Normalize mask-wearing before second wave of COVID-19 arrives: Strang 1

Normalize mask-wearing before second wave of COVID-19 arrives: Strang


Nova Scotia's top doctor, Robert Strang, appealed to residents to do a better job of wearing masks: 'It's important that we normalize this as quickly as possible before the second wave of COVID-19 arrives.'

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  1. Listen to Dr Strange: take your waccines… where a mask… stay at home… become unemployed… enjoy you New Normal…. enjoy your New World Order!

    1. YEAH, No government can tell me to wash my hand before making your food. That is dictatorship. How does my A.. taste like Jeff?

  2. Ridiculous – We achieved almost ZERO cases without widespread mask use. Watch him try to make them mandatory soon. Let’s stop hiding from this virus. Protect those at risk, and get on with life.

    1. We were hiding from the virus, there was a shutdown and a stay home order, in case you weren’t paying attention. Wearing a mask now may prevent this from occurring again. You must support another lockdown.

  3. The Torah and the rest of The Book of Remembrance is centered around CheDVaH and the Breath of Life. Perhaps this is what the Wizard of Oz was alluding to when they chose the Lion to be the animal without courage. Jacob wrestled with an Angel and became Israel.

    Joshua 1 : 7
    Samuel 15 : 2

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