No Zoom School: Writer Argues In Favor Of Keeping Snow Days | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

No Zoom School: Writer Argues In Favor Of Keeping Snow Days | Morning Joe | MSNBC


New York City's Department of Education announced this week that going forward the snow day would be scrapped and students would be asked to participate in remote learning for the day. The New York Times' Michelle Goldberg argues in favor of saving the beloved school institution.

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No Zoom School: Writer Argues In Favor Of Keeping Snow Days | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. That’s sad… however, some kids did really well on zoom. My youngest got the best grades of his school career on zoom.

  2. At the end of the day , you chose to have kids and part of that is dealing with them when the crap hits the fan. I mean teachers had to learn how to do their job online and parents think it’s unfair to have to know what their own kids are doing in their homes?

  3. Yes, zoom school is ineffective! You can never get the learning from a teacher one to one in person.

  4. Many kids excelled in remote learning. Many parents excelled working remotely. For as many that are Like you there is another that is opposite.

  5. Taking away snow days also puts added stress on the teachers. Now, I have to suddenly change my plans to fit remote learning at 5 in the morning when you find out school is closed. I think those days that once were the best days are going to become the most hated.

    1. It’s called… Be prepared for snow days…. When there was school & snowdays happened… My daughter had packets of work to do for them… Simple fix

  6. Good luck getting that passed the teachers union. Teachers , administrators and staff like snow days too

  7. I certainly hope that they plan on providing wifi and laptops for the entire winter just in case theres a snow day.

  8. Ah..such joy!
    how my sister and I used to sit in front of weather report and listen to radio for school closings..crossing our fingers

    1. We always waited for snow days!!
      To be with frii and go out and enjoy naturs wonderful Hite word of fun!!!
      Neighbor Hood snow battled,!! Sledding, and snow men!!!! N

  9. Snow days have never been a thing in Canada and we get way more snow than America! The only way schools are closed due to snow is if there’s a blizzard and that only happened once when I was in school and the snow was so high we couldn’t get out of our house! That was the late 80’s! We go to school in -45 weather or a snowstorm, if we can manage to get kids to school America can too!!

    1. We never have any snow days. Then school had to be closed several months every year because I live in Norway.

  10. Oh, you speak in past tense. We are still homeschooling…but don’t take away the snow days.

  11. As a 60 year old teacher with 20 years of experience, I sit by the TV and wait for them to call the snow day. That’s part of the experience and part of the fun. In Houston Texas we don’t have snow days but we do have weather days, for example, ice, hurricanes, flooding

  12. One thing to consider also is in Houston we lose power like crazy. Also in a title one school like mine are all the kids going to have devices next year?

  13. Kids should be able to zoom or at least audit classes instead of going in sick, of course that would create kids who never go to school.

  14. My children did fine on Zoom. Some of them actually liked it better. It was not ineffective for everyone! Some teachers and students excelled!

  15. That kid in Elementary does not know what they’re missing. The parent told them that and made their lives harder because of it. Blame the brainwashing parents.

  16. Awww – as Mika expressed best in the intro – snow days are such a part of our cultural and collective psyche!
    My two cents: Our child has missed the in person closeness of friends, teachers, and staff at school, BUT has found it much easier to concentrate and claims to have learned way more during this remote year of learning. Also, our family has saved a load of money and time on transportation, clothes, etc… We are deeply grateful for all the teachers and administrators who made distance learning a true success for the students in our public school district and districts everywhere. Bests xoxo

  17. Awesome…. If there is a will… There is a way… My grandchildren survived… Their “Mother” took the time to make sure there was school work to do. Even made up posters of history, science & book reports. There is no unicorns floating around in her home tooting rainbows. Time lean… Time to learn… Then play.

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