No American Cop On The Beat As World Is In Turmoil | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

No American Cop On The Beat As World Is In Turmoil | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Washington Post Columnist David Ignatius, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Politics Editor Jason Johnson and Daily Beast Politics Reporter Betsy Woodruff join the panel to discuss America's silence on tensions in east Asia and nuclear missiles in the Middle East.
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No American Cop On The Beat As World Is In Turmoil | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @mako zero You do not know how much bigger, more difficult , and more bloody the world have been without American intervention, but we are about to find out.

    2. @bisquitnspanky 12,000 times and counting he has made lying his preferred statements, that’s for sure. He’s a racist spoilt baby.

    3. @ruth depew “From 1945 to 2003, the United States attempted to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments, and to crush more than 30 populist-nationalist movements fighting against intolerable regimes. In the process, the US bombed some 25 countries, caused the end of life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair.” William Blum

      A conqueror always says their subjects are better off conquered. Maybe it’s time the world found a new light, say the United Nations. Which of course America doesn’t want to be held accountable to for the aforementioned reasons.

    4. @mako zero …and it was to serve their interests more often than not, and when it was over they left in chaos.

  1. Turnip tRump doesn’t give a care what is going on in America or the world. All his focus is on making money for himself and for being forever on the front page of every news station cause he needs attention, good or bad (and it is always bad in his case).

  2. clearly no one expected the current occupant of the white house to anything but make matters worse. Most american citizens cannot stand trumpanzee. we are looking to sending him or it ( possibly not human) somewhere as far as away as possible! Anyone looking for test pilots or astronauts, please feel free to recruit the mfer. thank you

  3. Why do we involve ourselves in foreign affairs?

    A good way to get that answer is to stop involving ourselves in foreign affairs.

    I don’t think we will like it though.

    1. Sparky’s Space : If we have no part in foreign affairs, you can BET they have a part in ours. Globalism is a FACT OF LIFE, like the WEATHER. You might as well be saying, “Let Russia invade us.” Read some history, son

  4. It’s not that Trump sorta wants China to crack down on the protesters. Trump definitely wants China to come in with guns blazing and mow down the protesters. Is there any doubt?

    1. Dave Fawcett you would betray your country because you don’t like a “party”. Try not paying attention to a party and start putting country first

    2. @Dave Fawcett Really. Which promises has he kept?

      The Economy? You mean the same economy that the previous president sowed the seeds for?
      The Wall? You mean the same wall he swore up and down that Mexico would pay for?
      Illegals? The same ones who are caged in American Made Concentration Camps and separated from their children? The same children this administration is still trying and failing to successfully connect to?

      Face facts:

      The economy is tanking because “The Stable Genious” is terrible at making deals that don’t just benefit him.
      The Wall is mainly just the same replacements for rundown and broken pieces while Nero takes “Emergency Powers” to take taxpayer dollars ment for schools and is building a vanity project.
      The People who are not white and Christian Orthodox are living in fear to ever feel safe in their own homes again. They wait for either men in uniforms to take them away because of the crime of their skin color or faith is against the current administration policies or someone is going to go to their markets or bars or festivals or whatever and start blowing them away for the crime of not being all-white, all-Christian, all the time.

      And despite all of this…I find you a pitiable man. More then likely you will post that link you handed out to the other commenters, think I am a fool and move on without care. The only thing I say back to that is this: I hope that someday, you can wish someone more then what you have to your fellow man today. I hope you someday can be better then this. And I hope that you can become more then just someone wishing poison and pain on others.

    3. @Dave Fawcett And as much as I want the Democratic Candidates to really step up and take charge on numerous issues other then “We hate Trump, Vote for Us”…I still have warning instincts that say Mr. Trump is going to be the ruination of this country. That this man is going to be the one who ends almost 80 years of global sovereignty and almost 300 years of independence from another nation entirely. I don’t know how I know that, I just know.

      But, at the very least, you sir have been more congenial then others like yourself. So let me revise my statement from earlier and say that I wish you safety in these trying times as well as prosperity in spirit. Good day.

  5. Not a word from Trump about protesters in Hong Kong. No demanding transparency from Russia. Trump is more allinged with & then the . Pathetically.

    1. Dave Fawcett : As a Conservative, what’s, “boring,” is Trump Shills who ignore his treachery, because they’re paid NPC’s or domestic racists . . . Smh

    2. JoeyFiveandDimes : It’s always funny to me, when Trump’s Trolls pretend to have a CLUE about Geo-Politics, History or Economics. It’s rather like watching new born hyenas. They come out, literally fighting and biting, with no clue what’s going on around them, either. All they know is that they have to snarl and bite to survive

  6. If China’s President Xi sends his army into Hong Kong & we see a massacre… Trump just sees Tanks rolling in… and he LIKES that – becos in his head Xi is a being “a strong leader”. Trump wishes he could have done that to the protesters in US airports against the Muslim Ban etc.

  7. As dictatorships whine about American “interference” with “internal affairs”, the Russians have now negated any possibility of such claims being validated.

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