No Survivors Have Been Rescued From Building Since Yesterday, Mayor Says 1

No Survivors Have Been Rescued From Building Since Yesterday, Mayor Says


Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava speaks with Stephanie Ruhle and Kerry Sanders about the desperate, yet hopeful, search and rescue efforts underway after the partial building collapse in Surfside, Florida. When asked about the last time a survivor has been pulled from the building, however, Cava said none have been found since Thursday morning.

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No Survivors Have Been Rescued From Building Since Yesterday, Mayor Says


    1. @KH Hot News I’m sorry. We’re all praying for the families and loved ones, and praying for survivors to be found.

  1. There will be no survivors, I fear. This event happened so fast, and so violently, we can only pray that the suffering was brief, and that their souls are in the arms of God.

    1. @J Nagarya My idea of God is not interventionist. God didn’t put up the building, and He didn’t bring it down. My God is a loving spirit, not a magical genii.

    2. @omi god Yeah, a “loving” “spirit” who can but doesn’t “intervene”.

      As if your “God” has nothing better to do than focus all “His” attention on a speck of dust, while the infinite universe lacks “His” attention.

      Your problem is ego.

    3. @J Nagarya If it matters, read what I said again. The spirit I’m talking about isn’t able to “intervene” in human affairs – we have our own little chain of cause and effect. You don’t have to see “God” as a puppetmaster or a magical being guiding affairs on earth to understand what I’m talking about.
      Your last sentence is difficult to understand. Did I say I have a problem? I don’t think I did.

    4. Hopefully there will be a few more survivors perhaps trapped in folded corners but too scared to move

    1. They’ll never admit it. Americans are too proud to admit any criticism of themselves. That’s why trump’s crowd isn’t bending. In their mind, being proud of themselves takes priority over anyone’s life.

    2. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture Irrelevant comment. Do not get vaccinated please. Do the world a favor LMAOL

    3. @ZionistsUsingBlacks ToDestroyWhiteChristianCulture you’re using science to deny science

  2. I love how straightforward the mayor is. I know at times like this, loved ones just want hope. . but she doesn’t give any since she has no info that might keep people hopeful. .

  3. This is so sad and scary and my praise is with everyone and their families and I am praying for a miracle that more people can be found alive.

  4. Tragic news, good luck with the search for survivors and condolences to those who have lost their loved ones from the U.K.

  5. Soooo tragic layers and layers of debris I hope they get to the survivors who are stuck soon

  6. This is totally terrible, it’s unthinkable, people do not deserve to have this done to them, I hope at least someone is found alive soon, there have to be survivors; my thoughts and prayers go to every one of the victims and their families…

  7. There is a huge building in San Francisco that has started significantly leaning. Never set on bedrock. TALL building. Surrounded by tall buildings. Fairly new building. IN SAN FRANCISCO ???

  8. Looking at the rubble, I don’t see how anyone could survive that. God bless the first responders.

  9. Recovery of people from a collapsed structure is incredibly dangerous. Let the rescuers work in haste but not too much hast least we experience even greater loss of life. Why was this building not repaired or condemned?

  10. The system failed, building has been sinking for 30 years.
    The governor and leaders failed to,do their jobs.

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