1. It’s a common quote, but unfortunately nonsense. Hit a nail with a hammer and you’ll find you have to hit it again a few times to bang it all the way in.

    2. ​@Pete Rembranch
      I wasn’t talking about home construction… I was talking about trying to get blood from a stone…
      Trump will never change who he is… he belongs in an mental institution and you know it… Republican’s are using him for their own ends… just as much as he used them… you can’t make him into a Saint… he doesn’t have it in him… He was so bad at being even a token President that he lost the White House and the Senate… If he had even a little political sense he would have jumped on the COVID bandwagon and done everything he could to help save people… but he didn’t even have that… so he lost and lost badly…

    3. @Mistair Arts Your comment was a general one, and inferred general principle. I pointed out, in a similar way, that the principal has no sound basis. Doing the same thing over and over can indeed produce a different result, whether in the field of carpentry or anything else.
      How Trump got into this conversation is a mystery. I can only think it a clumsy attempt at deflection.
      You can have the last word. You want it and I’m disinclined to waste time.

    1. So I take it then that means that most people who wanna “rebuild and america and get veterans off the streets.” are in support of the budget resolution that invest in social services and additional infrastructure investment.

    2. There isn’t truckloads of money to be made by helping our vets and homeless. Now, if you start war(s) in other countries there is an unlimited supply of $ for a select few people and the defense industry to make money. These psychopaths make money off of death and destruction. It’s blood money. We had no business in any war aside from WWII.

    3. @N K You dont have wisdom at the level of country leader. If now US people can live in peace without any attacked from terrorist of foreign country. It is because US military get rid off them first before they enter to US soil. As for helping vets and homeless, it is related to US economy. Dems politicans have made many manufacture and jobs relocate to China. Because of that not only vets and homelese are suffer but regular people also suffer due to shortage of jobs that make minimum wage become little. Dems become more crazy by opening border and flood US with illegal immigrant who need job also. They will compete with vets, homeless and regular people to get pay and they willing to accept low wages. Dems politicans are trouble maker.

  1. These wars will never stop as long as there are hundreds of billions of dollars being made off of them.

    1. True. There are Democrats pushing to make it vastly harder for the US to start a war somewhere. But there needs to be far more safeguards in place.

  2. You mean Trump and Pompeo should have expected that their “historic agreement” was going to lead to a failure.
    No wonder the GQP has tried to scrub any praise for the “historic agreement” from the internet. Cram it in their memory hole.

    1. @Suomy Nona That good enough for you? He tried. They literally said it wasn’t safe and blocked the withdrawal. Biden owns this. Nobody else

    2. @TR E Who’s “they”? Show the link, not your tinfoil hat recollection.
      Don the Con owns this, Nobody else.

    3. @Russo Vlad How can you say the US does not owe the Afghans anything? Such an outlook is precisely the cause of all the regime change wars your politicians have enacted – invade any country you want, create death and destruction for the natives and abscond when you lose interest or have extracted whatever resources and geopolitical advantages you want? Like Pontius Pilate you want to wash your hands and say the responsibility for clearing up your mess belongs to the “stupid, ignorant” natives?

  3. Part of this failure is the need for a better understanding of the cultures/languages of other countries. It can’t be just glossed over that not everybody is just like us. Democracy is not a viable choice for every country, it just doesn’t work like that.

    1. It was working fine. They shouldn’t have been abandoned. There’s still 35,000 US soldiers in South Korea.

  4. The solution is simple withdraw the American civilians first and then the soldiers.

    1. So you’re going to tell American civilians what to do and they’re just going to follow along and do what you want?
      Why haven’t you told them to mask and get vaccinated?
      Try not to play war expert on the internet.

    2. That sounds like what they’re doing. They also have the graciousness to get out as many Afghan women and allies as they can because we owe them so much.

    3. @Random Internet User That’s exactly what they should have done. US embassy is responsible for sending out a memo which it could have easily done giving them a specific date to get to the airfields while they were still under a US control. All they did was warn them of increasing hostilities but they never gave them a specific date when they were leaving. They were caught off guard.

  5. It all starts with the idea that United States America is the greatest counrty on earth and the rest of the world has a desire to be just like it. rebuilding a country modeling it after the states without understanding and respecting culture and or religion of the subject is always going to fail.

    1. Naaah, just keep telling yourself America is the greatest country on earth and you never have to change a thing.. Having worse education than Azerbaijan, worse infrastructure in electric grid than South Africa, nazis everywhere.. It’s great, just keep going

    2. @WomenLie MenLie how tragic!
      bringing peace in exchange for resources but you get the people instead

  6. Good job building those mansions for the taliban! I’ll just go live under a bridge. God bless america!

    1. People knew the U.S. was getting out for over a year now. Why did the wait PAST the Trump negotiated (with the Taliban) evac deadline of May 2021? Those stuck there now, are a LOT like the people who refuse dire threat to life hurricane evacuation orders and then end up on their rooftops amid surging flood waters, pleading for rescue!

  7. Call the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars what they really are: A ongoing (arguably perpetual), massive, unbridled transfer taxpayer funds into private military defense contractors hands.

  8. Notice that he said ‘Congress’,as in they’ve been aware of the real situation on the ground for years. Any posturing or whining by any of them shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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