No Charges In Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake, Emergency Declaration Set In Kenosha | Deadline

No Charges In Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake, Emergency Declaration Set In Kenosha | Deadline 1


The police officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake, which touched off days of civil unrest this past summer in Wisconsin, will not face any criminal charges, Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley announced. Aired on 01/05/2021.
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No Charges In Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake, Emergency Declaration Set In Kenosha | Deadline

53 Comments on "No Charges In Police Shooting Of Jacob Blake, Emergency Declaration Set In Kenosha | Deadline"

  1. Need the national guard in case racists start to riot again.

    • But this time, let the National Guard do their job. And if that means blowing the brains out of a rioter, so be it. No holding back.

    • @mike benjamin “You guys act like protesters can’t shoot back”

      Shoot back? They’ve murdered how many people?

    • @Nick S People are not going to be stupid enough to start shooting back. This guy fought the cops, pulled tasers off of himself and still tried to run away from cops. What did he think was going to happen to him? Jacob Blake put himself in a bad situation.

    • @mike benjamin Even male protesters ovulate lol

    • Yeah the BLM terrorists will burn loot and murder.

  2. Nobody talks about the girlfriend he assaulted. I feel bad for her

  3. Blake is a criminal who shouldn’t be made a martyr of BLM anyway. I bet his ex is relieved that he can’t assault her or kidnap her child anymore. I wonder what she thinks of all the people defending him.

  4. so they burned down businesses for nothing – terrific – a bunch of race hustlers come up empty again

  5. Patrick Hunter | January 5, 2021 at 6:44 PM | Reply

    You got to laugh at the media, just trying their best to stir it up.

  6. Stop stirring up racial tensions, MSNBC, the enemy of truth and America. Turn this off

  7. Here come the looters. Nothing like an new weave and a new flat screen to make one feel better

  8. Hahahahaha everyone is gonna be butthurt.. ohh well!!

  9. Justice for the girl Jacob Blake molested.

  10. You can say goodbye to America.

  11. Oh boy, here comes the “peaceful protests” filled with love and care

  12. Apples and oranges comparing relating Blake to Mr. Floyd. Blake resisted arrest, had a warrant, had a knife. Don’t see the racial component in Blakes case. MSNBC what videos were you looking at?

  13. That Jacob Blake wasn’t even charged with so much as resisting arrest (which he clearly was) is a sad testimony to the lengths white Democrats will go to appease “people of color”. They knew they couldn’t charge the police officers so they are trying to play “fair” by not charging Blake even though he is guilty of multiple crimes including initiating a riot that caused millions in damages.

  14. BlackPrivileged | January 5, 2021 at 11:09 PM | Reply


  15. GOP voters are Epstein like ‘people.’

  16. Justice has been served

  17. Kamala Harris called Jacob Blake a “hero.” Remember that when Joe Biden drops dead and she becomes the President of the United States.

    • Biden is going to be forced out one way or another by the left so she can be President without having to be voted in

    • Jeremy Winston | January 6, 2021 at 1:29 AM | Reply

      It’s already been planned out. They are gonna use a drug, which goes undetected, to off ole Joe. Make it look like natural causes.

    • Kamala Harris also blocked DNA testing that would exonerate wrongly accused individuals(who were mostly black) because she didn’t want her cases overturned. Harris will say anything she thinks her supporters want to hear or what she thinks will make her look good, and that’s what scares me.

  18. anna marcaletti | January 5, 2021 at 11:48 PM | Reply


  19. We need police more than

    di versity

  20. 1:16 I recieve 171 everyday with the help of this right here *f u n daily pa y*

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