North Vancouver residents upset neighbourhood bear killed 1

North Vancouver residents upset neighbourhood bear killed


There's outrage in a North Vancouver neighbourhood after conservation officers killed a black bear they say was too comfortable around humans.

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  1. Friendly bear until it takes a swipe or attacks a person. This isn’t a Disney movie. Officers did what needed to be done.

    1. @- Either tranquilize and relocate the bear from the area, or neutralize. From my understanding, relocating the bear does not benefit the bear at all. It typically results in the bear being placed in a different bear’s territory and serious injury/death to one of the bears. My argument may seem to lack empathy to you, however intellectually it is backed by the opinions of wildlife management organizations.

    2. @Isaac Perreault So they thrive better when they’re dead? A chance at life is still a chance. As for they might get into a fight with another bear…well that’s nature isn’t it? Why do humans get to make that decision? Haven’t we done enough harm?

    3. @Trippy Trellis they used to relocate bears until wildlife anagement organizations realized it had a net-negative impact for all parties except the bear

    4. Humans encroach on their land all in the name housing greed with beautiful views. They were there long before we humans so it’s OK to execute them for trespassing right? Got it!

    1. @Kyperioth So basically these so called “conservation officers” chose the easiest path back to their coffees and donuts.

    2. I’m sure there were many alternate solutions that didn’t involve murder, especially since there wasn’t any rush; it had been there for a long time, so there wasn’t an immediate danger. But, their first thought and instinct was to kill, which they did as fast as possible; they didn’t even entertain the idea of trying something else first.

    3. The other way is the public not allowing bears to access food scraps so these bears don’t become dependent on human food sources.

  2. OMG !!! why can’t they use tranquilizer guns and relocate the animals…we have taken over all there living areas, it’s the least we can do, they are hungry and just want to eat !! Vancouver Wake up !

  3. We all have to learn to live together. If you don’t like living where nature is you should move to the city. This is disgusting.

    1. Humans keep breeding and spreading everywhere like a tumor, and they’re also cowards, so their only solution is to eventually just genocide all animals. Coivd-19 isn’t strong enough.

  4. I do believe there is such a thing called pots and pans, I have them in my kitchen and I use them to scare things away. Very simple and no murder involved.

  5. Correct decision, bears can never and should never be domesticated. Even if they relocated the bear to a zoo, it would be mentally unstable.

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