NIH Director: In Race Against Covid, Booster Shots Can Help Us Charge Ahead 1

NIH Director: In Race Against Covid, Booster Shots Can Help Us Charge Ahead


“Think of this as you’re running a race—The vaccines came along, we had a chance to get well ahead. But then the delta variant came along, and the virus started catching up. So now we need another super charged boost to get us well ahead,” NIH director Dr. Francis Collins explaining the need for Covid booster shots. 
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  1. Cater to the antivaxxers by making a bright-line rule that keeps the expensive (at taxpayer expense) monoclonal antibody treatment reserved for only those who were ineligible to get vaccinated in the 1st place, the immune compromised and the rare symptomatic break-thru infections!

    1. Do you think the people in Kabul are worried about catching a virus with a 99.64% survival rate? Do you see any social distancing and mask wearing in Kabul? Do you think this catastrophe will be presented by the media as a super spreader event? Do you think there will be massive covid deaths there in a couple of weeks? Do you think Kabul will have a lockdown? I think not. Smarten up, your being used and duped.

    1. This is why I hate selfish people. Antivaxxers are fools who think highly of themselves. They don’t think of others. They have no empathy for anybody but themselves. They don’t understand that they are putting everybody else at risk. They have selfish peabrains. If you think I’m lying I’m not this is true this is not fake farthest from it this is super real, and this is super serious stuff. This is why we need to get more people vaccinated.

  2. I’m keeping my mask always have even after being fully vaccinated and it was a double blessing I didn’t catch the flu or cold after I made it a part of my daily routine.

    1. @Manuel The insane are those who smoke
      the cigarette pack clearly says “you may be at risk of getting lung cancer” what can you tell me about the gym rats that won’t take the vaccine cause it has not been approved by the FDA, but they are willing to ingest steroids from a trusted drug dealer.

    2. @Ima Doll

      Biden’s next Executive Order for Americans(not GOP/RNC/NRA/KKK):


  3. Wait wait wait….. so we’re supposed to follow science and facts, and not someone who starts every day tweeting from a tanning bed? I’m so confused.

  4. Don’t worry everybody. Pfizer and Moderna’s 3Q and 4Q Profit Statements are looking VERY good at this point.

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