NJ Governor Announces The Next Phase Of Vaccine Rollout | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

NJ Governor Announces The Next Phase Of Vaccine Rollout | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Gov. Phil Murphy, D-NJ, announces that educators and day care workers will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine in the next phase of the rollout. Aired on 03/1/2021.
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NJ Governor Announces The Next Phase Of Vaccine Rollout | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Great interview. Good to see that NJ Governor is addressing the inequality in poor communities.

  2. Mika trying to push “teachers aren’t really essential workers”, Murphy having no part of that nonsense.

    1. Pretty sure you misunderstood that. It was rhetorical. Public servants like police, EMT’s and nurses are always mentioned as essential workers but school teachers are ignored. Mika has been clear in her appreciation for every minimum wage store worker for 11 months, I think she appreciates teachers risking their lives too.

    2. @The Centaur She executed that rather poorly. He wouldn’t budge on that point the first time, and she immediately tried again. He’ll have no part of it.

  3. What about workers like convenience stores, grocery stores, or disabled along with their spouses?

    1. @Paul Drusbasky Nice…..Mn that would be a no. Unless you are a senior citizen or teacher/healthcare worker, you have slim to none of getting the vaccine.

  4. I am not sure prioritising vaccines that have not yet seen real world use within the black community is going to fly that well. Given Tuskegee, I really think that is a bad idea. Perhaps roll it out evenly in disadvantaged white communities at the same time.

  5. Isn’t it time for a re-evaluation of the importance of certain jobs and sectors? The pandemic crisis has shown us that the least paid people are often the most needed, like couriers, nurses, drivers and people working in the food industry. On the other hand, most billionaire CEO’s we could have done without and not have noticed.

  6. I am from Europe and we are not getting the J&J vaccine until the end of April. But still I am really happy for America!

    1. I’d not take thew American one anyway. I’m much happier with the German and British ones. In America, healthcare is all about money and it is such a corrupt nation where politicians are in the pocket of big pharma. I trust our systems in Europe far more than the USA. Americans would sell their grandmother for a profit, they don’t have the same moral guiding principles we have in Europe. This is why they don’t have universal healthcare, they don’t care who dies.

  7. got my second shot today … thanks to Cuomo … Biden … and the national guard and the civilians that are on the ground … vaccination and the professionalism and commitment of the people and the process made me very confident about america again … and I am basically oposed to vacinations … but as a vet it was my duty …

  8. It is not the 3rd American vaccine, but the 1st Dutch vaccine developed in Leiden (Netherlands) by Janssens Pharmaceuticals in Leiden and people from the Leiden University (founded 1575).

  9. Mika, childcare workers are required to work with unmasked children so their parents, including teachers, are able to work. And FYI, we are educators as well.

    1. If I understand correctly what Mika is saying, I think she was more talking about the fact that this category isn’t usually considered as essential workers by the current classifications. Not that they shouldn’t be. (If they aren’t already, they should be honestly.)

  10. new jersey is doing a great job with covid and cannabis … awesome … someone must have a social conscience there …

  11. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

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