'No Regrets' Says Veteran Who Attacked Capitol Police On Jan 6th 1

‘No Regrets’ Says Veteran Who Attacked Capitol Police On Jan 6th


NBC 4 Washington investigative reporter Scott MacFarlane shares an interview he had with an Iraq war veteran charged with assaulting a police officer during the Capitol insurrection. The defendant, MacFarlane says, “doesn’t think he committed a crime” and still has doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 election results.

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  1. I know conservatives who will NEVER vote Republican after all that has happened. Take a lesson from them. The GOP is dying a slow and painful death and wants to take everyone else down with it. DO NOT LET THEM!!! VOTE AGAINST THEM!!! VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  2. For the capital police and the FBI , this veteran honors you for your actions to defend the capital and Apprehend the rioters at the capital. My prayers are with all the officers and families of those injured or killed . God bless you .


    1. @mike bronicki they got caught changing dates on tweets and all kinds of stupid s*** why he wasn’t impeached

    2. @Missing Smugmugs dude ask anyone who went and they’ll tell you they thought trump wanted them to, it’s that simple, even if he didn’t, they are all still very clearly Trump obsessed morons. As are you. And of course they didn’t bring firearms, even they know they can’t just run in and shoot all of our government officials.

    3. Yeah, you’re totally right BLM should not have done these terrible things for 6 months! I condemn this, and to make it worst they were let out of jail!!! Right on Dennis keep it up denounce all violence!

  4. Lol they don’t know what to do. They can’t defend the police bc they been telling everyone they are the enemy. So now we got both of their enemies at odds with each other. This is better than a soap opera lmao

  5. Yeah if there was ever a case for sentencing someone to the maximum penalties it’s right here . You let a guy like this go and you will regret it . The fact that he still doesn’t feel like he committed a crime even after 100’s of people who were there have been arrested for the same and similar crimes tells you that this guy is completely detached from reality .

    1. Correct. It seems that the government doesn’t care about protestors causing harm and damage. We have experienced this over the last year with BLM and antifa..etc..etc. Most of their charges have been dropped if they were ever charged to begin with.

  6. What is sad to see is that our own government officials have really only their best interest in mind…
    They only give to us when it makes them look good

  7. And so he says “No regrets”, he must have sold some people out to keep his military pension. Again those monsters eat their own.

  8. 4:32 This is the is only answer. No bi-partisan investigations! Just Trey Gowdy this and start Benghazi like hearings. Lets hear from McCarthy, Cruz, Brooks, Lee, Trump, Pence, Greene, Boebert, ect….

    1. @david hale how many people died in the riots. Children included? People can’t be this stupid.

  9. I hope someone is doing the hard work of compiling all these footage aided by GQP/Trump/Fox sound bites into a mini documentary.
    This needs to be played at every election cycle. I hope history books will from now on will detail how the resurrection took place.

    1. ” I was just copying what I saw BLM do for the whole of 2020 and with that rationale I did nothing wrong” hahaha right on Star Shake

  10. He’s a traitor.

    We all know the penalty for betraying this country and attacking it…

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