Norman Horne: TVJ All Angles - December 9 2020 1

Norman Horne: TVJ All Angles – December 9 2020


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  1. The constitution is the problem, we need constitutional reform in Jamaica, the Prime minister simply has too much power.

  2. Our Westminster model is predicated on ‘gentlemanly’ conduct. Mr Golding made the assumption that Horne would step aside as is customary when leadership changes n give the new leader a free hand. There are no gentlemen left in politics.

    1. Mr. Golding as an Attorney Should Trust no One to be Truthful About all Matters of Importance to His Leadership, Management of the Party Apparatus and Most Importantly, as Leader of the Opposition! Checks and Balances require Mirrors all Around to Monitor Bad Behaviors. My Question is!? Did Mr. Peter Philips Willfully Create a Tight Bottleneck for Mr. Golding by Offering the Senatorial Seat to Mr. Horne to Spite Mr. Golding and Mr. Bunting on His Way out as Leader of the Opposition and Into (Exile) Retirement?

    2. @Stanley Thompson anything is possible, highly likely. It’s an inherent weakness of the Westminster model,times have changed a review is necessary.

    3. @Stanley Thompson funny it’s works in England who handed. It down to us,any hint of corruption etc n ur gone. Not like here where people shame facedly sit in our house after blatant acts of nepotism, enrichment etc.

  3. Is Jamaica in a Constitutional Crisis Because of One Man, A Behind the Scene Deal Gone Bad and no Vetting for a Senatorial Seat that is Now an Embarrassment to the Nation and the PNP?

  4. Going Forward, All Jamaicans that Chose to Offer Themselves to Represent a Political Party as a Senator in the Upper House Should be Required to Declare Their Financial Holding, Citizenship, Criminal Record(s), and Other Declarations that are Important to National Security. Making a False Declaration Should be Punishable Financially and Criminally!

  5. Jesus is supreme Jesus has the power to grant eternal life. Hallelujah to Christ Jesus Trinity : God (Yahweh) + His Word (Jesus) + His Spirit…. be bless.. peace……

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