1. “It’s not like anyone ever heard of bubba Wallace until now.”

      That’s precisely why he did it, saw an opportunity to pull a Jussie and gain some relevance.

  1. So we’re supposed to believe that this was just coincidentally timed with his push to abolish the confederate flag? Choose to be a sucker if you wish.

    1. Also just look at it, I’ve seen a lot of garage door ropes tied in different ways in my lifetime, however I have never seen any tied like that before now

  2. Funny I can only watch maybe two seconds or so of anyting that’s from MSN. But the comment section is always a hit. Is it just me or is MSN The New National Enquirer of the world.

  3. your using your video to hide in plain site the fact that the other doors all have the same pull cords. Aka nooses

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