Nik Nanos explains why Canada's COVID-19 response needs a 'Smokey Bear' | TREND LINE 1

Nik Nanos explains why Canada’s COVID-19 response needs a ‘Smokey Bear’ | TREND LINE


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Do you know who 'Smokey Bear' is?'s Rachel Aiello doesn't, but that's fine because Nik Nanos is here to explain — and here's why he thinks that Canada's COVID-19 messaging is in desperate need of something similar.

#cdnpoli #trendlinepodcast

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    1. Compared to…. the umpteenth copy of any movie trailer, cat video or opinion piece? I have a 4hr video of the Nyah cat singing the same song over and over again, would that help?

  1. will never take something dangerous that is not needed.”Vaccinate” yourself with double dose with substances that are not vaccines!

  2. If you actually know anything about Smokey beyond that one sign with him on it, you’d know what an absolute give away this is to what’s actually going on.

    1. @poopylinklvl1 Yeah, because I’m going to feel inclined to do anything at the request of someone who called me ‘skitzo’ with no justification whatsoever. Yup. Sure.

  3. Yea , well tell that to Mother Nature , I’m sure you’re gonna prevent lightning .

  4. But if we still have to mask and distance cause we can still catch/spread it … well , thats not herd immunity . Why dont we all just eat a piece of French toast and call it herd immunity

  5. “Snitches get Stiches” …a phrase from WW2 when the government programmed citizens to rat out their families, neighbors and friends .

  6. Heard Immunity got you where you’re at so you could be here Today. What a jerk and jerkis. How many fall for your sales pitch?

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