Nikole Hannah-Jones: UNC Denying Me Tenure ‘Confirms My Life’s Work’ 1

Nikole Hannah-Jones: UNC Denying Me Tenure ‘Confirms My Life’s Work’


Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates discuss joining Howard University’s faculty this fall. Nikole Hannah-Jones explains why she chose to go to Howard after being offered tenure at UNC-Chapel Hill, after this institution first denied tenure to this celebrated journalist, leading to a public outcry.
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    1. @gin It seems you’re unaware that many whites get financial — I guess to your dismay, you’re not all rich.

    2. @gin Hey, white people built this country on racism. It surely wasn’t what Blacks wanted.
      Just some facts for you:
      1. White women are the predominant beneficiaries of Affirmative Action
      2. Legacy and rich kids also get a lot of the slots at Ivy League schools. How do you think, trump and George W. Bush went to Ivies.
      3. Many whites receive financial aid. Somewhere around 85% of college students receive financial aid.

    3. @gin Sir your misguided ignorance which seems willfully now is just sad. Critical thinking skills, along with a brief course in fractions, margins, and percents debunks anything your choosing to believe. Obvious you don’t listen, while being in a echo chamber. Sounds like you repeat what you’ve been told like most without question. Best of luck in life bud.

    4. @Loriann Richardson glad you pointed out that white people built this country, that keeps getting twisted.

  1. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Ecclesiastes 10:2. !!

    1. “The Bible was written by anonymous Iron Age zealots, who have given you no reason to trust a word they said.” – Facts 101

    2. @James O’Blivion Thats not true. Your looking at it from one dimension. There is a whole other dimension to the Word of Yahuwah that you are missing.

    3. By “right”, that passage is referring to correctness, not conservative ideology. Don’t get it confused. Modern day Conservatism is consistent with Anti-Christ dogma.

    1. Yes she will. Howard is currently little more than an ideologue mill that churns out perpetual victims. It’s pitiful what has become of black universities, but you’re absolutely right. She’ll be right at home..🤦‍♂️

    2. With all due respect, any institution of higher learning which welcomes and coddles racists and demagogues isn’t much of an educational institution. Colleges are meant to encourage open-minded and critical thinking, but NHJ and TC have proven themselves to be racist, narrow-minded demagogues. This observation is based on the body of work. It’s the same standard of judgment that should be applied to everyone.

  2. “For GOD so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes on him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”
    ⚘ J O H N 3 : 1 6 ⚘

    1. @Daniella McGee Hi Daniella! Thanks for being genuine in this conversation with me. I truly appreciate and respect people like you.

      I believe that it isn’t very reasonable to tell someone “believe this book because it says so in a book.” That I understand because the reality is that every book in this world claims something. So I instead discuss from a historical perspective to see if it is reliable or not.

      If the historicity of Jesus is evident to be reliable outside of the Bible, then I wouldnt have to try and convince people the Bible is historically accurate.

      We could however take things from the Bible to see whether they are historically accurate through eyewitness testimonies, architectural evidence and manuscript evidence.

      I wouldn’t tell someone who doesn’t believe in God to believe in a book because it says He exists. That would in my opinion be blind faith.

      As for my reference of the Bible for Matthew, I did it mainly so that you would understand what Jesus taught according to many peoples faith based on evidence that he existed and taught, not from a perspective that it is true because it says it in a book (despite people personally believing it is true based on evidence come across). Hoping this makes sense. If not, ask me to clarify anything.

    2. @Daniella McGee Everything you mention is theoretical nonsense, that has never been observed, and, that will be replaced with the next “discovery”. Why don’t you search Bible Scripture the same way you study science? If God presented evidence of His existence, no faith would be required. Therefore, free will would be compromised. With an honest heart, seek the Truth. That Truth is the Lord Jesus Christ.
      “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – Hebrews 11:1

    3. ​@TheFatPakYak no eye witness accounts of his existence or resurrection. . No manuscripts containing such evidence. none of the gospels were eye witness accounts. Read them., Flavius Joseph was a jewish traitor who was part of the conspiracy to undermine jewish resistence against Rome. Some of his writing was a later forgery. Pontius Pilot did exist but never made any mention of jesus. Nor was he portrayed in the bible as he actually was in life. Tacitus mentioned the christian movement (among others) but made no claim of his existence. None of those historians were contemporary nor did they support the existence of jesus. instead of depending of the word of others you should try doing your own research from credible sources please cite one contemporary source from outside the movement. As i suggested if he could draw crowds of 5000 people he would have been famous in the area

    4. Since white supremacists have used the Bible to justify their vile tyranny, ur use of these words is baffling.

  3. Joy’s recent hair styles have been🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Best on any medium—talent, substance & visual.

  4. Uuuh don’t you normally have to work at a university for a set period of time in order to receive tenure? The race hustlers will continue to cry racism as long as it is profitable… and it is very profitable.

  5. Based on their argument, if this country is so horrible, why don’t they just move to the country where black people are not, in their view, discriminated against? I would love to be so discriminated against that I make millions based on an accusation that I don’t have to prove.

  6. This interview makes me believe that there is a sect of black America that is deliberately attempting to lobotomize itself.

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