NJ Mayor On Less Tourism This Summer: ‘It’s Not Going To Be Pretty’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. sad to say but I don’t think its over. More cases in southern states and California soo get ready northeast because SOME people don’t take it seriously

    1. Especially the Southern States they don’t believe in it & as for California places like Orange County the people there think like people in Orange County Florida; its not taken seriously at all!🙏🙏smh

    2. @David Gainey Basically the same number of people die from flu a/ b every year. So there really isn’t any point with the flu comparisons because there isn’t a point. Just a decision about how much some like to use obfuscation.

  2. Definitely need to teach people how to wear a mask… The vendor shown had it under his nose…. It doesn’t work that way

    1. The surgical style masks aren’t sealed and are basically sneeze guards. If you’re high risk, stay home.
      The “vast majority of people who get Covid19 will recover and be fine”, per the CDC.

    2. @RJR Parker yep! Absolutely right. Stuff still fly’s out your nose when you sneeze. And it’s just a good idea to wear something properly, especially now

    3. I have to admit…I do that sometimes….but only when I am not in contact with people. Breathing in that mask is irritating

  3. In other news, t’rump won’t disclose which corporations got over $500 billion in taxpayer bailout. I wonder why? 🤔

    1. I heard 200 to 300 million went to oil companies. They got the revenue limits for businesses increased, so they qualified. Not ExxonMobil, obviously, but midsized oil companies, I guess

    2. Bella Wolff …would be nice if they released the list as promised….it’ll be number 32 for promises broken if it’s not.


  4. Don’t open too early and fast or you will end up like Florida, Arizona, Texas, and so many others who are having to shut back down again!!!!!!! Arizona opened bars way too soon, and they are all paying this week. Closed! Read the news. Learn from the mistakes of others!

    1. Being the test is for any Coronavirus, it will never go away until the plandemic had taken everyone who falls for it for a long ride down fk your rights lane.

    1. @blademon7 I wonder how the Mayor will feel when the citizens of Asbury Park contract COVID -19….. The Theme from Jaws comes into my mind at this moment

  5. “great”, “mom & pop”, “bad for the economy”
    A politician talking like a politician. Profit before people, it’s the same the country over.

    Good luck!

  6. If Trump hadn’t closed late to save economy 😩, then opened up a month later ,after closing to save economy 😳
    America wouldn’t be #1 for death and you would be open July …..blame greed and stupid

    1. The thing is he knew back January and stalled until mid-March which, we know now, was too late.

  7. I feel sorry for all the people who chose to base their entire livelihood on catering to people’s whims, but whims are not more important than health.

  8. What kills me about all of this is they’re acting as though it’s just the rules that are keeping people from packing into the clubs. people stopped going to the restaurants prior to COVID 19 closures. I went out to dinner on 3/12/2020. The popular restaurant was less than half full. It’s not just the law that’s keeping people out. I wouldn’t go to an indoor dining restaurant or a dance club if you paid me right now. And I’m the majority.

    1. We just want equal rights to be able to choose to open up life again! The BLUE States not fully opening up, allowing people to go back to work and now threatening to shut down again if the Democratic Scare rules are not followed “IS SIMPLY WRONG”! Someone should work on overturning the POWER the GOV/Mayors have to dictate/rule the public! I don’t understand why anyone would vote theses Democrats back in again, unless you enjoy getting in line and letting govt tell you what to do, like sheep being lead to slaughter, instead of Republican guidelines and the public has a choice to think for themselves!

    2. @Pam Deshane Some blue states which are not showing increases in virus cases now, are not fully open , precisely, because they do not want an increase in covid cases again. States, mostly red, are now seeing an increase in cases. For you it’s worth the gamble of opening everything. For a lot of us it’s not.

    3. @Pam Deshane I think you have sheep to the slaughter wrong, lol. And what happened to all that stimulus money? Went into pockets of the corporations who then laid people off and banked the money. Maybe you should smarten up and demand that money goes to the people next time to pay rent and buy food and yes when business open spends their money in restaurants.

  9. Open too early and watch the death rate climb , wait and stay closed and more survive to fight another day

  10. Just freaking cancelled all my flight and travel plans to California and Utah this fall and we are all sick to our stomachs.

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