Norm Macdonald, 'SNL' veteran and comedian, dies of cancer at 61 | USA TODAY 1

Norm Macdonald, ‘SNL’ veteran and comedian, dies of cancer at 61 | USA TODAY


'Saturday Night Live' star and comedian Norm Macdonald dies of cancer at 61

The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member died after a private battle with cancer at the age of 61.

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  1. I am so sad I can’t even believe I just watched this. Of course no one had any idea that he had cancer and it makes me so sad that he passed away. May he rest in peace on the wings of the angel that he was. God has a new comedian up in heaven. Rest in power Norm you were the best.

  2. Legendary in his own way, truly unique character and has given me so many laughs, there will never be a person quite like you again. RIP Norm, I will always remember you and spread your comedy.

  3. RIP sir. I truly enjoyed your comedy and your work on SNL. I remember the ‘Dating Game’ – ‘popsicle’ routine you told. Very funny. It stayed in my memory for decades

  4. God just couldn’t wait any longer to hear his brilliant comedy. Wish I could’ve seen one of your shows in person. rest easy Norm “Turd Ferguson” McDonald The greatest

  5. “He once said he was interested in discovering the truth, but he hoped it would be within walking distance” -his brother niel

  6. Oj said he wasn’t high on drugs the night of the murder. A simple drug test of any of his blood found at the scene will prove it…

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