‘No One Is Trying To Re-Write History’: Congressman On Renaming Bases | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump’s shown himself to be the most fragile “man” to ever be president
    He throws tantrums over everything that isn’t favorable for him

    1. He’s like a toddler in a temper tantrum except that a toddler is more mature and able to finish the tantrum. With trump, it is a never ending tantrum.

    2. @Russian Bot I’m not pretending to run the country….so I can act how I want, but when you hold the highest public office in America………..ACTING LIKE A BABY DOES NOT FLY…..SOY BOI

    3. @Russian Bot the list keeps growing,tillerson mattis ,kelly,scarmucci,milley,now bolton,………AND THESE ARE PEOPLE THAT DEALT WITH DUMP EVERY DAY,SEE THE PATTERN STUUUUUUPID…..an uneducated wouldn’t see a pattern if it was a copy machine printing 16 boxes on a 4 x 4 square

  2. Biden may not be perfect, but he’s a helluvalot better than the mentally ill impeached fraud occupying our WH

    1. Biden didn’t select Juneteenth to hold a rally while he tweets hate on people of color. These trump supporters will do ANYTHING to excuse him, and it’s disgusting.

    2. @Cherie Cullum I use to be racist til I learned hate is being dead while you are alive and I know the devil doesn’t love anyone peace do change I don’t know anything about Biden I do know that trump has early Alzheimer’s and he is going to get dangerous ..I been around someone with Alzheimer’s for 10 years js people change some times

    3. @kay cartledge It takes courage to make thechange you did. Good for you. The world would be a better place if more young people could see hate destroys. Bidens not perfect, but he is an honorable man that has the respect of both parties with 50 years experience in politics. And most of all, he is a true Christian, not like tRump who had tear gas peaceful protestors for a photo op holding a bible upside down for 5 seconds in front of a church. I hope you will vote Biden in Nov. Bless you

  3. Why did Attorney General William BARR gas and attack peaceful protestors outside the White House? 

    So the chicken could cross the road!

  4. I’m also a veteran who served at Ft. Hood. I would like the Congress to change the name to Ft. Murphy after an actual American hero and awarded the Medal of Honor, Audie Murphy, who was born in Texas.

    1. @M Hussain Not a bad alternative, but same as with ships, it’s about honoring those who gave a lot for their country.

    2. That’s a great idea you should get the VA on it!
      Navies everywhere do it for ships, it was quite suprising to find the origin of the base names.

  5. Defund Police Unions?
    Lancing the Boil will bleed away the excessive protection that the police have.

    1. @rubbercable if you restart them then it will be the same people in charge.

      I don’t know the answer, but I do know that shielding your members from all possible investigations by tax payers when they are tax payers is unacceptable

    2. @rubbercable Everyone has a right to organize, and workers have a right and responsibility to protect each other’s rights You simply don’t have the right to destroy unions because you believe “We don’t need them.’ . We have abundant evidence what happens to workers when they’re powerless. We can’t even rely on law when every regime change in public policy makes up it’s own rules. We the people make the laws, and the unions make sure workers are treated fairly.

    3. @C. H. Didn’t we just go through this? They can reapply for their jobs. If they want a union, it’s a reset. I think with the nation on the verge of chaos, many would agree.
      And No, we don’t need them. Maybe you want to pass ideas of Unions to Amazon. It could disappear tomorrow, and nothing would change all year. If they want a Union, fine, but the rules are different now.

    4. @rubbercable We don’t have to agree. It’s up to us to protect each other’s rights. If we don’t do it, everyone loses rights. You fix the thing, you don’t throw it out. Especially something people fought so hard and sacrificed for and people like you want to f@rt it away. I come from a union family, and I guarantee it’s a good thing.

  6. This is MAKING HISTORY, not removing or forgetting. BLACK LIVES MATTER and THAT makes history now. AS IT SHOULD.

    1. THE General is not going to let that incompetent and corrupt president get away with this. He apologized.
      I accept his apologies.

    2. Black Lives Matter are killers. They killed David Dorn and they David Patrick Underwood. Two good men died b/c of one pos. George Floyd was not an honorable man. And yet you have lifted him up as a Saint. sanfrancisco.cbslocalm/2020/06/10/sister-of-patrick-underwood-federal-guard-killed-in-oakla

    3. @Juan Peguero Gen. Milly was apologizing b/c he didn’t want the public to think this was a Military Operation.

  7. As a veteran I agree that he did the right thing and he needs to keep it up backing up the constitution 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. The buck stops with the Commander and Chief, wether he accepts responsibility or not. Failure to accept responsibility is a failure in leadership

    1. That is the old mentality. New mentality is absolute power and no responsibility. That is how trump rolls and 43% of America supports this.

    2. Why is Donny the bunker baby even defending confederate ? His grandad draft dodged Kaiser Wilhelm II military , he was emperor of Germany 1888-1918 .
      So Donny the bunker babys grandad came to US over 30 years after US civil war and they lived in NY … they had nothing to do with US civil war or any war , when the whole family is draft dodgers .

    3. @Pete Lind Many people came to America for many reasons. My family didn’t want their sons conscripted by the Czar.
      The Russian- Japanese War was rumored.
      We left before it happened.
      Furthermore, those decisions were not made by me. I have enough sins of my own. 😁
      It seems Trump has failed in your opinion to, I’m sorry you feel that way.

      Trump is willing to go with his own ideas, his own strength of character. He would rather lose it all, than give up without trying, or even stop halfway.
      He isnt going to be manipulated by others. I greatly respect that, I wont be myself.
      For us, it’s not really about success or losses. It’s all about how we played the cards We did that based upon ourselves like I talked about.
      We see things differently, we can do that here. The Confederate States did too.
      See we butchered each other, because we had different dreams.
      Sadly African Americans were caught in that too.

    4. I think refusal to accept responsibility is the hidden agenda of those who claim total personal ‘freedom’. It’s another word for lack of sober thought about consequences and impact on others of what each person does.

  9. I hope at some point all the tRUmps are humiliated out of America.
    I’m guessing they have extensive plans to relocate offshore.
    Dumping $ somewhere since 2016.

    1. I’m not humiliated in the least. You ARE trying to hide history. Good luck on that. Why don’t we just take out all mention of slavery in history books? That’s what you are essentially doing already. And I’M not going anywhere.

    2. The Ropes of Renovation Who are trying to hide history, and how?
      Germany acknowlegde their history, you can’t say different, but they do not have statues of Adolf Hitler, or “Himmler’s Square” or military bases named after Goebbles or Göring? It would be very disturbing if they had.

  10. Maybe each of the confederate named bases could be renamed after the union generals who defeated them instead?

    1. @Allan Gibson Thats an interesting piece of information. It makes sense but this is the internet so I have to double check the validity but that sounds better than the alternative and more plausible. Still shouldn’t be named after a traitor to our country unless we know he was a double agent and that should be focused on.

    2. @alan dickson The problem with naming the bases after the Union generals is you would get a LOT of Fort Grants…

    3. @Derek Brandell On the other hand he could just be incompetent – Braxton Bragg was fired from every job he held after the war for incompetence…

    4. @Allan Gibson I’ll be more specific, equivalent in modern times would be naming bases as Rommels bunker & Himmler’s intelligence base. Bizarre if nothing else 👍

  11. It is not about rewriting history, it is a fact the Confederates faught against the USA and also were for SLAVERY !

    1. @Maniae Official You don’t know what you are talking about. Explain to me why Minneapolis’ 70 years of Democrats mayors did not fix he police.

    2. @joel mark think you need to better study the civil war cause you clearly received the biased version of civial war history

    3. @princeoftidds The Republicans did niether of those. By voter supression you mean voter ID? The Republicans know Black are independant enough and smart enough to get a photo ID. Democrats don”t think Blacke have what it takes to handle such a menial task.

  12. Orders are order: How saddened I am to see a man of such integrity esteem & honour return and apologize for doing his duty at the behest of another who has little if any understanding!
    I respect and salute you Gen.Milley sir!

    1. Just because many others came out and forced him to try to look like a leader doesn’t mean he’s a leader. He’s a brown noser…

    2. Well here’s my take: I say, give credit where it’s due, we have enough enemies as it is.

      I take apologies in good faith until proven otherwise.

    3. @dmhibb And by your barometer no one is going to be made inclusive if they have ever made a bad choice? With everything going on in that second… I’m glad he got right.

    4. @don dfactor Yes, the self-righteous are getting pretty extreme in exclusivity all of the sudden. The exact thing that got the enemy in the trouble they are in. They have excluded themselves from all but a minority of no-college white males. Until they break the trance we must stand up to them as powerful enough of a group to sway an election.

      The defenders of the South… poor, white, uneducate, minimal property holders… They fought to keep someone lower in the social standings than themselves. And they failed.

      But, they will never admit it. Until then… Merica… F-Yeah!

  13. Should this excuse give tRump a heart attack? Rat’s are leaving the sinking ship one after another.

    1. @The Ropes of Renovation they absolutely were traitors. They stopped recognizing the US government and they went to war against the United States of Ameica under their own flag and leadership- THOSE ARE FKING TRAITORS lol

    2. @snakey973 No they weren’t. Slavery was acceptable at the time. Wrong, but acceptable. It’s part of our history. Want to destroy the Great Pyramids because slaves were used to build it? How asinine.

    3. @The Ropes of Renovationyou failed to address anything I said and merely answered with “no they weren’t” Doesnt matter how much you assert it, it’s not factual. Slavery was accepted until it wasnt, and when it wasnt, the south decided to break away and not follow the United States government anymore- that BY DEFINITION is being a traitor whether that’s acceptable to you or not

    1. Putting a Fort Custer in Indian country may have its own issues… (Thomas Ward Custer was a two time winner of the Medal of Honor before dying at the Battle of Little Bighorn).

    2. Allan Gibson, Elsatsoosu, Pompey Factor, Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, Mitchell Red Cloud, Tony Burris, woodrow keeble. It’s not difficult here are some native americans for those places

    3. @Red BasTerd It does require a little care and attention however. Desmond Doss for example would be fairly non-contraversial in some locations but not others for example too for different reasons.

    4. Allan Gibson there are enough people where they can choose from with a normal outcome for everybody.. It’s just an idea.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera I think that a president should be totally transparent about any personal allegiance, including membership in ‘secret’ membership groups, such as the Masons, or the Klan, because it can lead to his acting to suit the agendas of those groups rather than those of the whole nation. I’d include personal allegiance to non-US nations, and even to religious affiliations except that religious membership isn’t secret usually.

  14. People rewriting history were the people putting up Confederate monuments 100 years after the Confederacy lost the Civil War.

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