Nikole Hannah-Jones Links Critical Race Theory Backlash To Spread Of Voter Suppression 1

Nikole Hannah-Jones Links Critical Race Theory Backlash To Spread Of Voter Suppression


Critical race theory being banned in over 20 states is analyzed by 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones, who draws connections between this backlash and today’s onslaught of voter suppression laws.
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  1. VIDEO: Thief Rides Bike Into San Francisco Walgreens, Fills Trash Bag With Goods — Security Watches and Films

    1. Psst, hey, it’s me, a fellow Youtube commenter! What’s our reasoning for this “quality votes” stuff again?

    2. @J H Soo when is trump going to jail for RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA collusion, tax evasion and for living rent free in your head? See what I just did.

    1. @Alt-Wrong Marxism is like wackamole with you smoothbrains, y’all’s definitions shifts at every criticism of it. The OP is 100 percent on point tho. Marx beliefs are for the envious, mediocre type, who can’t compete straight up

    2. @Alt-Wrong Marxism is the thing you do when you try to give your terms muddy definitions so you can engage in a motte and bailey fallacy.

    3. Agreed! But they are changing and adapting and always working like the vermin burrowing into your home. The guardians against this have been sleeping on the job like Epstein guards and they think they’re battling your grandfathers Marxism. This is much different and more pernicious and seductive. Marxism was always ugly and drab and unattractive like soviet sedan. The Meo-marxists target culture and aesthetics primarily and seek to take control over media, art, culture, education, and even the bureaucratic apparatus (unelected state). People are waking up late but I’m inspired by the mass refutation golf this sinister political religion, especially from minorities when they learn about it. It’s particularly seductive fir females as they utilize feminist roots and have seized the 4th wave radical feminists. And most females are introduced to this when they are young and impressionable and the narrative overlays very nicely with western cultural thinking towards woman in general – only it hardly wants the best for them, nor cares about their happiness. Instead they must be good cogs in the wheel otherwise they just living their internalized white patriarchy. The battle must be fought through art, media, education, elections, institutions and even in the corporate world where you already see the Meo Marxist fingerprints with Burger King, Coca Cola, Gillette and so many others. (Like Chiluba in this case, dollar bills are a great motivator even if they claim to deny it in their wine fluff propaganda pieces.

    4. It is also the polar opposite of LIBERTY. These socialists are parasites – their only objective is to control.

  2. We so oppressed that we gotta go way back in history to talk about our oppression, says the 2 very successful African-American women on TV in 2021.

    1. @Alt-Wrong nah obama was a just a good speaker and if your were dumb enough you probably believed his crap

    2. @J. Tayata none of us go on fox news videos and spout out fears so why do you think you do it here? You must be afraid of something. 60-70% are now liberal and thats what scares you and republicans. And thats why you’re desperate and were confident

    3. The host isn’t african american she’s a immigrant from africa, and even so that’s not widespread it’s only 2 people stupid.

    1. No logic is needed when you have deranged, rich, emotionally disturbed nutcases to proclaim it on every single media outlet. If you tell the same lie enough, eventually it becomes true and it’s a settled debate. No evidence or common sense necessary.

    2. Keeps Dems from receiving illegal immigrants votes for one. That’s why they’re against it mainly, not for any made up virtuous reason…

  3. As a black man, I feel compelled to state how disgusting this critical race theory business is.

    1. @Alonda Thomas

      With all do respect,
      Am I missing the point?Because I know 1926 is when Black history week started in the US orginally.
      1976 is when Black history month started being taught in Schools in the US.

      Black Americans contributions have been recognized in history books in schools and the US for the last 45years.Not just a couple decades.
      I understand your point though .You are right . It was not always accepted as American history or talked about in every school back in the day.
      But….it is now in 2021 And has been for the last 45 years ,so don’t worry black American history is not forgotten and is being taught in the majority of places in the US

    2. @Alonda Thomas WRONG. They just SAID it was. The point was made up. No school would even use a Math book that old. I just looked up Midway school…They don’t even HAVE 6th grade OR a Josephine Rice. Text books like history need to be updated every 5-7 years. Look it up. How does it feel being lied to by the media?

    3. @Edward ABBA-FYNN Lying about books not even being used anymore just to make invisible lines to invisible points…. I just looked it up… Text books like these are not used past 7 years….. What, Georgia just ran out of history after 1954? This school doesn’t even have a 6th grade NOR does it have a Josephine Rice. Call them

    1. @Megan Johnston lastly no you didnt harm or insult, but what you did do was misunderstand what the person was saying they was asking how much did if any went to the communities. You could say the person could have looked up their own answer

    2. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. well I cant even follow along with all of these comments anymore. They are all jumbled up on here.
      So what is the answer then? Where have the billions gone?

    3. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. ok. So we can agree on a few things then.
      Well I know that alot of people are waking up from their hypocrisy and exploitation. What is next though? Cause the BLM supporters that dont know they have been dooped….are still after the wrong people.
      If they lied to you about their agenda and the money, then what else have the lied about? That’s my main point.
      Who’s really on the right side and the wrong side.
      I’ll tell yah….the left is no friend of black lives.
      I used to think they were….but they are far from it. They are exploiting race for their own political agendas.

    4. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. ok so I’m looking back on these comments. I was half asleep reading the first guys comment. Lol.
      I understand it now. Lol

    5. @Megan Johnston well one can speculate on where that money went. But unless we get a court order to subpoena the records. But to do that we need to disclose all of these so call non-profit organizations that exploit the victims pain for the benefit of one own pockets. A lot of laws need to be placed to prevent these bad faith actors from benefiting from victims’ family’s pain.

    1. @Crfor Freedom The PT isn’t Stalinist or Communist. It is, at most, Socialist or even just Social Democrat at times. I know using whatever buzzwords you hear in right wing media is popular with you lot, but it doesn’t impress me nor make your points more cogent.

    2. @DremYolLok Sure. That “Big Red Star” is just because they like stars. That’s all.
      By the way, why did you leave Mao, Chavez and Maduro off your list?

    3. @ForumLight The testimony from the former Communist Chinese lady under Mao’s China was BRILLIANT! She knows how it works. They divide and conquer via oppressor/oppressed groups. It may be by race like they’re using here, or by class in a mono-ethnic state like China, but by any means, it’s division to divide and conquer the people so the elites can control government and rule as a monarch. One only need see how Xi has repeated history to know EXACTLY how that all works and what they have planned for us here.

    4. @DremYolLok Let’s see if I can reword this to get this to post. You know the NSDAP was VERY socialist in its political ideology, right? The NHS is a near carbon copy the Labour party and Attlee took from the law books there. Same with their other social programs like the way they had their food stamp programs, day care, child care and other similar social programs structured. Very efficient. The NSDAP even gave their people FREE PEOPLE’S CARS!!!!! That’s right! That’s what the term; Volkswagen means and why that company name was invented; by this leader for this very program. The PEOPLE’S program.
      The only difference in ideology was in a globalist agenda vs. a nationalist agenda, where the NSDAP felt that not just their raze but their nationality was superior to all others. That was the ONLY separating factor, not the socialist government policies.

    5. @DremYolLok There we go, that worked. The only difference the ideology makes is in the body count each country is able to amass. That’s it. Socialism in the UK and EU is accomplishing the same goal. They are controlling AND COMPELLING citizen speech; no freedom there of the people. The government, having the control and power over the people IN THE NAME OF THE PEOPLE exorcize their authority ruthlessly. They pick winners and losers from among the people. Some religions are tolerated in their speech on ‘position A’, others are arrested if they say the same exact thing from their holy scripture in the name of “HATE SPEECH”. It’s all subjective and the government, in the name of the people of course, make all the rules that the people WILL follow…..
      Or else….

  4. That’s what they forget. It’s HISTORY. Humans keep bringing it up so they can keep it around and make money off of it.

    1. More people are enslaved today than at any other single point in history, but those people can’t be exploited for political gain.

  5. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
    I guess we can now remove this from textbooks also.

    1. “I must confess that the dream that I had that day has in many points turned into a nightmare.” – Dr. King, 1967, 11 months prior to his murder.

    2. MLK is rolling over and over and over in his grave as BLM and the CRTers try to erase his wisdom, humanity and ideals from the American experience.

    3. @RJ Lucia Hey, what do you think MLK thought about Affirmative Action or reparations? Just curious.

  6. Oh, she could link it too why the moons orbit is moving farther away from earth and people would believe it.

  7. When you can explain why it is good to have a 6 year old white child walk around the room and say he is sorry for being white, then maybe you might have a case.

  8. It’s time for people to stand up don’t let them get away with this we will not allow this these wicked governments will not stop what Black Jesus started knowledge for us

  9. I’m a strong, independent, straight white man who don’t need no gubment.
    *Finger snap side to side head thing*

  10. If America is so racist, maybe we shouldn’t encourage immigration-Tom MacDonald ,, thanks for pushing all this division but what did I expect from the American CCP news

  11. You’re Marxist idea’s are falling flat with conservatives and the majority of liberals. At this point you just look foolish to keep bringing them up.

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