NJ Gov.: ‘Our Biggest Challenge’ Is In Living Rooms, Private Settings With Pandemic Fatigue | MSNBC

NJ Gov.: ‘Our Biggest Challenge’ Is In Living Rooms, Private Settings With Pandemic Fatigue | MSNBC 1


  1. The fatigue is because idiots that won’t follow the rules so that we can get back to life.. I was like Stephanie, my symptoms were 5x’s worse than the flu as well but I actually had a fever with hallucinations. If Congress would stop fighting over OUR tax money and pay people to stay home we could finally turn this around!!

    1. @Zerieth yep typical leftist censorship of anybody that doesn’t bow down. Such cowards and fascist.
      Quit hurting our feelings or else. Pathetic

    2. That happened to me as well! And I had it before we knew there was community spread anywhere near my county. 8.5 months later I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Pandemic fatigue is difficult, and people are forced to make hard decisions. So it makes it extra irresponsible for those who don’t need to be out to gather, which increases risk for those who don’t have the choice to stay home.

    3. @Lynn Jeffrey
      As well many who have recovered suffer long-term after effects which create co-morbidities that will negatively effect their health and abilities/opportunities to make a living, perhaps for years.

    4. @IrishH Irene Higgins just cannot understand why somebody thinks that so many deaths are nothing just because of the amount of people who recover from it 😒 what’s going on in this crazy world.lots of people as you say are and will continue to be affected for a long time. It really p***es me off when they say it’s no worse than flu (even diaper Don admitted it’s a lot deadlier )

  2. FYI America, contact tracing is basically pointless with this amount of spread anyway. You have to assume its everywhere now.

    1. When U think ur not helping by doing the right thing, know that U are do our part mask up stay distance keep from everyone U can until the vaccine is available 🇺🇸👍

  3. Matt Gaetz is what most parents fear their kids will grow up to be like: pompous, profoundly arrogant, obtuse, willfully ignorant, with a permanent vainglorious expression on his face.

    1. This guy is covering for him. “We can’t enforce…” ?
      Evidence AND a confession, co-conspirators and a licensed business…what more of EVERYTHING do you need?

    2. Just like President Trump. Matt Gaetz is one of his biggest supporters along with Florida Gov. DeSantis and Sen. Rick Scott. Let them all stay in Florida we don’t need them here.

    1. @Aquatic Borealis Yes..please let those crooks and enablers be held accountable for their Crimes against humanity. I will be marching b/c along with 275,000+ dead, my brother in law is among them!!🙏😔🥺🙏

    2. @judie suh l am sorry for your loss. Aside from the physical loss of our loved ones and friends dying, we also die a bit inside from anxiety over lack of control and realizing we are sacrificial lambs at the perverted, cruel, uncaring altar of Trump. We should have been more aware of the false idol in the presidency.

  4. Violators of common sense public health direction should be mandated to assist prepping COVID-19 fatalities for funerals and digging graves!

    1. I was actually thinking, that they should all be going to the hospital and helping out in the covid-19 unit, without any protection at all. I personally think they should all be made to do that.

    2. @Rob Bob your intelligence is fake! If brain transplants ever become possible, you are a perfect donor, yours has never been used!

    3. @Tamara Savage-White yeah it’s easy to think punitive like that. I prefer providing experiences they can’t forget. Have them work with full PPE to live
      what overwhelmed healthcare providers go through; experiences they can’t erase from their brains; smells they can’t get out of their nose; sounds of people struggling to breath they can’t stop hearing and moving bodies to makeshift morgues beyond the point of can’t handle any more.

    1. Donna Terrell 🇬🇧 More than Pathetic. It’s Criminal, and punitive fines should be imposed on Gaetz and the establishment where the gala took place.

    2. That’s Gaetz, who definitely does not care about rules or the safety of others. Drunk driving? Check. Big gatherings, travel, no mask? Check. He doesn’t give a rip about any of it.

    1. It will be a small chunk of what they already took from you last year given back to you.
      When they take your taxes, you expect something for it. Another $1400 is a fraction of most people’s refunds in the first place. Well, we’re being taxed, and we’re getting jack for it. So give it back.
      And the perverse part is they will expect to be thanked for giving you a slice of your own money back when you need it most.


  6. All the arrogant and “bully” people that violate the law and coronavirus restrictions need to be held accountable and penalized! Period! No exceptions! And Matt Gaetz is a perfect example of an ignorant bully who has a narcissistic personality!!

  7. She nailed it, it’s an honor system and Matt Gaetz has no honor, no respect for the life and lives of others, only concern is Matt Gaetz

  8. Mitch McConnell need to be Blamed just as much as Trump. He is the one holding us funds to help people in need.

  9. In my province (British Columbia) the police have the right to issue a fine immediately ($2000) for more than six people non family.

  10. Stupidity on display is gaetz speciality. If there are any brains in his head they aren’t connect. Proof money doesn’t buy sense.

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