Nixon’s Was The Original Presidential Tax Scandal; NYT Shows Trump Paid Even Less | MSNBC

Nixon's Was The Original Presidential Tax Scandal; NYT Shows Trump Paid Even Less | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow tells the history of how revelations about Richard Nixon's tax avoidance and meager tax payment led to the tradition of U.S. presidential candidates being open about their tax returns – until Donald Trump, who a new NYT report shows paid even less in taxes as president than Nixon in that original scandal. Aired on 09/28/2020.
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Nixon's Was The Original Presidential Tax Scandal; NYT Shows Trump Paid Even Less | MSNBC

66 Comments on "Nixon’s Was The Original Presidential Tax Scandal; NYT Shows Trump Paid Even Less | MSNBC"

  1. The Political Talk | September 29, 2020 at 2:00 AM | Reply

    The Republican party is a conspiracy theory

  2. Due to the mountain of debt that he’s under, It’s being reported that Trump is so desperate for money, that he recently contacted Stormy Daniels, and begged her for some of that hush money payment back. 😆😂😄

  3. Nixon is an absolute Saint compared to Trump.

    • MJB For Trump and if it is true? What is your evidence that it’s fake. Trump has been hiding it all this time.

    • @Kwarkool Reporters reporting on reporters statements??? This is NOT JOURNALISM!! They’ve presented absolutely no FACTS! This is a well staged ELECTION INTERFERENCE campaign run by the FAKEST of FAKE NEWS media!!

    • MJB For Trump I think you have missed my point. If it did turn out to be true, let’s be honest, if it was true, you wouldn’t change your mind.

      You heard a few weeks ago trump with his own voice admitting that the virus is deadly, the virus is airborne and he encouraged people to go to mass gathering, without masks, and now there are over 200,000 deaths.
      Yet here you are.

    • MJB For Trump another thing, the burden of proof is on you to prove a person or organisation is wrong. So you or better still trump needs to provide document. Just like when Trump accused Obama for not being American and show us his birth certificate.

    • @Kwarkool You, like the NYT, are living in a FANTASY WORLD! The BURDEN of PROOF is on the newspaper who is making the CLAIMS about TRUMP! Then with that proof in hand, they present it to the IRS, who will investigate the claim. Then the IRS must inform Trump and demand payment of whatever amount they determine he is short. IF he cannot pay, then the IRS will garnish wages or take property. If no property or wages can be claimed by the IRS, he would then be FORMALLY charged and TRIED in a court of LAW! Then if CONVICTED, he would go to jail! This is REALITY not FANTASY!!

  4. No con lasts forever. Every con-job has an expiration date. Just ask Bernie Madoff. And Trump’s expiration date is soon approaching.

    • Not true. As long as there are new ‘Rubes’ being born the con will go on. That’s why religion flourishes. Trump will always have supporters willing to give him everything they have. Even when he’s in jail, it won’t stop. Not even after he’s dead.
      That’s why his family and cronies have to go down too. The disease can’t be eradicated but it can be kept in check.

    • David, are you saying crack head Biden and Dementia Biden are about to get busted for crack head Biden getting money from Russia for unknown reasons?

    • @Verruca You must be very religious if that makes people stupid? You will be in prison way before Trump, making you cry is not even a real crime! KAG

  5. And still his supporters will say nothing

    • How is using the tax codes that Pelosi, Biden and Shumer helped create an issue now? If you enjoy paying more taxes than you owe, you have the right in America to be a moron and do so…..

    • @Bucky Pinata of course it fine to act according to the law and claim deductions. The rubbish here is that you can either make a lot of money or lose a lot of money in a tax year and he says he has it both ways depending on if it’s insurance or taxes or bank loans. One thing about tax law is you have to be consistent.

    • @Dustin V So Trump followed the tax codes. And………

    • @Bucky Pinata

      what he said to banks to get loans : I have this much in assets and can afford this much in liabilities

      What he says to American tax collecting : I’ve lost so much money. More than I made. So I have no assets to pay taxes with.

    • @Dustin V And what did he say to them? We’ll wait for you to provide your inside knowledge and first hand accounting of these events…..

  6. the problem is back in the 1970s people in the US still had some values and morals in life but nowadys a lot of people either litereally actively want a criminal as president or at least don’t care if he is a criminal as long as calls himself “Republican”. Back in the 1970s anyone that would have done just a tenth of the out right criminal and or completely morally rotten activities Donald Trump did withing the last 4 years would have been politically and in society completely destroyed would have lost any credibility at all but nowadys Trump still has a real chance to get reelected and can do litereally anything without having to fear to lose his voters. Those 45percent of people that still support Trump no matter what ever happens those are the real danger to the country and the real problem the US has to deal with within the next decades

    • @Barry Faulkner That’s true! We’re losing every day from tax evading crooks like him.

    • How is using the tax codes that Pelosi, Biden and Shumer helped create an issue now? If you enjoy paying more taxes than you owe, you have the right in America to be a moron and do so…..

    • Bucky Pinata Anything those three stooges are apart of has to be a sham

    • That’s because look at where Republicans are. They are backwoods hillbillies 95% of the time and probably have a meth problem. The rest pretend they are rich by evading taxes and being con artists. Republicans either use the system because they are meth heads without a job or they use YOUR money to pay their debts. They are all crooks. Look at Red states. Poor, uneducated, overcome with drugs and no jobs. Red states are filled with corrupt politicians from the bottom up.

    • @Barry Faulkner you can call it loser as much as you want but the USA was a superpower back in the 1970s a nation the whole world admired and everyone not in the US dreamed about going to US one day. Back than Americans were rightfully proud to be Americans because they had a great country with good people and a big part of why the US was that great was because people in the US had values and morals and believed in science and progression. And nowadys the US only has a lot of idiots and criminals with no values left and the whole world wonders about what went wrong with this country the dreams about going there are long long gone.

  7. Trump’s cult won’t be outrage, they have sold thier integrity , SOULS and moral compass

  8. Nixon only made 200k and paid less than $800.
    Donnie made at least 73 MILLION and STILL paid less than Nixon!

  9. He should have titled his book not ‘The Art of Deal’ but ‘The Art of Con.’

  10. Make it a law that anyone running for office anywhere in the land will have to release the tax returns on the day they file for it and then require it annually to be released until the person leaves public office. No exceptions. No tax returns, no campaign.

  11. The truth always comes out ,the king wears no clothes ,the commander and thief

  12. Anthony Mcqueen | September 29, 2020 at 2:36 AM | Reply

    Not paying taxes is as simple as stealing enough said.

  13. Nixon was a saint compared to tRump, yet his followers still blindly follow and swallow any BS he vomits out.

  14. fourthqtrplayer | September 29, 2020 at 2:43 AM | Reply

    Trump…….I’m the greatest tax fraud of which the world has never seen!!

  15. Every dog has it’s day. Trump’s time is up

  16. He knows the end is near. Just look at his body language. What a pathetic petty loser!

  17. We should have codified it AS LAW back in the 1970’s, but we didn’t ever have the need, because past presidents were all following the honor system and keeping with tradition. The honor system works fine when you’ve ONLY got (relatively) honorable men being elected to office, and as Trump has shown, it completely breaks down if a dishonorable man like Trump lies and cheats his way into office.

  18. Nixon is nothing compare to Trump in terms of doing dodge things.

  19. It’s almost like Trump is a criminal or something.

    • How is using the tax codes that Pelosi, Biden and Shumer helped create an issue now? If you enjoy paying more taxes than you owe, you have the right in America to be a moron and do so…..

    • @Bucky Pinata Nice try. Tax fraud is a crime and the Gaslighter in Chief is going …. TO PRISON!

    • @James Beryllis And when was he convicted of that? Leftism is a special kind of stupid…..

  20. There’s a difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Both Trump and Ivanka could face felony fraud charges for their creative accounting.

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