North Korea accused of forcing orphans into hard labor camps 1

North Korea accused of forcing orphans into hard labor camps


North Korea is denying accusations that it sent orphaned children into forced labor camps. Instead, state media claims the children volunteered to work in the country's coal mines and on its farms. CNN's Will Ripley reports.
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    1. @name1 name2 Russiagate was a thing, Its just that the vote didn’t pass. That doesn’t mean It didn’t happen. And you can literally search on YouTube on Syrian gas victims. WMDs is still kinda unknown, as they think Iraq did have some WMDs. Also starving which people? And the space issue isn’t even a national issue, that’s the one thing both sides are allied on

    2. @kagen lim yeah, some how Russia changed your election by ads on Facebook… Yeah Syrian gas victims in YouTube also come up again explaining what happened, that’s why it was debunked, only usa still pressing that. The gas attacks were fake, USA sponsored and worked with isis and white hemets(they are allies). Your telling me hillary was more popular than bernie? I bett you belive the earth is flat to. Iraq didn’t have WMD… You armed them during the Iraq – Iran wars

    3. @name1 name2 Interesting how i got a notification for this comment thread, yet my original posting appears to be missing from public view, it was deleted by someone who doesnt like atheist comments in public locations, apparently $o.

      Please let me know if you get this comment reply to yours, unless it gets shadowbanned too for proving my point.

    4. @ChanelNumba5 Do you think that those bombs that dropped in the middle east recently produced real afterlives, or only fake new$ versions of afterlives?
      Please reply back to this comment, unless its shadowbanned, or if you were told to never talk to atheists in public locations, such as in saudi arabia where its a 10 year prison sentence for publicly speaking about atheism.

      My previous comment i posted a hour ago seems to have been deleted by cnn or some other manipulative wealthy types of people..can you please reply to this comment if you can see it?

    1. @Spiros i sent you a link of it but apparently youtube doesnt allow links that disprove liberal agendas

      Type “blm damage 3 billion” and the article by is my source.

    2. Admit it, we are way better off with biden as president. Hes doing an amazing job with over 60% approval rate! Are you guys going to switch to democrats like the rest of the republicans are doing? This is amazing. I couldnt be happier

    3. @Tanya Degurechaff I have seen the Google. You are listing a single source while the others disagree with the claim

    4. @ARONIOUS2 huh? Biden had a 58% approval rate when 64% of the poll participants were registered democrats thats 0% republican approval and 58/64 democrat approval. Polls mean nothing until you read about the poll participangs moron

    5. @Spiros there are hundreds of sources that claim a minimum of 1 billion dollars in insured damage. The article i gave explains how 75% of businesses in thr US are underinsured so that number is far from thr actual amount.

    1. You’ve all been played out by your master goat Lucy in your unholy Godless existence as you spiral into the abyss

    2. @Pig Licker by the way NO GOD!!! Can’t wait for your next rant!! It’s going to be hilarious!!!

    3. @Tarsa Dennis
      The corporate beast system and all of lucifers kids prove Christ is real instantly proving you’re a brainwashed embarrassment or a serpent backstabber about to perish into brimstone with all your demonic powers stripped

    1. He and his little sister were sent to school in Switzerland. And the fat, privileged louse sends “his people” out as cheap labour internationally.
      Child labour is a walk in the park for this thief.

    1. @Nobody Knows Also with pointing out that when Trump was engaged in a tariff war with China, he made sure that none of Ivanka or the Trump lines of shlock and utter tat were targeted, because God forbid that the Trumps lose any money. It’s pointless reminding his supporters of this salient fact, however, as they instantly retort variants of “Oh yeah? That, um…. that just shows what a good businessman he is!”

    2. @Ver Coda Yeah, most (if not all) Trump supporters think the ‘trade war’ with China was a good thing.

      For whom was it good? With tariffs, the exporting country does NOT pay the importing country any tariff fees out of their pockets, they simply increase the price to the consumer, and the consumer bears the brunt. As to America being the supposed ‘breadbasket’ of the world, China simply said “NOPE” and went shopping for food in other countries, leaving American farmers high and dry with nowhere to export their products, so they also bore the brunt of Trump’s ‘trade war’.

      Then, to add insult to injury, China just last year completed the largest trade agreement in human history, encompassing about 30 percent of the world’s countries, and embracing about 45% of the human population – and the United States ISN’T EVEN A PART OF IT.

    3. @Nobody Knows
      What’s even more frustrating was that Trump had pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership,a free trade agreement between various Pacific Nations. But rather than it being a failure and deafest for China as Trump and his supporters expects it to be, the Chinese turned it into an opportunity that played exactly into their hands. They began leading negotiations for new Trade Agreements without the Americans, within which they would be the Dominant Power.

  1. And the former president was in love with this regime.
    Maybe he can talk with his lover to stop abusing the children of God.

    1. That’s crazy. Trump is the 1st president to get Jung come to talks. They stood together in the DMZ. No other president has accomplished that. It was a door opened by Trump to work on North Korea. Get real

    2. @dayofthedog That’s a lie he wanted to invade North Korea for no reason. He wanted to invade them because the people were being mistreated there. And that doesn’t have nothing to do with the United States. If he wants to mistreat people in North Korea he has freedom to do that. Because at the end of the day is not affecting anybody here in the United States or Japan or South Korea. Trump was just antagonizing him and everybody told him to leave North Korea alone. Because whatever takes place over there doesn’t have nothing to do with us over here.

    3. @dayofthedog You need to stop lying because it didn’t scare them not one bit. Because if we started something with North Korea with that clown in office. Russia would have got involved and it would have been the Korean War all over again. Trump is nothing but a bully.

  2. Like they really have a choice. I can perhaps understand farms, good outdoor and learning farming skills a few hours a day while schooling …but Mines ? Seriously ? Indiana Jones needs to rescue them ….

    1. The farming is not a “few hours” though, and there’s no school for them.
      It’s forced child labor no matter how you spin it.

    1. As if libtards would admit “Of course we send illegal immigrant children into the US to be trafficked.”

  3. I think there is a word for volunteering with out no option , there is definitely a word for that..

    1. @Thomas Vavrusco Not getting paid, not having a choice to say no, facing punishment for not complying. Yup ticks most of the slavery definition boxes.

  4. 2016 Trump: I’m going to come down hard on that guy in North Korea!

    2019 Trump: Hey Kim! What do you want on your pizza?

    1. @Nobody Knows it’s a little funny. Obviously Biden won’t be able to solve N Korea.

    2. @Natalie S Kim is not the one to blame here… but those who foolishly worship him; that can’t stand for their rights and face him!”

    1. He should work at Fry’s or Vons as a bagger or cashier part time for is pocket money, and automobile insurance.

    1. “There are fine people on both sides” The ones holding the whips, and the ones being whipped.

    1. God gave you 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands and feet, and a mouth for you to do something about injustices, dear.

    2. @Lily Jade I’m so glad you are active! And making a difference for justice but never assume you are the only one.

  5. That’s why Drumpf went to visit his “Lover”… Drumpf wanted to learn how to be even worse than he already is.

    WHEN WILL IT END? “Suffer the Children, no longer.”

  7. Remember when Donald Trumped shook hands and endorsed the “leader” of this nation…

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