No Stopping Face to Face Classes or PEP Exams – February 8 2021

No Stopping Face to Face Classes or PEP Exams - February 8 2021 1


  1. these minister an leader want alot of jamaica to die out them cant do better with the covid an them dnt do it

    1. He needs reason to used up all the vaccine that Bill Gates paid for, so the more people get it then that’s better for him, where is the care and love that you expressed last year March LMAO, politicians smh.

  2. I hear people constantly saying that the government going care about us, not I realize that it’s the honest truth. I’m going to take my child out of school because I’m not going to bury any of my children they are going to bury me.

  3. What I don’t understand is why did the government closed down school last year March for one case and opened up school with thousands of active cases and insisted it remains open 🤔

    1. All is as instructed by dark forces.
      You, me, we all know this is pure BS, but if they keep it up….long enough…the bewildered herd will make it real.


  4. Are they satisfy with the public transportation also? because lots of students have to take the public transport to school including my child who have to take multiple taxes to and from school.not everyone can get private vehicle to school

    1. That’s true, there are alot of parents who are not working isn’t possible to get together a transport to take the kids to school and back for small money and safety.

  5. They won’t close schools again because they want a reason to make up false number of outbreaks and then we will need to get our children vaccinated to have face to face classes.

    1. @Gifton Whitely I’m a student….
      I’m assuming you dont have children going to school during covid

    2. @Lil Caribbeangirl i was just about to say the same thing. like this is not a matter of jlp and pnp. like what ron said is facts. the minister is in the safety of her home. Students going to school are way more at risk. the person who made the comment is so ignorant to be honest.

  6. At the end of the day all Tubs have to sit on their own bottom. So parents do what you have to. Teachers do what you have to. MOE do what you have to. As for me my child will continue with online classes. Your child/children do what you must to protect them.

    1. Ministry of education it seems like you lick u head you drive a car how much parents have a car to bring children to school an to pick them up now when covid 19 his on the rising u want to open school stop play politics minister I won’t be sending mine to school I say know to government have to have better structure lots of country school has close this is not politics iam saying the Jamaicans stand up

  7. Minister Williams that is totally unacceptable. Would you send your children or grandchildren to such an environment? No, you would get them a private tutor or the best electronic equipment money can buy. It is simply not safe to send students back to class at this time. Government needs to provide the means where every child can have the access to remote learning.

  8. Its 2021 and the Jamaican government is still talking about building outside Bathroom on a government property🤦🏾‍♂️SMH

  9. I’m a student and I’m not going to any face to face classes. No matter how much precaution the government take they can’t stop this. Reason being children are children and there’s no changing that😑😑😑

    1. You just don’t want to go to school, jamaica is hard to live in get educated. Protect yourself and do what you can just don’t withdraw.

  10. Why can’t they differentiate the different types of ppl with the virus and stop making it seems like it’s all about Jamaicans so we can understand how many Jamaicans have this virus or they just don’t want us to know that it’s the tourist that spreading the virus in Jamaica

  11. Some of the children them live in the country and don’t have good internet connection so they are left out of getting their education. So everyone have to take care and do what’s best for the kids. If the parents fast and pray for the Lord’s protection upon their children, He will protect them.

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