No more masks for those vaccinated: Here's how the new CDC guidelines affect you | Just the FAQs 1

No more masks for those vaccinated: Here’s how the new CDC guidelines affect you | Just the FAQs


The CDC said vaccinated people no longer need masks in most indoor and outdoor places. Here's what that means for businesses, variants and kids. RELATED:

At least eight states began to lift mask mandates following the CDC's updated guidance that fully vaccinated Americans could discard masks outdoors and in many situations indoors.

The new guidelines announced by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, represent a major step toward a return to normalcy for a nation battered and at times divided by a pandemic that has lasted more than a year.

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    1. ” WE KNOW NOTHING ” Sorry a typo occurred. ” I KNOW NOTHING.” There, that’s better.

    2. @nukestrom you do realize America is a corporation and politicians are its employees. Congratulations on playing yourself tho

  1. The irony is that those that do not want the jab will have no problem removing the mask. And then those that took the jab will still wear the mask.

    1. @Michelle Marie Perez I have been walking into stores for months as I got tired of the crap. Most never bother me. And if they do hassle me I put it on long enough to make then happy then it comes down. Some stores I simply tell them I have an exemption and they often stop right there and are fine without it.

    2. Let’s hope so. That way the intelligent people can identify the stupid people who got injected and easily avoid them in case their stupidity is “shedding.”

  2. But, because they had stars, all the Star-Belly Sneetches Would brag, “We’re the best kind of Sneetch on the Beaches.” With their snoots in the air, they would sniff and they’d snort “We’ll have nothing to do with the Plain-Belly sort!” And whenever they met some, when they were out walking, They’d hike right on past them without even talking…..

    1. omg that’s good!
      did you ever hear of the Goops? this reminds me of that. and the Grinch. and Seuss of course.

    2. Wow, where is that from? This is precisely what is occurring. I’ve heard people brag about getting the vac, as if they are a better citizen than those who chose otherwise.

    3. LOLOL That’s the REAL reason “they” have “canceled” Seuss….”they” are failing, and know it.

    1. Whole planet is….sux cuz living on this planet could be such a more enjoyable experience…the matrix is all around us

  3. Please don’t stop wearing a mask while driving around alone. I still get a good laugh out of seeing that.

    1. @Pretentious Progressive So where did you get the idea masks don’t work? Facebook memes? Fox? OAN? Newsmax?

      Top medical experts agree masks work. But go on, do the mainstream media routine. Let me know what your highest education level is though, so I know whether I’m wasting my time.

    2. @Cheesy Code ridiculous to you maybe? I do use it since i have to still communicate and give my card to someone and then someone personally hands me my food.

      Also, out of respect for the food worker i rather wear the mask. They too wear one here in MA, so the exchange is not bad

      Why does a mere inconvenience offend you so much? Feel free not to wear it, but don’t be judgmental of others who do either.

    3. @777Skeptic there’s literally university studies over the last hundred years its like technology advanced and your brains devolved

    4. Enjoy your laugh. I get a kick out of knowing that Covid is still killing more people on the right, than on the left. Morons!

  4. Coumo said he still mandates masks for NY even if vaccinated till his team determines the safety of the new cdc guidelines. Who’s in charge and who ever even followed the science? Such little stupid tyrants.

    1. Seriously everybody needs to keep wearing mask and stay six feet apart so they need to keep wearing mask and staying six feet apart even though many people fully vaccinated but many other people are not so wear mask and six feet apart this pandemic is not over yet people fully vaccinated may be exposed to covid19 maybe tested positive to Coronavirus vaccines has to work

  5. Stand in line- mask, Very few stand 6 feet apart anyway
    @table-no mask
    Yet 1 foot apart
    Restaurant employees -have to wear the stupid thing all day

    1. @Reply if you want free viru-CASH wear what you want, take the jab if you want and allow everyone else to make up their own minds. Listening to the propaganda machine turns people stupid. Where there is risk there must be choice. What’s more contagious than cv? Paranoia. People are dying from these jabs. I’m going to trust God and my immune system. Ok, caren?

    1. I think you might be right. Good plot, damn good movie had the plot where the injected themselves in the neck to stop emotions. Gonna keep describing it until I remember ( It’s name) Equilibrium !! was gonna leave it there, but let me add, lots of people died in that movie.

    2. Funny, in the 90s there was a tv series called V. I guess the aliens really ARE trying to take over the World!

    1. @cowboy juggernaut Well if you failed every science project in school, I can understand your confusion.
      Your Hayseed High education didn’t pay off. Don’t worry, Mother Nature has a way of teaching
      morons…the hard way.

    2. @Mike Barry You leftists have been saying that for over a year. Funny though, most of the deaths are in blue states. Good luck being a sheep

    3. @Mike Barry so you learned virology and genetic physiology in private school as well, fascinating tell me more about how the spike 1 protein works again? Covid doesn’t affect healthy people who can lift 4 times your body weight, only kills fat tards with diabetes sucks to suck huh Michelle

    4. @AmericanDeathTRip “You leftists” Classic Tard bigot. “most of the deaths”? Denial and
      alternate reality will get A Tard though the day.

  6. Hahahahahahaha …the meaning of the new guidelines…”you don’t have to wear a mask unless someone tells you to wear a mask…” freakin hysterical

    1. They are just letting idiots know that businesses STILL have the RIGHT to tell you to wear a mask in their business.

      Funny part is a bar in my town forces people to show proof of vaccine to be let in and it is the busiest bar in town right now…..

    2. These people are sick in the head. They should keep wearing masks so we can spot the simpletons from a distance knowing they are sheep.

  7. Oh sure sure I’m FULLY vaccinated! Uh huh!

    *rips off mask and throws it on the ground

    1. That’s why it took so long to lift the mask mandate in the first place. They know they can’t reasonably lift it for only vaccinated individuals.

    2. @DeltaStorm So you’re either not scared of the virus or already vaccinated, It should just be mask off all over

  8. “ you don’t have to wear a mask unless you’re told to wear a mask “
    Anti-maskers: “well, about that…”

    1. @Michele Barton Thomas As far sand pounders go, you can really pound a pound of sand.
      But that’s about it.

  9. “You don’t have to wear a mask until you’re told to wear a mask.” Assuming if most businesses still require masks then it won’t matter too much if the mask requirements are lifted by your state lol

    1. I never wore my mask to a store. The only place I wore it was at the doctor’s and dentist’s office because they wouldn’t see me if I didn’t.

  10. It is safe to go without.. a freaking mask!! I am a 62 year older women who, since back in March… have not worn a mask ever. I have not gotten sick with anything…not even a cold a allergy nothing. I live here in the state of Florida…. thank God for that!,

    1. Right. It had nothing to do with public health. But who cares about anybody else when it should be all about you
      and only you right, Karen>

  11. She predicted the future at the end. “if vaccination numbers decline, or surge in transmission the mask guidelines can come back.” Yeah, I expect to hear about the mask mandates being reinforced in about… 2-4 weeks.

    1. How can vaccination numbers decline? The worst the number can do is stand still. No one is getting unvaccinated.

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