1. Yes, but. The 1619 project is not the “truth.” The truth is, in 1619 there was a short lived colony established by British settlers called Jamestown. And that’s it. You can give specifics of how they lived, but labeling it the “1619 Project” turns it into propaganda for an unproven hypothesis. You are teaching kids towards a specific conclusion. Which is the methods the Nazi’s used when teaching people about the Jews.

  1. 4:22 thank you Ali. It IS American history. And the contributions of all of us, black, latino, asian etc… gives us a rich layered and interesting history.

  2. Any time black history is wanting to be taught
    there’s always angry pushback smh. I guess the truth hurts (the US)

  3. If you do not have a clear notion about your history, how I it started, where, when, with whom, and how it had ended, what happened afterwards there’s no way for you to completely understand who you are and how to move forward.

    1. I agree knowing the past is important, problem often becomes who is teaching it and for what purpose. Facts only please, no politics.

  4. We should also increase South American and Hispanic history. I think also more history about the Native Indians, would also be good. Perhaps we could do a more factual history about the failures of war. Especially things like more American soldiers died on the last day of the first war after it was declared ending in 6 hours, than on the D day beaches. I think history on the formation of words, like where did “consipary theory” originate from?

  5. The first African slaves brought to what is now the United States of America were the African slaves of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If these African’s “don’t count” as REAL “African Americans” then the same goes to the African slaves brought to “New France” aka Louisiana before the purchase! In fact I’m pretty sure the Spanish brought African slaves with them when they landed in what is now Florida and Louisiana BEFORE 1619.

  6. *”If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that.”* -Direct quote from Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference.
    You could literally make a stuffy nose the leading cause of death using this rule.

  7. Blm 1 billion dollars in damage to property.Raised 1 billion dollars also they didn’t help one black person

    1. Who did the people who storm the Capitol Building help, they killed 5 people while trying to stop the certification of electoral votes, that act of domestic terrorism placed 330 million lives in jeopardy, BLM doesn’t compare to this psychotic behavior.

  8. The economic and military contributions of multiracial America is the foundation of its greatest. And our adversaries know that it is also its Achilles heel.

  9. American MYTH!!!!!!!!!!! That ALL black colored people born before 1865 came from Africa. Some black people born before 1865 are American black Indian/ American black/copper aborigines and they never came from Africa but North America. They were here before Columbus.

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