No Covid Questions As Border Takes Focus At Biden Press Conference | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

No Covid Questions As Border Takes Focus At Biden Press Conference | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


After announcing a new Covid vaccine goal of 200 million shots in his first 100 days, Biden spent his first news conference as president fielding questions on the border, the filibuster, foreign policy, and more. MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the details. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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No Covid Questions As Border Takes Focus At Biden Press Conference | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Lack of covid questions were on the reporters who hounded the White House for this press conference only to ask the same question 10 different ways for an hour….. and like the president said, he’s supposed to apologize for rolling back the policy for separating children from their parents and expelling underage children? wtf is truly wrong with these reporters.

  2. be honest for petes sake these were all pre scripted soft ball questions and the double standards are opening our eyes.the media deceit is exposed.

  3. NEW PHOTOS: Biden’s press conference cheat sheet has a picture of each reporter on it, their name, and who to call on in numerical order

  4. Another effort at maintaining the illusion that we live in a republic/democracy, LOL…..what a circus! Distractions, distractions, and lies, lies, lies! On this week’s episode of WWE…..LOL

    1. Me too!
      It was well needed in this age where wrong is right, squares are circles, and up is down!
      What a backwards world

    2. @Life Is Poetry Democrats turned this world backwards. They are now regressing to the age of segregation.
      If ethnic minorities really think Democrats are for equality, they will wake up one day to realize that segregation returns to America, all because of Biden and Harris.

  5. 2:13 They cut him off mid sentence. He said “… just as I came into the United States senate 120 years ago.”

  6. This press conference reminded me of a seventh-grader on his first day of speech class. Reading word for word from his note cards that were written by somebody else. You can’t deny it anymore.

  7. My administration believes in “peace through pudding”. We will be the first presidency to offer tapioca to our enemies around the world. Wait. When is the Andy Griffith Show on?

  8. note that he never called on the FOX reporter? he just called on the limp assed reporters that believe in his agenda.

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