Nikole Hannah-Jones & Ta-Nehisi Coates: Which Story Will We Tell About America? 1

Nikole Hannah-Jones & Ta-Nehisi Coates: Which Story Will We Tell About America?

“It’s not coincidental that we're having this fight right now over which story we’re going to tell about this country, and the very same people are trying to restrict voting at the polls,” says Ta-Nehisi Coates. 
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  1. We are winning by 84 million PEOPLE, that’s why gop are reacting to us so BAD with voting restrictions.

    1. Not According to the Supreme Court. It’s pro election security you anti government extremist. Why do you hate the US Constitution? Stirring up anti government extremism, are we?

  2. America is in crisis right now. A lot of people want to help, but have no idea where to start. As we look for meaningful and lasting solutions, there is a lot to learn and unlearn.

  3. America was a nation built on the slavery of Africans. They were part of a “triangle” between Africa, the “New World” and Europe, particularly the United Kingdom. The system has changed its clothes but is still singing the same song. History doesn’t disappear in our times. If the US wants be “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, then have the courage to face the past and present to make a future with true freedom for all.

    1. @Ben Brierley not so simplistic as that. The argument runs that the legacy of slavery is the legal system is still used to make sure equality and opportunity is minimised, so let’s look at it honestly and correct any issues than we find.
      And stop shootings black men at traffic stops…

    2. @Robert Parker okay but do you not accept that the American legal system first made black people things and was then used to diminish their equality and access to opportunity in much of the United States and still remains as an obstacle today?
      So, let’s have an examination of that claim and see if it’s is so. If so, make the needed changes, make the effort to create the promise of America for all Americans.
      It does not mean a diminishment of America’s achievements or a “new” history or that all white people are evil or need to be slaves or anything of that nature.
      It is about what can we do now to accept what happened in the past up u til the present and make a path into the future that makes America equal.
      The embarrassment is America’s claim to already be that when it so obviously isn’t.
      That is the element that makes America different.
      I would be proud to see any nation face it’s past and try to move k to a better future.
      Germany and Japan come to mind. They are trying, imperfectly at times, results mostly good, but overall an improvement from the lower point in their respective history.

    3. @Robert Parker it sounds like you personally are not encumbered by your past. You are not America though…

    4. @Michael Bray How are demokkkrats misdeeds history?? Its still happening even today in a different forms and ways.

  4. Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness- Martin Luther King-

    1. Coates has definitely made his choice. Just hope he’s never in a fire where he has to be saved by the white firemen he hates so much.

    2. @Jacques Cousteau hating the fact white peoples have privilege doesn’t mean they hate the person.

    1. Joe Biden thinks the cold war is still going on . So he is Re-instituting Neo-Liberal Economics.

    1. I’ll tell you why. The backlash against CRT was actually spearheaded by ONE conservative activist who ADMITTED in March, on Twitter, that it’s all a dishonest scheme. He admitted that he’s been taking all the stuff he knows will make people angry and trying to stick all those things to the term CRT (even though they’re not CRT), so he can make the term “toxic.” Then he said that the “GOAL” was to make it so that people read something crazy in the newspaper and think it’s CRT.

    2. P.S. He then deleted his admission from Twitter, but, DUH, it’s still cached on Google, so we know what he wrote! What he’s doing is purposely sowing confusion to make people angry over stuff that’s not even what they think it is. And he admitted his whole gameplan! This is dividing America, just so this guy can gleefully play out his evil, dishonest, strawman propaganda plot.

  5. Business idea…. I will work for free for the American government, detecting tax fraud at NO COST to the law abiding American public. All I ask is to keep 10% of the evaded taxes that I detect on the behalf of the US government. Potential market: 1 Trillion dollars per annum. My potential commission10 % of 1 trillion dollars. Who’s in????

  6. It is better for Ms Hannah-Jones to work for a HBCU like Howard University rather than other educational institutions. Other institutions have their own systems and are not required to give her tenure. Her talent and skills will better serve communities of color with tenure at a HBCU. Congratulations!

  7. History is important and it’s impossible for citizens of any country to deny their past .How can a nation grow up and what will they become with no or limited history of race.The groups of the oppressive and the groups of the oppressed are of different experiences. How can government justify any of this hypocrisy by pretending that it never happened. ???

    1. @Robert Parker She is not off based, yes there is no more physical bondage chattel slavery. Slavery is still around through mental slavery, mass incarceration, illegal medial experiments etc. Yes, she is right. There is more to slavery then chattel slavery, anytime you choose not to respect another person/community’s agency to govern themselves that is slavery.

      In terms of segregation majoity of America is segregated, you don’t have a lot of diversity in certain states and certain groups live in certain neighborhoods.

  8. So this is just a narrative for politics. Lets make an alternative to history so victimhood can be accepted by the general population.
    Good luck, its still considered ‘ alternative ‘

  9. CRT is simply American history.
    1618 is just American history.
    Don’t be afraid of the past.

    1. False CRT is a philosophy that is a interpretation of history . That all History and all events were based the color of a persons skin. Much Critical Theory back in the 30s that all woes of the world were do to Industrial Capitalism.
      Both philosophy’s are rooted in Marxism and Marxism is NOT American .
      The British American Colonies didn’t start in 1619 They started in 1609 so from the gate The 1619 Project starts with a half Truth.

  10. All of this is a bit of dramatization and media sensationalism. Did racism possibly play a part? Possibly. But Hannah Jones wants tenure without the research and work that goes with it. She doesn’t even have a PhD. She wrote one piece that was popular in journalism circles but not in peer review circles.

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