No Apology From Greene As House Removes Her From Committees | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

No Apology From Greene As House Removes Her From Committees | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


In a floor speech given before 11 Republicans joined every House Democrat voting to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, Greene offered no apology for her past remarks including suggesting school shootings were faked and voicing support for Speaker Pelosi's assassination. Aired on 2/5/2021.
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No Apology From Greene As House Removes Her From Committees | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Tony Smith anything your hole in your head tells you Mr Sanctimonious go to Satan Dream Merchant.
      You’re one of those, awe forget about it. Especially if it’s alright when it’s your kind and ilk.You’re an Instigating hypocrite. You’re evidently a see no evil Evilgelical instigating Trump supporter. Yep ! You’re a supposed know it all with nose trouble, sticking it where the sun don’t shine and constantly in darkness. You should know you voted for The Chosen One. Donald Has Played Tricks On Your Weak Hypocritical Mind.
      You’re a Satan spawned imp that goes to Church and recites biblical passages. A false profit with a smell of burning sulphur. You can’t run your BS on me Beelzebub.

  1. What took so long to get rid of that nut. She is lucky that none of those deceased children parents didn’t get a hold tp her.

    1. @Tony Smith lmao, the fact that you believe that shows that you are just as irrational and delusional as her.

    1. Right for specifically telling people this is ” pure speculation” so we should now crucify anyone who believes in flying saucers right????

    2. @Darin Burns. True, and nothing will change her. It’s a mind-set that Trump allowed to come out in the open. The more you try to reason with these kind of people the more they will dig in their heels. What a horrible way to live life! Stay safe my friend.

  2. And the Republicans going to go right for it just like Trump said he could tell them anything and they will go for it

    1. @Jay free medical, free college, open border, Sanctuary cities, green new deal, national $15.00 minimum wage.

    1. That’s like saying you accidentally cheated on your spouse. Accidentally??? You feel into them????

  3. “American’ are like blind sheep.” She blames the media, just as Trump does, while shaming our country before the world.

  4. “I was ALLOWED to believe things that weren’t true”….Gotta love those “take personal responsibility” Republicans.

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