No Piped Water for 20 Years? | New Housing for West Kingston | TVJ Midday – May 31 2022


  1. Ammmm, sounds like lies. These money do not stay in the country.
    Doubt Jamaicans will enjoy 60 years of absolutely nothing.

  2. That Counselor should be fired. How could you say that the resident should get water more abundantly it show be REGULARLY!! its 2022 and people dont have water and have to pay the bill. There should be no votes for anyone..This is nonsense.

  3. Jamaica need Fi ask America Fi help, because it’s obviously the government CANNOT handle the crime🙏🏽🇯🇲

    1. America can’t handle their crimes either. 214 mass shootings since this year and not to mention everyday gun violence, robberies, kidnapping, carjacking and the list goes on so how are they going to help Jamaica?

  4. That sounds like my community where they finally come and dig up everyone’s pipe. Saying we should pay whether we are getting water yes or no. Water Commission is a joke. Water Commission is the only utility company in this country who wants to get paid for a service they’re not providing

    1. NWC is not the only utility company who wants payment for service they don’t provide, FLOW does too

    2. I really don’t have a problem with FLOW but I realise they’re the next culprit based on complaints from family and friends

  5. 20 years and now you guys expressing you concerns. The community have been asleep for 20 years. How were they living and taking care of their daily activities.


  7. We have the Handle to this….get rid of JLP and PNP for a better Jamaica… Future for Jamaicans CITIZENS with this Government!!!

  8. Andrew Holness and Desmond Mckenzie….two Hustlers in Housing…. Jamaica will never better until we get rid of JLP and PNP….!

  9. I wonder if seaga family who have been enjoying the money he stole and claim he was going to pay back will pay back the money.

  10. I pray God will make the don man justice Skye feel the full effect of his Injustice

  11. All of the criminal them going to walk free the justice system in Jamaica is foolishness.

  12. For an island which is considered the land of wood and water, it is a downright shame that this place in St. Thomas has not had any adequate supply of water in over 20 years. This is not unique to St. Thomas as many parishes all over the island are experiencing the same thing. This is happening in places where there is an abundant supply of water. This has been happening for many generations. It is time the government do something about the water crisis in the island. This cannot continue. Charging people for water that they do not receive is ridiculous. The government needs to build more reservoirs and harness the water supply all over the island. The people need the water. Do everything in your power to get it to them. It is time this nonsense stops. It has been going on for far too long.

  13. I live at TATE district in Kellits about half a mile from the water system and we don’t even get pipe RUN through our communities much lest water… and still the other areas around us is enjoying piped water.

  14. With all these vicious murders and shooting, when will something be done about the wharf and borders where guns are still coming into Jamaica daily? There is already too many guns in the hands of criminals. There is already too many heavily armed gangs. When will the outdated crime laws be upgraded to tackle modern day criminals? Known Criminals are walking free out of courts because of poor outdated laws. Does our elected leaders care as the don and gang affiliation is spreading beyond garrisons. Every day multiple people being shot and killed. It’s just a matter of time before these hainious crimes reach every doorsteps in Jamaica as extortions, rapes, robberies, hits and shootings only seem to increase. The security forces are trying but they also need reform and major reshuffle as curruption is widespread. Indecom should also invetigate curruption within the police force. When will Jamaica be safe again so Jamaicans can proud again?

  15. The Counselor looks very old and should retire who voted for her in the last election , she obviously have good flowing water at her “house in the community “ or live elsewhere, so lack of water is not a problem. It amazes me that only in Jamaica and communist country that utilities company charge what they want even if you are not receiving the product/service they want you to pay for. Then the elected people will say the utility company have to charge that to cover the bill for those who “theft” the service. Any house that get build will cost too much or no houses will be built

  16. Bethel Town is another town that is suffering from the same problem. They have to be buying water from water trucks

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