1. Egypt doesn’t have river, water or anything else is her own problem as it is the same with all sovereign nations worldwide that have no such as oil, gas, water and you name it. There are many nations don’t have river/ river water including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and so on.

    But these nations are not demanding river/water from other nations including causing troubles as Egypt is doing against Ethiopia for decades in order to get the Nile water for free.. Instead they are doing the legal and acceptable possible ways in order to have their own water sources including using ground and sea water.

    This is the only way Egypt have to deal and guarantee her long coming water problem. The Nile river in Egypt is coming from far away more than 1300K.M from Egypt’s Southern border form the mighty Ethiopian mountains and breathtaking highlands. This is the time this water cannot and will not leave the upstream countries towards the world biggest desert that is full of Sand, hot and the enemy of water.

    Egypt needs to deal with her huge population in a country that has no resources to sustain it. The country is ruled by Trumps Favorite Dictator who took power in a military coup against the democratically elected government. Egypt has massive and multiple political problems ruled by the military in the 21 century.

    Look at how they are treating their own open minded citizens those have different ideas and way of doings than the Trump Favorite Dictator Coup regime does. Look at Egypt’s prisons, the prisoners’ conditions and the reason why they are there the first place. Egypt is facing huge tasks ahead not because of the Nile but the military regime and its doings against the citizens. It is the matter of time before the Trump favorite Dictator Coup regime is facing the people uprisings demanding democracy, rule of law and the 21 century leadership and government in Egypt.

  2. Nile water comes 30% from White Nile and 70% from Blue Nile (from Ethiopia). Egypt covers 70% of its water needs from Nile. That means Egypt covers only 49% of its need from Blue Nile. Egypt can also cover most of this from ground water because Egypt is very rich in ground water. In comparison, Ethiopia’s 65% of water resource is Blue Nile. So Blue Nile is live or death to Ethiopia not to Egypt. Please stop misleading and speculation.

    1. Stop the misinformation. Because it makes no sense and no one believes you.

      More than half of the White Nile water comes from Ethiopia including from a huge river called Baro that has many tributaries in Ethiopia. about 16% Nile water also come from Ethiopia from the river called Tekeze. There are many rivers other than Blue Nile, Tekze and Baro separately getting out from Ethiopia and become part of the Nile in Sudan and Egypt.

      White Nile is only 5-14% the Nile water on yearly bases based on the rainy season in the Ethiopia highland. During the rainy season Ethiopia contributes up to 95% of Nile water in Egypt and always 100% minerals and fertile soil. That means Ethiopian Nile water in Egypt is between 86-95% based on the season and on yearly average it is more than 90% Nile water and 100% minerals and fertile soil.

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