Njoo: 'Better days' for Canadians as vaccinations increase | COVID-19 vaccine rollout 1

Njoo: ‘Better days’ for Canadians as vaccinations increase | COVID-19 vaccine rollout


Canada's Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Howard Njoo discusses Ottawa's roadmap to lifting COVID-19 restrictions as vaccinations increase.

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    1. Sucks that they are censoring certain words, eh? It’s almost like they are afraid of the truth.

    2. @Stmicheal YouTube has become a cancer. It’s not exactly special to host videos online anymore, so I’m baffled that the alternatives suck.

  1. better days for Canadians will be when the liberals are no longer in power and are made a criminal organization and banned from Canadian politics!

    1. Vote them out ! Federal municipal provincial everyone unite and vote all members of government out!

  2. The reporter demonstrates incredible stupidity with ridiculous questions. She should be fired, as her personal opinion is damaging

    1. Journalism is dead. It died years ago. What you are witnessing now is the twitching of its decaying corpse.

  3. The meassage is clear. We are your masters and we will give and take away your rights and freedoms as we see fit.

  4. We still don’t know the long term effects, and vax makers are not legally responsible for any of it.
    Let’s celebrate.

    1. @PickleBarrel3551 3551 why don’t you say something constructive instead of your lazy emoji judgements?

  5. We need a complete assessment of how the Public Health Agency of Canada worked and didn’t work for Canadians during the pandemic

  6. Math class buster, 80% of Canadians is 30 million. There’s no way in he double hockey sticks that’s a true statement.

    1. I intend to remain in the control group (unvaccinated). In every medication experiment there needs to be a control group.

  7. Nothing has changed for them and nothing will change for those who didn’t take it. Maybe things will change in the 10th wave.

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