No Space to Bury the Dead in St. Thomas Jamaica | TVJ News - June 3 2021 1

No Space to Bury the Dead in St. Thomas Jamaica | TVJ News – June 3 2021


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  1. If the man them killing so many people a year an we not even talking about the natural death we soon have to start use space

  2. when jamaican give there vote in return there not getting no service for there vote that is why lots of people bun fire on all of our leaders that are leading the country to hell.

  3. Do the math we’ll run out of space in due time so we need to start cremating some if not all the body’s

    1. This practice is a waste of resources and must stop.
      The dead is what it is “dead” but because of religion and the book the slave masters left us we can’t seem to evolve.
      This is a waste .

    2. Cremation is a choice of the deceased or the family. People should never be forced to bury dead in a manner they are not comfortable.

    3. You cannot discriminate against the dead. You need to use up all the available burial space, before making a case for cremation. Otherwise the rich people will buy up the available burial spaces to the detriment of the poor. In fact the situation in England is such that up to six people are now sharing graves.

  4. Vote buying is nothing new, it has always been that way and is practice on both sides of the political aisle.

    1. Vote buying back in the days was dreffent from what going on now, back in the days politicians used to pay the don to convince the people in the community to vote for them or use badman force to get them to the polls now a days the politicians literally pay the people in the community to vote.

  5. Full time we start doing more cremation and stop using up farm and house land to bury dead.

  6. This is what the country is suppose to use their tax an tourism tax on isn’t it To help the country.. not themselves . This is absolutely absurd to let this happen to ones country plus, during a global pandemic..just so sad. Prayers for the people of Jamaica.

  7. What about cremation even well off countries are doing a lot more cremation and it’s also much cheaper.

  8. All they have to do is go back to the old days, bury their family in their backyards.

  9. I suggest do what India does burn the body and stop wasting money. Remember your love ones in your Heart and keep a book with the family members. I personally don’t even know my great-great grandparents name. I would have really appreciated a book with all my family names, now l am trying to find out.

  10. The government need to put a stop people fr building mansion to put the dead n encourage cremation by giving incentives to those will to do so.

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