study” but you are in the control group that is unvaccinated. So far the testing is showing that the unvaccinated control group is faring very poorly. If this were actually a clinical study of some type of treatment, they would have stopped the study, taken everyone out of the control group, and given everyone the treatment because it is so effective and those in the control group are getting terribly sick and dying.

  5. I am getting my 2nd shot tomorrow – and I’ll be wearing my mask in public well into next year. My health & life is more important than a temporary discomfort. The vaccine alone won’t protect me from morons spreading any version of the virus near me. Protect yourself & VOTE all Republicans out!!

  6. *Teddy Roosevelt:* “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” 1912 recording.

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