1. โ€œPeople that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, liars and traitors are not victimsโ€ฆ but accomplices”. โš”
    George Orwell

  2. Reminder: The day we no longer hear Trump’s name or hear his voice or see Trump Jr., Eric or Ivanka, will be the happiest days of our life

  3. I think Bill boards should be put up in every state show exactly who voted for or against every bill and law that benefits the people… Let everyone know who is doing what …

    1. That right. I think many Americans are kinda in the dark regarding how many of their elected officials are actually voting against legislation that benefits them and the country. Example: The infrastructure and climate change bills and the bill for veterans exposed to toxic chemicals.

    2. @gary quarty that’s what I BELIEVE should be put on the billboards…. Across the Top
      The Bill and what it’s supposed to do
      Then a list of who voted for it and against it by name, party and state
      Let the people know who they voted for and how they are or aren’t taking care of the people’s BUSINESS…
      Another gentleman suggested they have the logos of all the corporations that paid money’s to them as well just like NASCAR does on the vehicles and racing suits of the racers.

    3. @Adam Tharpe I know your RIGHT.. Just ask a MAGA what there representatives are doing FOR them and they’ll list what the DEMS have done and BLAME the DEMS for what the GQP is doing… It’s ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING how much they get BACKWARDS.

  4. Yes!! Go Brandon! You’re the man! Don’t care what anyone says. Gotta love him because he needs to lead the way in growing balls against the GOP traitors and hypocrites.

    1. @John Smith I’m retiring from 65/70 hours a week. My hobby is metal sculptures and chasing grandkids around the farm, I like to think I’ll die a happy man.

    1. @potcrak1 Do you think trump is young? Heโ€™s in the same age range as President Biden. The difference is Biden donโ€™t wear wigs or hair prices. Nor does he use orange tanning spray.

    1. @2 Weird Personally it makes me think of John Wayne GACEY, Dalhmer, and ED GAINS…. Such “NICE” stable geniuses all.

  5. the politicians should get some blame for doing this but the republican voters deserve some of the blame for that too because they’re the ones who keep falling for it.

  6. They didn’t just ‘not vote’ for it–they actively blocked every Democrat attempt to get the bill through.

    1. @Cat Woman ah yes those democrat bills must be the reason every other country in the world is suffering inflation at the moment too then, right?

  7. Hey Chris, give me one instance that a Dem went out and touted something they didn’t vote for; R’s do it all the time; I can’t remember hearing of a Dem doing it.

    1. @Megalord Ng they spent more money on Covid in a year than WWII, which lasted from 1941-1945. It was the worst fiscal mismanagement in the history of our country, small business owners wonโ€™t forget who screwed us.

  8. Fight against progress, lose, realize their stance was not popular, and then try to take credit for the very thing they were against. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    1. @T.I.M.C.H If you are modernizing something then you are taking an existing structure and updating it which would indeed include fixing the pot holes of those roads in the process, if it was just about creating new roads, that is the language that would have been used don’t you think?

    2. @T.I.M.C.H that is one of the issues that it will be addressing along with others. after all it is far better to address more than just one issue.

  9. Wow I didnโ€™t know President Biden could be so damn funny! He should mock/impersonate Republicans to make fun of/criticize them more often! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Indeed! President Biden was SO funny and spoke the truth too. He should do this more often. The GOP’s pride issues need to be taken down a peg.

  10. I love it. Nothing tickles me more than those folks railroading to death bills that could help people. But when we pass them, suddenly they use it to their advantage and tell their followers they did it for them. Itโ€™s shameless and cowardly.

  11. I just love joe Biden he is always so quick and witty and is speaks the truth and what everyone is thinking.

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