NM To Send Evidence Of Jeffrey Epstein Survivor Victims To NY Prosecutors | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. I am so ready to let all these scuzzbags get revealed. Don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat, current presidents or former presidents. Whoever was involved, time to expose them and hold them accountable.

    1. @88Gibson LesPaul I think Mr T is using the name “Epstein” as a dog whistle anti semite meme. Sad f**kwit.

    2. @88Gibson LesPaul Epstein is an obvious Mossad honeypot operation used to compromise the elite through extortion and blackmail.
      Just browse Steve Pieczenik and watch his latest video. Forget about the _’dog whistle’_ anti-Semitism BS, Steve Pieczenik
      is a Jew himself and a longtime veteran of the US intel.

  2. Oh, what a tangled web he would weave, when first he practiced to deceive…

    And now for the unweaving…

    1. And never overestimate the “intelligence” of these perps, no matter who they are … their pathological arrogance is their achilles heel

  3. Epstein has a Saudi Passport, with a fake name . . . And who else do we know who has a string of Collusion, businesses and scandals with the Saudis? . . . I’m lookin’ at you, Donny . . . 🤔🍄😡🔥

    1. Didn’t Nixon send one of the musketeers Tom Barrack to Saudi-Arabia. I remember Barrack talking about how Saudi-Arabia was a very poor country in 70’s. Neverland ranch owner Barrack is the one who introduced his two amigos to Saudis like Khashoggi. What did Khashoggi junior know about it.

    2. You can’t even get the basic details about the passport right lol. I guess that’s what happens when you get all your news from CNN.

    1. Trump made deals with China and Korea so he could set up his businesses there, including “brothels”. Aka. “massage parlors. Look it up.

  4. Send the ARCHITECTS for the house, hidden s– is common among serial monster pedos – rich or poor, and then re-send in, sadly, the dogs …. God bless the girls we know of and those we do NOT!

  5. For ten years this man has been walking freely among other children. Such a sad stain on our Justice system. When the rich get plea deals like this walking parasite it’s a insult to tax payers who pay for that “justice” system!

  6. Alan ‘I kept my underwear on’ Dershowitz was at the Zorro ranch. Why would Dirty Dersh demand immunity for all co-conspirators. I’m pretty sure Maxwell, Global Girl or that Nascar wife were not the reasons for it.

  7. The only real thing that Hillary Clinton has accomplished
    in the last 30-years, is avoid prosecution.

  8. “The only thing Hilary ever blew in her entire life was the chance to be President”. – Bill Clinton

  9. Bill Clinton taught us that grabbing bush does not
    preclude one from being president. Thanks Bill Clinton.

  10. I remember a president that paid $850,000 to a woman to remain silent about him sexually assaulting her until after his second election.

    good times… )

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