Norm Ornstein On Biden’s Agenda: ‘We’re Talking About FDR Territory’ 1

Norm Ornstein On Biden’s Agenda: ‘We’re Talking About FDR Territory’


Despite Donald Trump’s attempts to sabotage the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and 16 other Republicans voted to advance the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Congressional Historian Norm Ornstein joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Mitch McConnell’s ‘yes’ vote and the “far from perfect … but solid” infrastructure bill.
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  1. So you mean he’s going to get us an economic depression and into war with Europe and Asia like FDR did to my grandad?
    Awesome thanks

    1. @Paul G Awe… You spoiled the poor winners rant with such details. They think Trump’s a patriot… So…

    2. @Ilike batsoup The Federal Reserve can be seen as the culprit for much of the economic struggle. Greenspan admitted as much…

    3. @fpeletz so again, like many others you don’t read, because I said FDR became President at the end of the Depression, which was on 1933 and his term ended in 1945. If you forgot history, Pearl Harbor occurred in 1941; FDR was the only President to serve 4 terms. Did you know that or bother to look it up?

    4. @Paul G You might of thought that-but learn how to write because the rest of us did not read that. Go off a tangent with some one else because the only comment I made was to your incorrect use of the language.

  2. This is nowhere near FDR scale…and while we are at it, let’s talk about the pay fors of asset recycling, which is nothing more than a fancy way of saying selling OUR infrastructure to the oligarchs.

    1. @Video Time Capsule The Democrats went to the left, in the 1930’s, because the American people were threatening a 2nd revolution. By the early 1970’s, that party was firmly back under the control of the banking sector. They allowed members to speak in terms of “socialism,” but they’re policies are firmly in the vein of Laissez-faire capitalism. Our current PotUS was Senator Credit Card. You can thank him for 29.9% interest rates.

    2. @Youtube Censorship these a tether Republican pay fors. Democrats didn’t want them they wanted to increase taxes on the mega rich

  3. FDR put Asian people in internment camps. That’s the next thing on the horizon for the unvaccinated labor camps.

    1. @Spooky Miracle Preacher That didn’t answer my question. If you are proven demonstrably to be wrong here, will you evaluate why you held this wrong opinion and then update your ideological framework which lead you to holding this incorrect opinion? Just updating your opinion when proven wrong is insufficient as it does not touch on root cause. Will you go the extra mile and update your frame of reference to avoid as best you can holding a similar incorrect opinion again in the future?

    2. @Phil McCrackin Hold yourself to that. We need people to more often base their opinion on fact as opposed to rhetoric premised on unaccountable predictions.

    1. Yeah, if you call being lifted out of poverty suffering. Unless you mean global warning, in which case, yeah.

    2. @Eric Holdsworth You enjoy Dem Pres Wilson’s 1920 Woman’s Suffrage Bill, FDR’s Social Security, the TVA and rural electrification, Unemployment Ins, the FDA for safe medicine and food, the benefits of the GI Bill which gave America the greatest 40 yr prosperity in history, the VA Bill of 1944 that gave education, healthcare and homebuying abilities to Veterans, and several other programs.

      Roosevelt started the Works Progress admin and the Civilian Conservation Corps to alleviate the 25% unemployment rate and enacted Welfare (modified by Clinton in 1996)
      all these programs helped lessen the Great Depression, and gave America hope, as opposed to Hoover, who did *nothing* , but ” waited for the free market” to adjust itself.

      The Republicans enacted the Smoot Hawley Tariff Act of 1932, which prolonged the Great Depression, by making the world retaliate against the American tariffs it enacted.

      The Republican party ran a candidate in 1940, whose ONLY platform was:
      “Repeal Social Security and repeal Unemployment Ins ”
      — where would America be right now if they had listened to those backward ‘Mitch McConnell type’ Republicans ?

    3. @Sid Snyder : in the early part of the carter administration I was 12 years old , my father told me ,” I would never be able to provide for my family the way I had been provided for”. It took less than (2) decades for me to really understand what he meant.

    4. @Michael Simply use your search engine for: ” when did the Democratic party switch platforms with the Republican party ? ”
      Yes, the last time the Republican party has done anything about Civil Rights legislation, was 160 years ago, as opposed to Dem Pres Wilson signing the Woman’s Suffrage Bill, Dem Pres LBJ signing the Civil Rights Actof 1964, the Voting Rights Act, of 1965, the Fair Housing Act of 1968, Aid to Education (HS and College) and Affirmative action programs.

      Correct, after the parties switched platforms before 1920, the Republican party has become the Conservative party of no legislation.

    5. @Johnny Bravo Huckleberry Yes, unlike Dem Pres Wilson signing the Woman’s Suffrage Bill in 1920, and Harry Truman integrating the military in 1945, and LBJ signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and enacting Truth in Lending so banks can’t take advantage of borrowers, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 to prevent discrimination, and Aid to Education, and Affirmative action programs, the last time the Republican party has had ANY Civil Rights legislation was 160 years ago.

      Do you want a medal for that ?

      Learn 20th and 21st Century history that actually affects America NOW.

  4. The government picks who we vote for and uses the two party system for manipulation. The United Corporations of America!

    1. Its the illusion of choice. An old Freemason Tactic. They brag about using this in France, Russia and all over the world. They typically have control of both candidates so no matter who wins.. THEY WIN> This is why almost every US president is related in some way and often opposing candidates are both members of the same Secret Society. Like Bush/Kerry.

    2. @Sdinim Your vote matters. Both sides are not the same. Corporations own the media, not your vote. The drama is by design. They figured out a long time ago that gossip and soap operas sell.

    3. @John Doe Don’t assume. I agree. Billionaires should not be president. It is a conflict of our interests. Corporations have infiltrated our government a century ago. I’m aware and awake. Time to clean house and create new laws for our time. FDR warned us.

    4. @Mark Greiser Clearly, they should have stuck to their original convictions on that one…

  5. FDR territory? MSNBC gets more blind by the day. Just keep bringing on people who only agree with your narrative, and the people will keep revolting.

    1. @Cognitive Supreme As in it’s conservative user base is larger. Probably because conservatives make garbage platforms that get scrapped in year. Or maybe the deep state melts the servers with microwave space lasers.

    2. @Chungmunky Nothing to come back against. Maybe make an actual point with validity. 👍✌️

  6. There’s literally nothing happening and we’re about to go back into lockdowns. That’s “”FDR territory”? I didn’t even watch the video to the end yet but I’ll take a wild guess and say this demented old fool is selling a book through the biggest book promoting service on the planet – the mainstream news.

  7. Anyone remember the last time you heard a president say balanced budget? OMG Trillions? ‘Cmon man.

    1. Don’t worry, the Republican Party has made sure that human civilization has less than 50 years left.

    2. @George Lux 50 years? What country are you gonna live in China? No way the US completes this decade , that plan has been written.

  8. The media can lie all they want but just a simple read of the comments on this video proves that people are not falling for it

    1. Only proves that we need less nonsense from the “winners.” Go Joe! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Biden a man who has never ran a business in his life , knows more than a man who has ran a business his whole life .
    Just like the democrats know what the people need , when they’ve never been poor in their lives .
    And like Obama who thinks he knows the suffering of the blacks ,when he never lived as a black man .

  10. These “news” outlets have absolutely zero shame, i honestly have trouble believing actual people can watch anything they say or do and take it serious

    1. @glhmedic whether you believe the propaganda or not, it’s still good to be informed about what others are watching and basing their opinions on, no? I mean if you were a leftist and loved insulting anyone who doesn’t think like you, wouldn’t you be watching or better yet reading news where others are getting their information from, or just take the first headline that fits your personal narrative and run with it? Ok then.

    2. @Mrs. Duffy there’s not really a point in trying to understand where republicans get their info from. Republicans base their politics on emotions and religious nuttery.

    3. @Seraph Sephiroth you apparently don’t know many Republicans, I for one am not, however, most people I know who are, are not super religious and tend to also, possibly a shock for you, follow practicality, science and current events. After watching riots from the left for over a YEAR, I think it’s safe to say which party acts on emotion…

    4. @Mrs. Duffy white people dont listen to black people unless we make them fear us. Thats a sadly historically accurate statement if you follow Malcolm x and the black Panthers.

  11. Meanwhile China continues with the belt road and other massive infrastructure projects throughout their country. Republicans try to put us back in time. Then say their Patriots!

    1. @Barbara Maroney UM, no. Manufacturing is simply making things, dear. Bless your little heart for trying. We’re not making things, while printing more and more money. More money chasing less things. Inflation. I know, these concepts are difficult for some.

    2. @Daniel Norberto not that bad? Oh no, what did they forget to teach you in school???? Economics……they forgot to teach you economics, but hey when you are 100% financially independent and that “not that much 10%” hits PLEASE let us know 😂😂

    3. @Barbara Maroney Really? No, manufacturing is not replaced with technology, technology is a product of manufacturing. Hello, please wake up.

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