No New Covid Measures – Andrew Holness | Boulder Rolls into House | TVJ News – Jan 19 2022

No New Covid Measures - Andrew Holness | Boulder Rolls into House | TVJ News - Jan 19 2022 1


    1. @miniminott48 I would hope that common sense would prevail and that the 4 deaths in a space of months last years has absolutely no relevance to what is actually happening today but like the old saying goes…..”common sense isnt common at all”. but no worries.

    2. @sseaga You are the one that is lacking common comprehension. This doesn’t even require critical thinking. Let’s put it in simple terms, nobody died from the virus on January 18, 2021 as was reported by MOHW and the media. The data is being skewed and manipulated!!!

    3. @sseaga BLAH !! BLAH ! BLAH…………………………………………this pandemic is all political !!! THE PANDEMIC WAS PLANNED ! THE VIRUS WAS MANUFACTURED IN A LAB not even the white house is denying this !!!****** IN TERMS OF HOW THE PANDEMIC ends it will be up to the powers that be controlling the political theatre !!! MAYBE GOVERNOR RON DE SANTIS as the next president is the one to say to the world that this BIG GLOBAL EXPERIMENT IS TO BE OVER

    4. @sseaga I don’t understand what you mean. I am just confirming that the deaths reported are not for January 18 2022 which is the impression being given when TVJ failed to report the period.

  1. Jamaican parents please do not leave your babies or children, pets also in locked vehicles for extended periods. Children in the US have died due to this unfortunate practice.
    My condolences to the parents.

  2. And this expert deliberately avoiding the truth about why the health service is so call under pressure, WHO LIKE TO WORK AND NOT KNOWING IF YOU GOING TO GET PAID?

  3. Then you want to tell me that those two officer going to get away with that how can you leave a 18 months old in a vehicle for so long

  4. I really love how the country prospering under this government now sir please open the border more. Work from home would help but the boss say argument done

  5. Of the 577 hospitalized, 20 are critically ill, 54 are severely ill and 134 are moderately ill. What are the remaining 369 hospitalized for?

    1. Good question. Check the total cases minus recoveries, minus deaths minus active cases, what happen to those thousamds remaining. SMH

    2. @Jacqueline Gabbidon Just tossing out data for data sake. Like saying that the majority of deaths are unvaccinated in a country where the vast majority are unvaccinated. Isn’t that to be expected?

  6. We just need to ride out the storm that’s all we go through worst than COVID and we survive God is good all the time

  7. Lol, the puppet’s master hasn’t handed down the script for them to impose further restrictions. Does anyone really think these people are making the decisions on their own?

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