Nine Killed In Mass Shooting At California Rail Yard | MSNBC 1

Nine Killed In Mass Shooting At California Rail Yard | MSNBC


Nine people have died after a public transit employee opened fire on co-workers at a Northern California rail yard on Wednesday, authorities said. The shooter took his own life.

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Nine Killed In Mass Shooting At California Rail Yard | MSNBC


    1. @Just Saying
      It also says “the people” which is a collective phrase – not necessarily referring to any individual right.

    2. @Lew Ironman 1995 Right you are my man. I’ll file that one in the same place that I file a stupid god. LOL.

    3. @John snow Actually, those 27 words don’t mention firearms at all. They speak of arms, within the context of a military force, as in well regulated militia. Taken to the literal “un-infringed” interpretation of today’s gun lobby, nuclear weapons, F-35 fighter aircraft and Nimitz class aircraft carrier’s should be readily available on Amazon for anyone.

    1. OF COURSE I would Love it. But Ho3 when US Leaders can just be Bought Off to prevent Changes

    2. @Serv, H Texas is the 2nd State in the US to make it Legally obtainable anywhere no Class or Check required. Otherwise go to a Gun Show where it’s Easy

    3. @Terry Fulds where did you get these facts from. Cos no we never have been anything like you guys.

    1. @John snow Thats just the political candidates murdered. Care to discuss the regular citizens murdered?

    2. @DJ Jones You’re wrong. It is not considered a mass shooting with less than 4 deaths. You’re free to Google it.

    3. Deaths from 100 day BLM riots kamala harris funded and cheered:

      David Dorn, Secoriea Turner, Aaron Danielson, Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Jorge Gomez, Lee Keltner, Tyler Gerth, Jessica Whitaker, Antonio Mays jr, Jose Gutierrez, Victor Cazares jr, Calvin L. Horton Jr, Javar Harrell, Dave Patrick Underwood, James Scurlock, Chris Beaty, Dorian Murrell, Italia Kelly, David McAtee, Damon Gutzwiller, David McAtee, Marquis Tousant, Barry Perkins III, Marvin Francois, George Baker, Bernell Trammell, Jake Gardner.

  1. Scary to think how many other wackos are out there planning something similar at this very moment.

    1. Not to be mean, but did you ever consider that they may have deserved it? They said the gunman did pick out his targets, which means he knew them and probably had a beef with them. What if they pushed him over the edge into insanity?

    2. @Shen Tsu
      Some serious accusations you are making here …!
      To be clear: she did NOT fund RIOTS, she supported the Minnesota Freedom Fund “to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.” The nonprofit pays the bail amount — which is set by a judge — for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford to secure their release from jail while they await their day in court. Supporting peaceful demonstrators who got caught up in violent outbursts and who are trying to prove their innocence is different from supporting people who intentionally join a crowd to cause harm, violence, and death! Of course, I am judging from the distance and my judgment is only as good as the information I have!

      Every wrongful death is a tragedy and should not happen! The presence of guns facilitates violence and death. None of the people you listed would be dead if the perpetrators didn’t have access to guns!

      Your Whataboutism – pointing to the riots instead of focusing to the violence and tragedy reported from California – downplays and takes away from the suffering that just occurred there! Right now, we should talk and figure out what went wrong at the rail yard in Northern California!

      Those who caused harm during the riots, those we can prosecute based on EVIDENCE, those people should and hopefully will get to feel the full extend of the law and be punished accordingly no matter their political standing!

  2. So he talked to his colleague about killing people at work and she didn’t think he would follow through? Interesting.

    1. That’s not what they said. They said his ex-wife had mentioned him talking about wanting to shoot his co-workers, and that she hasn’t talked to him in 13 years. He has spent his life behave in the exact same way, so when you get into your fifties and you’re still behaving the same way, people tend to not take you serious anymore.
      If you know something that the news is not saying, then please say it so the rest of us will know the truth. Just make sure you add the link so that we can read it for ourselves.

    1. @starventure mental illness and abuse….coupled with easy access/ attitude everyone needs a gun

    2. Yes, it’s always “mental illness” if it’s a white shooter. Anybody else would be considered a “thug”.

    3. @starventure
      Yeah, the old mental illness excuse again – from someone probably advocating for schizos right to carry. Gee, maybe we should have background checks, and controls on the KIND of guns people can own/carry? And what makes him NOT “gun crazy”? He might have been crazy in other ways too, but perhaps it is part of a pattern – ever think of that? A pattern of dangerous paranoia and anger?

      My ex-father in law is a good example. He was a sane, normal guy when I met him. Now, mind you, we lived in a little town that had not recorded a violent crime (other than domestic abuse) in nearly 20 years, but he decided he needed a Colt 45 for home defense. Over the next few years he bought five more handguns and had them hidden all over his house. Then he bought an AR-15 after the OK City bombing, because he saw that as the government going after freedom loving patriot militias. Now the guns were to protect his “rights” – whatever he thought they were. It can be a short path down the rabbit hole.

    4. Republicans are making it easier for wackos to buy, own, and carry guns while making it harder for sane citizens to vote. That’s what the fascists did in Nazi Germany.

    1. zzzub mno wrong. Check again. Majority of all mass shooters in last 10 years were Demonrats.

    2. There is still quite a bit of gun crime and shootings in Australia , however it’s mostly criminal gangs shooting at each other , not innocent people !

    3. Republicans are making it easier for wackos to buy, own, and carry guns while making it harder for sane citizens to vote. That’s what the fascists did in Nazi Germany.

  3. World News: Headlines, International, National, Local, Sport, Weather.
    American News: Local, Sport, Weather, Mass Shootings.

  4. To everyone suggesting this could have been avoided if everyone carried a gun – there are countries where that is the case. Ask yourself this – would you want to live in any of them?

    1. @yamahapianoIowa Statistics shows that more guns equals more homicides so no you would be incorrect kiddo.
      Solid effort though.
      Pretty funny to watch your argument collapse so fast.

    2. @Malcolm DuBose Where were the cops? Oh, that’s right, they got there way too late to save someone’s wife or daughter or son.

  5. Like Dave Chapelle said once, there is an easy fix. Every Black person in America should legally buy and register a gun or 2. They’ll rush through gun control laws faster than a Popeye’s drive-thru.

    1. Yea, but it’s America, so they’d check their gerrymandered district maps and pass regulation specific to “certain” areas, lol

    2. @Luis it’s a joke dude. he’s 100% right tho. and we need FEDERAL gun laws, not just state gun laws… because you CAN’T trust the red states to do the right thing… the GOP are a disgusting bunch.

    3. @Soulife that and the 50% controlled gop senate that represents 25% of the population. Between the senate and the electoral map our democracy is nearly non existent..

  6. Is there a list members of the public who have used their 2nd amendment rights to defend workers or college students?

    1. no, the former pro-gun guy at the Las Vegas concert shooting explained that it wasn’t possible to use a weapon to do anything. Shame he had to be in an active shooting to learn that.
      Meanwhile in countries like Australia (and most of the world outside America), it’s actually pretty normal for people to attempt to grab guns off the offender in the rare cases a gun is used & more often than not they sucseed

    2. No, a defensive use of a gun is never covered by National media…and if an incident is avoided there isn’t even a report.

      Its estimated 500k to 3million prevented crimes.

      See Colion Noir video about an attempted mass murderer shot 1 and a man retrieved his hunting rifle and took him out as should be the end to every mass murderer.

      National News Crickets

    3. @yamahapianoIowa yah is that why 65% of the time a gun is used in self defense the person killed is unarmed?

    4. @John snow that’s why its the great equalizer a young 20 something see an easy target and forgets its America and you got shot picking on the weak.

    5. @yamahapianoIowa Yah solid effort but no.
      The chances of you even hitting them with your four hour course is next to zero.
      Far more likely you hit innocent bystanders or they just end you out of “self defense”

      Remember your weak.
      What is keeping them from taking that gun from you?
      Absolutely nothing.

  7. We’re behind scheme : only 5 shootings this week ! Can’t go on like this : next week up to 121 !!!!!

  8. People can turn violent and lose it. The difference in the USA is that anyone can grab a gun and take a dozen more with them.

    1. Break down of the traditional family no community to belong everybody out for themselves , THE MERCENARY Blood spraying Bone crushing Hyper Martial Arts Violence Starring a Former FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION 2 REP SNIPER Now Free on Amazon Prime

    1. @John snow Michael Bloomberg and George Soros better go ask Netanyahu or something. They can do what they want over there.

    2. @John snow Aint nothing but a bunch of Rothschild spin offs in love with the old British Aristocratic model secretly but never admitting it openly.

    3. @John snow You know Jacob Schiff’s father was a Rothschild broker. His daughter married a Warburg too. The same Henry Ford who cited Dr. George A Simons testimony in regards to the Bolshevik Revolution in ch 19 said in an earlier chapter that the Schiffs and Warburgs were the primary sponsors of that Lower East side bunch who spearheaded the Bolshevik revolution and hijacked Russia. Soros, Bloomberg, Oppenheimer, The open borders fake republican remaining Koch brother, Stayer, and a slew of others are just like them. Modern day versions of them.

    4. @John snow Go read the Declaration of Independence too against King George. Jous guys are doing a lot of the same stuff he got called out for doing on there. Doing most of it in fact.

    5. @John snow I may have lied about celtic wildling noble ancestry….truth is it’s so far back to be certain of on both potential lines to really claim with certainty 1000 and 1500 years later.

    1. Wait, isn’t california supposedly safe, since you can’t own anything but a small hand gun? I thought the whole “removing guns” was solving everything.

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