NJ Governor: We Have Less Covid-19 Vaccines ‘That We Were Anticipating’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

NJ Governor: We Have Less Covid-19 Vaccines ‘That We Were Anticipating’ | Deadline | MSNBC


Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy is frustrated by the lag in vaccine shipments to his state, arguing that this is one reason why he is not able to rollout the vaccine to more groups. Aired on 01/14/2021.
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NJ Governor: We Have Less Covid-19 Vaccines ‘That We Were Anticipating’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. What are you the content moderator Diego? If you didn’t like the comment you could have easily bypassed it, instead you prove your intent is only to cause more problems.

    2. @Diego A absolutely, I reviewed your previous posts before I did too, you spread misinformation and deserve to be called out on it!

    1. You’re right you need to thank Trump there even is a vaccine stop hating The best president America has ever had

  1. Recently announced that the powers that be dispensed a whopping 100 doses of vaccine for my entire county of 143,000 people

    1. Uh. KAREN, I think you better turn your brain on. The last place these vaccinations should be taking place is anywhere near a medical facility like a hospital. A kindergartener could tell you that. Why do you think we have these drive up facilities out in the boonies or in parking lots of closed malls and movie theaters. Duh

    2. Uh, retirement, assisted living and nursing homes, the residents just hop in their vehicles and hit the hospitals? Did you hear the governor state people were to pre-register? I’ll just say, you picked a perfect avatar, but go do something more constructive than trolling.

    3. Ah, a Virologist who won their qualification in a raffle.
      Yeah, great idea…….Send a bunch of highly vulnerable, but as yet still uninfected, people right on in to the places that are full to bursting with extremely sick people who’re carrying the highest virus loading and where the staff are already insanely pressured just trying to keep the poor sods alive. 
      Can’t see a snag with that at all………… SMH!

  2. (Cough! Cough! Cough!)

    When Reginald was home with the flu, uh-huh-huh,
    The doctor knew just what to do-hoo.
    He cured the infection
    With one small injection
    While Reginald uttered some interjections..

    Hey! That smarts!
    Ouch! That hurts!
    Yow! That’s not fair givin’ a guy a shot down there!

    Interjections (Hey!) show excitement (Yow!) or emotion (Ouch!).
    They’re generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point,
    Or by a comma when the feeling’s not as strong.”

  3. “NJ Governor: We Have Less Covid-19 Vaccines ‘That We Were Anticipating’” Red State or Blue State?

  4. 1+14+20+21=56
    Today’s numerology equals coronavirus thats why yall need to know gematria. Theres so much being pushed today. Covid vaccine = 56 coronavirus=56 Washington Dc=56 thats why so much being pushed today yesterday was 55 impeach =55 impeachment = 55 GEMATRIA EFFECT NEWS

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