1. How much do they get paid to go to battlefields cus I wouldn’t do it for less than a mill. Per week

  2. It’s hard to imagine what the Ukrainian citizens have had to go through these last couple months all because of the horrendous actions of one “man”. My condolences to the Ukrainian fighter’s families.

    1. @Greor Bowlfinder Yes, Kyiv deserves to get all their territory back from the REAL NAZIS. Slava Ukraini. Slava AZOV.

  3. “Please don’t film here it attracts bombs” ….
    Continues to film…..
    Would have thrown rocks at them.

  4. It’s entirely possible that it’ll become another Afghanistan. No joke: a back and forth, year after year, no ‘rules of engagement’…

    It’s embarrassing. 😓 Humanity wasn’t meant to behave like this. But they do, anyhow. 😓 For shame.


    1. If the Soviet Union couldn’t successfully pacify Afghanistan’s 14 million at the height of Soviet power Russia isn’t going to pacify 43 million Ukrainians. The well-accepted occupation force ratio is one soldier for every fifty population against a low-level insurgency. The majority of the Russian population is 35 or older while the population below 35 is shrinking fast. This is why Russia has removed the age limit on its recruits. While men/women 35-55 can still be viable recruits the quality/quantity of recruits drops off sharply. If men/women 35+ are removed from the workforce Russia’s industry, infrastructure, and economy will collapse.

  5. CNN, do you have any plans reporting about things happening in the US? You only take a break from reporting about Ukraine when you see something that you can politicise and use to make biden and the democrats look good..

  6. Send the long-range rocket system to our Ukrainian heroes!
    Eternal glory to those who stand up against tyranny!💕
    Glory to Ukraine!

  7. Looking at Plastine Iraq and Ukraine one can see there is no international law just share force and power.

  8. It is good to have a credible and outstandingly honest spokesman like, Lavrov speaking about Putin’s rugged good health.

  9. The feeling abandoned roots to the intensity of the experience direct on the ground, in the moment. That said, the world is still there, here, but is also trying to function and manage the world function. War is ugly. It is nothing nice. The fighting force, of what so much to be said. And the Ukrainians have done so remarkable in their fight, their aim to defend their land, to try and protect their future.

  10. It seems as though, the nations nearest to Ukraine and the available resources in their own land are the fastest route to get things there to them. That provided of course, what those nations have and are willing to give, able to give, for need of their own. The coordinated effort between the friendly nations might provide Ukraine with additional tools or equipment. It is going to be imperative that they try and exercise a little creativity to defend themselves and to take out the enemy. Perhaps and all means possible, without crossing the line, of inappropriate, where that is’? It would seem any restrictions upon the other side would apply to them also. But that doesn’t restrict many other things.

  11. due to the smaller of troops and weapons compared to russia, ukraine should focus on fighting the cities that control the way to the sea , because this is the future of ukraine economy to export and import ( instead of spreading troops everywhere, only fighting guerrilla in donbas )

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